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"A great addition to the GCN library, and the best racing I've played for years"

I'd like to start out by saying that this game is not for all gamers...I wouldn't recommend it to gamers who get frustrated easily or get dizzy from fast-moving games. The game is, as many have said, very difficult.

Graphics: 10\10
Nothing surprising here- the graphics are as clear and colorful as any other GCN game. The backgrounds, characters, and hover-cars are well defined and detailed. This time you can actually SEE your racer in the cockpit, and you can even see them spinning inside of the little 1st-6th place views at the upper-left corner of the screen when you execute an attack. The biggest improvement graphic-wise is the fact that you can see the backgrounds and other cars as clear as ever, regardless of what speed you're moving at. Top-notch.

Story: 9\10
It's hard to make a story in a racing game, but F-Zero GX made one almost flawlessly. The non-text cinema scenes show a perfect display of graphics and audio effects, and they get to the point quickly. In short, it's easy to tell what's going on as long as you watch the cinema scene. The variety of mission types makes F-Zero GX different from normal racing games. The only reason I gave the story a rating of '9' instead of '10' is because even though the story was clear and to the point, it seems to rush you along a bit. Nonetheless, Nintendo and Sega did a good job.

Sound: 10\10
The sound almost got a '9' because of the rushed and cheesy voice-overs in the after-Grand Prix interviews, but the music and SFX saved it. The music fits in perfectly with the course you're racing on (especially the Story Mode music), and the sound effects aren't too silent or too loud, a balance most games fail to achieve. With the exception of the sound when you boost, I found none of the musics or sound effects annoying or repetitive. Oh, and finally, a racing game with no rap or hip-hop based musics!

Controls: 9\10
A big improvement over its predecessor, F-Zero X, the controls are easier to work than most other GCN games I've played. When you first get the game, you really only need to use 2 different buttons. The ''A'' button is held down to accelerate, and the ''Y'' button to boost for extra speed. Once you're used to that, you can master using the other buttons, such as ''X'' and ''Z'' to attack opponents. The only button that was out of reach was the control pad to change the camera view, but you can always set it before it says ''GO!'' on the screen.

Gameplay/Difficulty: 10\10
Finally, the main part of the game! As I said earlier, all of the action is extremely fast and difficult. Story mode is one of my favorites, the cinema scenes are well done, and it gives a good challenge when you try it on ''Very Hard'' mode. The characters really show their personality. My only complaint about Story Mode is that you have to use Captain Falcon, instead of whoever you want (not that I have a problem with Captain Falcon), but then again, it would probably take forever to make such an interesting plot with 40-or-so completely different characters. Time Attack is a classic mode that can be found in just about any racing game, nothing new or special here. The Customize option is a new twist. It allows you to purchase Items, Machines, and Custom Parts using tickets you get from the Grand Prix and Story modes. I like how you get to pick what cars to unlock, unlike F-Zero X, where you had to clear many rows to get to the car you wanted. Building your own car with your own emblems is new to the F-Zero series. Grand Prix mode is another mode found in many racing games, just with new cups, courses (which, may I add, are not nearly as 'dull' as F-Zero X's courses), and a much smarter AI. On the ''Master'' difficulty setting, your computer foes will really make a challenge to you. They'll try to strike you down whenever they get the slightest chance, and they boost like mad until their energy is nearly depleted. Plus, they always hit every inch of the Pit Zone and touch every boost pad, ensuring that you have to do nearly perfect in order to get the all-important 1st place. The Pilot Profiles is a new mode to any sort of racing game, which lets you check out your favorite (or least favorite) F-Zero racer's personal profile and past. You can also watch them pose like they do before the race, and check out the machine they drive. The ability to save replays isn't all that new, but it has many options to it (such as changing the view or background BGM) that make it not as dull as your average racing game replay center. Sadly, saving reviews tends to fill up your memory card quick, and if you want to save all that F-Zero GX has to offer, you shouldn't have a very packed-up memory card. But buying a new memory card is a small price to pay in order to fully experience this game. Going back on topic, we still have the old Practice mode for getting used to the courses or aiding you in learning the controls. And finally, Vs. Battle, the mode where you can race up to 3 of your friends or family. Once again, this mode displays a wide variety of options which can be used to tune the race to your liking. This is a really fun game to play multi-player as well as single player. What separates this game from your average, basic, semi-repetitive racing game is the fact of many neat and fun features. It may not have items that you use with some button like the Mario Kart series does, but you have many different types of obstacles, the ability to increase your speed at the expense of energy, and the fun and creative idea of being able to injure or possibly disqualify your opponents via depleting their energy using attacks. Also, the stunning graphics and raw hyper-fast speed are enough to keep you occupied for a while. Nintendo and Sega deserve a big thanks for bringing this game to the world.

Replay Value: 10\10
Trust me, after you finish this game (IF you finish it, for that matter, unlocking all of the games secrets can take literally months), you'll want to come back for more. I play it on a regular basis even though I've unlocked every secret and mastered every course. The first 4 days after I bought the game, I would play it from the second I woke up until I got tired early in the morning.

Buy or rent?
I would highly recommend buying this game, unless...

*You get dizzy easily from racing games
*You can't handle difficult or fast games
*You don't like racing games

If any of the above apply to you, it's at the very minimum worth a rent. Besides that, I'd recommend buying this game! Trust me, this is going to be the best racing game of the decade...

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/02/03

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