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Reviewed: 08/31/03

Hop in, buckle up, and prepare for the best racing in the universe!

Nintendo, Sega, and AV have come together in making a famous racing game series to the Nintendo GameCube. When it all came together, they made F-Zero GX. How was it? Racing games simply can not get better than this. The F-Zero series is all about speed. It takes the most technologically advanced machines from the 26th century and have you race with 29 other competitors in huge massive tracks. The SNES first showed us this great series with its fast cars and cool tracks. Falling into a city never looked cooler. Then, The N64 beautified it but never could show its full potential. Now, in 2003, Nintendo, Sega and AV has put together the best racing game to date. It will first amaze and dazzle you, then have enough substance to make you love this for a very long time.


Gorgeous. Spectacular. Crisp. Sharp. Eye Dropping Oh so beautiful. And this barely does it justice. This is the high point of the game. Not only does the game have great FMV cut-scenes, but without a doubt the best in game graphics too. Whether it'd be Mute City or Big Blue, each world looks fantastic. Everything is well detailed and shiny. Even with unimaginable speed, tracks and effects are top notch. Thumbs up in this department.


The Sound and music is great. There are some mindless tracks of rock music that sounds a bit bland after a few turns. However, there are some classic tunes from the original F-Zero games. The sound of vehicles, boosts, crashes are fun to hear, especially the boosts you get. The announcer, is actually not annoying but helpful and only pops up when seriously needed. The sound altogether works great with the graphics which gives it more of a (if possible) authentic feel of the future.


Surprisingly, there is one. You play Captain Falcon in the Story Mode. You were the grand champion of the F-Zero Grand Prix. It seems the Black Shadow is up to no good by doing evil deeds once more. Captain Falcon must now train for the next Grand Prix. You get in the legendary Blue Falcon and begin your adventure.


Mind bending fun and amazing sense of speed. The controls are very easy to pick up. Its the sharp turns where some may to take time to master. On 90 degree turns you can just turn normally. With sharp you turns not only will you need to hit the break but use the L and R shoulder buttons for special steering. If you don’t know how to turn, you will lose. You will either crash into a wall, fall off the track, or lose to much distance.

The tracks vary. The first courses have simple designs with minimal turns and minor difficulty. The hard tracks are unbelievably cool to look at, but hard to conquer. Big turns, little boosts, many slip areas, and lots of jumps.

If the tracks wont get you, the difficulty to win will. This game is very challenging! The courses are not only tough in the long run, but the racers are very aggressive and competitive. They will always catch up and usually pass you no matter what. You must go up against not 1, not 10, but 29 other racers. Yes, it will take you sometime to beat everything, but its still fun. That’s the point it’s hard, and fun! Not a lot of game can say that.


There’s quite a lot to do for a racer, there’s Grand Prix, Vs, Time Attack, Practice, Story, background info on racers, and one of my favorites, CUSTOMIZE. That’s right, you get to customize your own dream racer. Colors, parts, special features like pictures, Ratios on Body, Boost and Grip, the possibilities are almost endless. The best part, race the CPU on your console, and race in the arcades! Now that’s multi player fun!


What do you think? Buy of course!


This game was absolutely brilliant. The sense of speed and adrenaline pumping through your veins will have you playing this for months. And the fact that you can race in the Arcade makes it a lasting game like Initial D. I hope Nintendo and Sega can do this more often. The Graphics are gorgeous, the controls are superior, and the challenge is great. All of these factors make a great AAA racer for the Nintendo GameCube. Which is why it’s getting a perfect 10 out of 10. Future racing has a home, let’s hope it yours.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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