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"Fast. Very, very fast."

F-Zero X, for the N64 was my first introduction to the series. Afterwords, I went back and played them on Super Nintendo, but X was far better. The graphics were good, the game was long.. but it was FAST. It's hard to really imagine what FAST is, unless you've played an F-Zero title.

F-Zero GX (Formula-Zero, Gamecube X) is the next installment. You might notice it's creation was of both Nintendo, and Sega.. who'd have thought that was coming. It was a great idea though.. because there is an even newer definition of fast. Fast Fast Fast. If anyone asks you how the game is, you must say ''Fast''.

GRAPHICS 10/10 ''Moooo!''
Honestly.. this is insane. I'll tell you first, the game has 60 FPS (frames per second) meaning there are sixty pictures per one second of gameplay. 60 is high, and means it is as far from choppy as you could imagine. One might think it only works if everyone is spread out.. not so. If you're neck and neck with the other 29 racers in Grand Prix, or racing a 4-player split screen.. 60 FPS. It's amazing. I consider Framerate more important that blunt graphics.. but even the machines, the backgrounds, the tracks themselves, and ESPECIALLY the FMV-sequences in story mode are amazing. Did I mention how fast the game was? Oh, I did? Well, seeing such AMAZING graphics making mach speed some like a walk in the park makes you tickle, and maybe get sick.. because.. well.. it's really fast.

SOUND 8/10 ''Dern cows!''
I don't have any major problems with the game's sound, but it doesn't necessarily GRAB me either. The original Mute City on F-Zero X had a great music track, that forced me to do something other than gawk at how incredibly fast the game was. I've never had an urge to put it on mute or anything, but it's not quite as amazing as the rest of the game. No reason to leave it on the shelf at the local game store, for certain.

CONTROLS 9/10 ''Suweeee!''
Simply put, they're great. The default control scheme uses the gray control stick for basic steering. R and L buttons are used for leaning (makes a turn sharper). A is accelerate, B is brake (I don't think I've ever pressed this button in a race..) Y is boost, X + Control stick right or left causes an attack on enemy crafts to the corresponding side.. and Z+Right/left does a powerful spin attack, good for attacking crowded enemies. You will catch on quick, and will rarely think about the controls after a while. There is more than one scheme, too, in case it doesn't feel right with the default setup.

STORY 7/10 ''Quack''
It's a nice change, you could compare it to the Event Matches in -Super Smash Brothers Melee-. You are Captain Falcon, and you have certain objectives in each race. At the beginning, and end of each trial, you are given a VERY detailed cinematic. The levels aren't excruciatingly difficult.. not yet, anyway. But they are challenging, and will mostly take several tries to win. You are given the option after beating the level to try on hard mode.. then very hard.. And, it is indeed hard, and VERY hard. By it, I mean the level.. It's a nice change from simple racing, and there are things that are unlocked upon the defeat of certain levels on very hard.

REPLAY VALUE 10/10 ''Brrrarararar''
This game is long, beating everything will take a long time. And on top of that, every grand prix or story mode victory gives the player tickets. These tickets can be spent in the F-Zero Shop. Here, you will buy new episodes of Story Mode, parts for your own F-Zero Machine (WOOT!) and new crafts. If you didn't know already, an arcade version of F-zero (F-Zero AX) was also released, and has some special tracks and vehicles that you can only unlock with your memory card, and an arcade machine.. but wait! They are all unlockable with only the gamecube edition. But.. it is very hard. *hint hint, very hard*.

RENT OR BUY BUY!! ''Dern wookies!''
This game is GREAT with friends, as long as something very long.. can't think of anything offhand, but it's long!. And it's simply FUN. Fast, too. You won't be disappointed. If you're a fan of FAST, get this game. Today, within the hour.. now.. get it FAST! How many times did I type FAST in this review? Well, the game deserves it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/28/03

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