Review by myrrthsicopath

Reviewed: 08/28/03

Racing Never Felt So Good

There are a lot of questions around this game, because there seems to be a lot of negativity surrounding it on many message boards. I got this game the day it came out, so yes, I'm going to praise it because I was looking forward to it, but also keep in mind that I had never played it before as a demo, so I didn't know what to expect.

Graphics: Astonishing. Never will you find a flaw as you speed through this game, reaching speeds of 1700+ km/h on a windy track with 29 other drivers. These graphics are like seeing Rogue Leader's Battle of Endor for the first time; amazing. 10/10

Controls: Acceleration is A. Brake is B. Boost is Y. Sharp turns are L/R. Let's face it, there isn't a lot to do with controls, because standards have been set, and all a game has to do is use them. Controls come naturally, and then as you get better, the other features become apparent and natural to you (drifting, attacking, etc). Because of the ease of which a person can pick this up, the controls get 10/10.

Gameplay: While it can be frustrating at times, gameplay is addicting and fun. Races never get boring because they only last a couple of minutes. The Story mode is difficult but appealing. The Grand Prix has (I'm told) 16 ways of play, after you unlock some other things. Not to mention your potential to play 30 different drivers and their 30 different cars, apart from your own customizable machine. The gameplay rocks, and simply put, even though it's hard, you will be so hooked on this game after playing for ten minutes that you won't care. 9/10 for frustration.

Sound: You can actually hear the other cars when they hit each other nearby; you get appropriate sound effects when anything your mind can fathom happens. The music somehow never becomes annoying, while it doesn't necessarily stand out. However, the old F-Zero music has been revamped and sounds great. 9/10

Replayability: Where do I begin? This game has more unlockables than anything I've ever played. And they're GOOD unlockables! I gave up on those Wind Waker statues after I got five, because they didn't do anything, but in this one, the more stuff you unlock, 1) the more you can do with your custom machine, 2) the more drivers/cars you can play as, and 3) you can advance in story mode, along with many other things. Getting tickets requires you to complete a cup or a story mission (even if you have already done it before), so advancing at the beginning isn't necessarily a steep ramp. And oh yes, the glorious multiplayer. I'm a college student, and so my roommate and I have been testing the waters, and while racing other people isn't as frantic as racing 29 computers, it is still rockin' fun, because hey- the more the merrier! 10/10

OVERALL: This is a must-have for any Nintendo gamer, any racing gamer, any gamer, period! Rated T for Comic Mischief, Mild Violence, and Suggestive Themes, this game can be picked up by anyone, mastered only by the persistent. I don't understand where any negativity surrounding this game could be legitimately coming from. From a true gamer to you, I give this game an overall score of 10/10.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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