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"Probably one of the better racers on the GC"

The sequel to F-Zero X didn't fail to hold my attention for several hours when I bought it. A fun racing game, once you unlock most of the tracks, unfortunately, the game starts to get slightly old. You can customize your own car, but with the parts you unlock, it quickly becomes apparent that many of the cars you can create are duds. In ways, this game is superior to its most recent predecessor (F-Zero X), but it also falls short on many fronts.

Control: 9/10 (45pts)
The controls in F-Zero GX are pretty easy to master. The drifting with R and L is sometimes a bit on the cooky side, but most of the controls work pretty nicely. This game controls pretty much like a racing game should control - smoothly.

Graphics: 9/10 (13.5pts)
The graphics in F-Zero GX don't fail to impress, and they surpass the graphics of F-Zero X. The roads are detailed, and most of the track backgrounds are quite pretty. Some of the tracks are strange, but a good majority of them are quite fun to race. There is also almost no slowdown, which has become a trademark of the F-Zero game. When racing games slow down, it hampers severely.

Sounds: 7/10 (10.5pts)
The sounds of F-Zero GX are all right for the most part, but some of the sound tracks are just straight-up weird. They didn't keep much of the music from F-Zero X, which I thought should have been kept. They severely altered some of the other tunes, like Mute City, but others are also good. I'm glad that the background music isn't rap though. The actual sound effects are improved, as boosts now sound more explosive and drifting with the L and R buttons doesn't have that annoying sound that it does in F-Zero X.

Challenge: 6/10 (6pts)
F-Zero GX has a huge amount of challenge at first, but once you actually get control of how you play (first couple of days), even the hardest modes (Master) will be passable. Some of the tracks are insanely challenging (one of the Mute City tracks is almost impossible on Master it seems), but much of the game doesn't take too long to unlock. The hardest part about the game is story mode, which can pretty easily be beaten on the easiest difficulty setting. I still haven't beaten some tracks on F-Zero X on Master mode, and I was one of the foremost in that game. But anywho.. the difficulty will hold for a while.

Dynamics: 8/10 (8pts)
F-Zero GX is a racing game, but it has other dimensions of playability. For one, you can unlock and buy new car parts, and secondly, you can put your own emblems and colors on the car. There's no track editor, unfortunately, but maybe we'll get one sometime.

Rent or Buy: Rent it, and then if you can find it for under $30 or so, buy it. While I focused mostly on the negative parts of the game, it's still a pretty good game.

Final Rating: 83/100 (8)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/28/03, Updated 04/15/04

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