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"Is it or isn't it?"

Well...yesterday was quite the day. I went over to my buddy's house in the afternoon and went straight to the mall for his copy of F-Zero Gx. Even though it wasn't mine, I was pretty stoked to play it.

We get home and put it in, start it up and from the start it's already impressing me(not a fan of gamecube). Right from there, you're presented with 12 options to open. Now, this is quite a difference from the original F-Zero. I was extremely skeptical because a Sega based Nintendo title claiming it was going to beat out its predecessor was hard to swallow. Soon enough I found out this was quite true. So true, I actually thought this was a great game. It has graphics to suit what it's doing with them, very nicely done. It's got an incredible speed and it amazed me I could keep up with the camera. A very smooth running game and something you can play until you're bored, pick it up a month later and fall in love with it again.

After a while of racing, a side product of which I kept coming in first, we decided to take turns playing Grand Prix for a few of the cups. By the second race we were already in first place and well on our way to obtaining the cup. Needless to say, it didn't happen for reasons I won't get into.

The Story mode in this game, albeit a story in a racing game makes absolutely no sense what so ever, is good. It poses a challenge I haven't been faced with in a long time. By the second chapter we were already cursing the name F-Zero GX for posing a challenge we truthfully weren't full expecting. To be honest, when you look at these missions, you'll think pfft...what a pathetic mission. But if you're not prepared for it you'll sit there in anger, cursing your tv and just about anything else that could affect your playing. This isn't one of those challenges people say, ''oh god yeah that was so pathetically easy'' they're lying. This is an honestly milestone challenge to beat and once you do, you'll be calling your buddy at 12:30 in the afternoon to announce that you've just beatin one of the story levels.(Yeah, I got that call today...but hey, it kicked a** to see'm pass that mission.)

So in the end, this game poses a very good challenge and will entertain you and your friends for hours on end because it's just plain and simple...good!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/28/03

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