Review by Silver G

Reviewed: 08/28/03

It'll keep you occupied

I remember the joy that I once had whenever I would beat the original Fzero. Back in the day when video games were hard, and you beat the whole game without strategy guides or the internet. I was a lot younger then, and a lot more immature. Anyway, that sorry excuse for a story did have a point to it.

This game is a pleasant reminder of how games were meant to be. Graphically, the game is beautiful. The cut scenes are magnificent. Playing multi-player will never get old.

The only reason that I gave the game a score of 9, is because it is really hard. At the flick of the analog, you could send yourself careening off of the bottom of the track, and for some reason, its very hard to learn how to prevent yourself from doing so. The learning curve is difficult, if existent at all, but if you wanted to convince yourself that it's there, you could check out the story mode. As you make you're way through scenarios with goals other than the normal ''reach the finish first'' (although besides the regular goals, you usually must finish first), you slowly begin to realize what you've been doing wrong in the Grand Prix. I had trouble beating it on novice, but, that only concretes the fact that when I beat this game, I'll sink into an adrenaline high.

As for the Car Editor. There are a good deal of parts to toy around with, but I haven't used any of my in game credits to buy those parts yet. I prefer to make my way through the story mode.

Obtaining the tickets that you use to get the parts and story mode chapters can be done by winning a grand prix, or by beating a story mode chapter for the first time.

Either way, with or without the edit mode, you're sure to still have fun trying to unlock races, and racers, and parts, even if just to look at them.

The music is a cool reminder of the advances that fzero has made, while still staying true to the series. While hovering through Mute City, you can hear the Mute City song humming through the background, accompanied by a decent electric guitar.

And last but certainly not least, will be the compatibility with the AX version. Being that the game cabinets aren't being released until September, I can't really review it, but I can comment on it. If it is nearly as rewarding as it sounds, you'll be able to find me wasting 5 bucks getting whooped in the arcades.

Kaos, signing off.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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