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"A Wonderful Game for Skilled Gamers!"

Whether you like this game or not is all based on your skill. Are you a novice? Well, you might HATE this game. Are you Mr. Hardcore, always beating games in under a week? You will love this game.

The graphics are beautiful! The environments are extremely detailed, and each machine looks great. The character models for the pilots are slightly poor, however. Where the graphics really shine is in the scenes before each story mission. They’re spectacular, even though the mouths don’t quite match with the voices. Another scene you’ll see often is the F-Zero TV scene after each Grand Prix. These aren’t so good. The characters have very bouncy shoulders, and it looks strange. An interviewer asks your pilot a question (which you choose) and the pilot gives a dull response. For example, I was Captain Falcon and had the interviewer tell him that the crowd loves him. He said, “Listen to that crowd, they love you!” Captain Falcon put his hand in the air and shouted “YEAHHH!!!!” Then he magically went back to his standing pose. Despite those problems, the overall speed in the races make the graphics great.

The music and other sound is a mixed bag. The music in the actual racecourses can sometimes be scratchy, but the music in the Story scenes is great. In one scene, Captain Falcon goes to a bar to relax. Late in that scene and in most of the scene after the mission, there’s great vocals in the background singing F-Zerrrrooo, F-Zerrrrooo, F-Zerrrrooo… and it’s really catchy. The voices are great, too. Overall, I was pleased with the sound.

The story is nothing spectacular, but you should be pleased. You follow Captain Falcon in a regular day of Bounty Hunting and action. Later in the story, however, it becomes a little cheesy. They begin talking about the creators of humanity… which seems out of place in this game.

You have a lot of things that you can do in this game. There is the Grand Prix Mode, which is the basic kind of races. 1st place earns 100 Points, and going down to 30th place earns only 15. These are intense and lots of fun. There’s Practice and Time Trial, and a Versus Mode for up to four players. The game also has a Story Mode, which is a lot of fun. The missions have you killing gangs, dodging boulders, and there’s one very cool mission where a bomb is strapped to your vehicle. You need to keep your speed high or else it will explode! There’s a Pilot Profile Section, where you can read about the pilots you have unlocked. There is also a mode called “Customize”. Here, you can make your own craft, paint an emblem, and buy new things with Tickets you have earned in other modes. There’s no track editor, though.

The races are extremely fast, challenging, and lots of fun. As soon as you start, the other 29 racers are ready to cream you. You have to dodge obstacles, try to kill other racers, and try to be alive. The smooth control allows you to turn on a dime. You have a Health Meter, which is consumed as you’re hurt. It is also consumed when you boost. This adds some thinking into the action. Should I boost, or do I have enough Health? How far away is the next recover spot? Between all of this, you have an extremely fun racing game.

I love the difficulty; it’s hard but not frustrating. This is one of the few games I can’t tear through in a couple of days. Though a problem in sound occurs here and there, this is a great game. Thumbs up to Nintendo and Sega for this fun and challenging racing game!

Overall Rate: 9.5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/31/03

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