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"Best Racer on the Gamecube"

Way back when on the Nintendo 64 there was F-Zero X, which is probably one of the easiest games I have ever played in my entire life. Now its sequel, F-Zero GX, is in stores and it is definitely not easy. In fact, F-Zero GX is one of the most difficult and challenging games I have ever played. That is not to say that the game isn't fun. It just means you have to be perfect all of the time if you really want to unlock any of the cool goodies that are hidden in the game. Even though this game is so hard, it is also so addicting that you will keep playing the same scenario over until you have conquered it. So the difficulty doesn't get in the way too much.

Previous installments in the F-Zero franchise haven't really been based around any type of story. But this new F-Zero game has a story. Nintendo and Sega took a chance with a story but unfortunately, the game's story is very bland. The game's story all starts out with Black shadow failing to win the F-Zero Grand Prix and his boss, Deatborn, gives him one last chance to win an F-Zero Grand Prix and defeat the hero of the game, Captain Falcon. From there you play through many '' warm-up'' races as Captain Falcon to prepare for the upcoming F-Zero Grand Prix. After you win the F-Zero Grand Prix some pretty freaky stuff that really shouldn't even be part of the storyline goes down. The story in this game isn't all that good. The voice acting is one thing that makes the story so bland. The game's story really isn't necessary at all. It is nice that the developers have gone the extra mile to put a story in the game, but the story is mediocre at best. Oh well. Racing games aren't supposed to be story-driven games anyway.

Unlike the story of F-Zero GX, these graphics aren't bland at all. These are some of the best graphics I have seen in a racing game. This is like the Gran Turismo 3 of futuristic racing games. The cinematics in this game are just plain amazing. The cinematics rival that of Final Fantasy X. Yes, they are just that good! You have to see this stuff to actually believe it. The in-game graphics are almost just as good. The vehicles look fantastic! The race tracks look fantastic! Everything about the visuals in this game are just plain fantastic!!! Do you want to know something else that is amazing about this graphics? DO YOU?! DO YOU?! Of course you do. One of the most amazing things about the graphics in the game is the fact that the framerate always runs at a silky smooth 60 frames per second. There is never one little bit of slowdown. Not ever. The graphical effects like the boosting effects are just astounding. The graphics in this game are just drop-dead-gorgeous. These graphics are top of its class. This game really shows off the amazing power that the Gamecube really does have. There are only a handful of games that rival this game in visual quality.

F-Zero GX has a killer soundtrack. There is some really awesome rock music. There aren't any licenced bands in F-Zero GX, but evn if there aren't any, the game still has a great soundtrack to listen to. There is also some techno music in the game. Surprisingly, it is actually pretty good. The sound effects are also great. Each craft has their own engine sound and their own boosting sound which is pretty cool. It is great that the developers didn't just use the same sound effects like in other games. Almost all of the audio is top-notch. The only thing that is bad is the dialogue and the script. All of the lines in this game are really cheesy. It is all just really bad. It wouldn't be near as bad if the voice actors could act. Well what could you expect. The guys over at Sega are doing this game. Everybody knows that Sega never has dialogue in their games or if they do have it, it is really, really, really, really, really bad. Hopefully, they will change that sometime in the future. Even though that this game has just horrendous voice acting and script, the audio is just great overall.

F-Zero and Wipeout are the futuristic racing games with the best gameplay. Wipeout got its new game last year and wasn't really revolutionary like its other games. F-Zero got its new game this year and I have to say that the new F-Zero is definitely better than the newest Wipeout or any other racing game like this. F-Zero GX has the best graphics, the best audio, the best controls, and most importantly, the BEST gameplay of any other futuristic racing game their is to buy. F-Zero GX has a large assortment of game modes and options. You have the Story Mode which you play through races with short FMVs in between each racing event. Practice Mode allows you to hone your skills. Grand Prix is the mode where you participate in a racing tournament. There is Time Attack which will allow you to attempt to beat your fastest records. There is also the new Customize Mode which will let you buy parts to assemble you own custom racer. You can also purchase races and other crafts and much much more. There are other modes and options but they aren't as important as the ones that I listed. Who cares if the game has all of those different modes if the game isn't fun to play. The game is fun though and one of the things that makes it so fun is the sense of speed that you get from playing this game. All other games will seem so slow and boring once you play this. Unlike most futuristic racing games, the emphasis isn't one rockets or weapons. It is speed. The tracks have so much ingenuity put in them. Those guys over at Sega have some pretty unique minds. You can also put your memory card in an F-Zero AX arcade machine and receive special parts and racers. The only really bad thing about the gameplay it that it is extremely difficult. Standard feels like Very Hard. Despite that the game is really hard, F-Zero is far by one of the most polished racing games I have played in a while.

The controls in F-Zero GX are amazing. I was expecting hard controlling vehicles with a very complicated button setup. The funny thing is, is that The game controls the complete opposite way. The crafts in the game are very easy to control and maneuver around. Each craft will handle differently depending on the weight of it, but they all handle very, very similar. The control setup is very easy to pick up and play. Even though there are so many different thing to do, the control setup somehow remains simple. Why can't all racing games control like this? Anyway, the A button accelerates, the B button is brake (who would ever use that button), The X button is the button used to ram and opponent, the Y button is the boost button, Z is the spin attack button, and the triggers are used for sliding. The controls in this game are just phenomenal. This game is so easy to just pick up and play.

F-Zero GX shows off the genius minds over at Amusement Vision, Sega, and Nintendo. This is the best racing game on the Gamecube and one of the best racing games PERIOD! The graphics are some of the best I have ever seen in any video game. The controls are just spot on and the gameplay has never been this good. The audio in F-Zero is as good as ever. Well, the voice acting isn't all that great and the story is completely mediocre. Overall, this game is definitely worth having. I hope you have $49.99 to buy this game, though. It is well worth the cash.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/01/03

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