"A masterpiece."

If you are looking at this review, you are probably considering buying or renting F-Zero GX. Well I can some up this game in one word: Speed. This is a racing game of course, but in the future. So instead of going 150 mph, you are going at least a minimum of 1500 mph. WARNING: If you have sensitive eyes, keep away from this game at all times. Disclaimer aside, lets begin.

Gameplay: 10/10

This is where the action is. You have simple controls, A accelerates, Y boosts, X and R attack, B brakes, and L and R lean. Easy right? Well, these controls are as smooth as water. As you learn, you feel the controls and become a part of your hand. But enough about that.When you start, there are nine modes to choose from, with the three difficulties, Novice, Standard, and Expert. There is Grand Prix, where you race in a cup. VS. Battle, where it's you versus three friends. In Time attack, you aim for the best time, total time, and Maximum Speed. Story, which you do various missions as Captain Falcon. Replay, where you watch your favorite race scenes you record. Customize, in which you buying items, machines, and parts. Lastly, Options and Profiles, where you look at various info. Now, let me give you an idea about an average race. In a race, it's you, against 29 racers, at thousand mph speeds, using boosts to gain the edge. You rip through the courses trying to win like in other racing games. But, in this game the AI is so advanced, they TRY to win. They will not hesitate to attack you. Brutal warfare on other racers becomes as necesary as trying to go fast. With fluid controls, several modes of play, three levels of difficulties, and awesome races, you cant go wrong.

Story: 6/10

There is a story in this game, and it is alright. You play as Captain Falcon, where you complete missions throughout chapters. These missions vary, from collecting capsules to a one on one race against a rival. The story its self is lacking, and take away the missions, the story would be a three.

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics in F- Zero are amazing. They are crisp, clear, and easy to see with an outstanding amount of use of color, bright and dark. Even in a race, with thirty racers, a track, and a background, everything is gorgeous. The backgrounds are simply breathtaking, with lush green scenery, or dark grimy buildings of the future. Even the rain pouring down on the track is beautiful. You spend so much time looking at the backgrounds you forget your in last place trying to catch up.

Sound: 8/10

The sound is this game is quality stuff. The vehicles sound normal, like any 26th vehicle would. The sound fits the game like a glove. Perfect music get your heart pumping, or to mellow you out when screaming '' I WAS IN FIRST TWO SECONDS AGO!'' Occasionally the sound effects get annoying, but they are easy to ignore. All in all, this games got great sound.

Replay Value: 10/10

This game has replay up the ying yang. As I mentioned earlier on, you have six modes to race in, with several difficulties. Just racing through Grand Prix with every character on every difficulty will take weeks. As you play through, you can also unlock new ships, parts, pilots, and items giving you a mess load of things to do. Not to mention this games addictive nature. Say goodbye to your job, family, and school and say hello to the next few weeks of your life.

Difficulty: Newbies: 11/10
Vets: 7/10

The difficulty for this game varies for what kind of player you are. If you are a newbie to F-Zero, welcome to hell. In later levels with hard mode the AI will kick you, punch you, and kill you often. Believe me, they WILL want to win. But, as you play longer, your skills will develop, so it wont be break your controller hard, but be '' I CAN DO THIS!!!'' hard. If you are a vet of F-Zero X, you will already have skillz of da heazy, so it will be somewhat easier. So either way, if you cant stand hard games, run. RUN AND NEVER LOOK BACK!!! Cause if you do, this game will eat you alive.

Overall: 10/10

This is a must have Gamecube game with awesome gameplay, breathtaking visuals, and tons of stuff to do, this is a must buy game, no questions asked.

Buy or Rent? BUY!!!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/31/03

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