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"If it Was any Faster The paint would peel off My Racer!"

F-zero this was my first time actually buying an f-zero game, I heard Great reviews from the game and just had to get it before eventful Joe came out and this game is SICK to the max!!! There is no explanations from the joy I bought this game its decently not a waste of money well, for me anyway. When I first went to find this game I had to constantly go all over the place for the first 5 days to find the game and finally found it. Trust me its worth everyyy dime possible

they cant get any sweeter, and there is no bitter taste left in your mouth after playing the game, honestly its so beautiful any closer is could be Virtual Reality. You always come back for more graphic wise; it can compete with many graphics but blows racing graphics out of the water easily. There is no game really that can compete with this game graphic wise, even though its a sci-fi Racer its just wonderful the speed, the turning, the multiplayer action. seriously its like tasting the apple from the garden of Eden.

SOUND 8/10
its sort weak on the sound actually, I mean some of the levels decently have one of the best beats vie heard in a racing game besides San Francisco Rush 2049. But there are some flaws like you cant really hear the music too great, and with the craziness you sort lose yourself into the survival end of the deal. You sometimes can get into the beat though. in one of the races I cant help but bob my head and smirk while i blow a car of the track! who cant?

Its one of the most responsive games that I’ve met, when you want to go left, and even tap it you go left, hard right, you go hard right, its one of the most responsive controls I’ve seen in quite a while. Besides possibly the Zelda games its just naturally beautiful. Ignorance is bliss you just cant get enough of the controls the speed, the power etc. its especially responsive when you try to attack another car as well, except when you attack and hit another car expect to lose a bit of speed in the process, I guess thats a bit natural, and expected anyway.

STORY 9/10
It’s quite an interesting twist the story for a racing game. I mean come on who would expect an actual story for a GAME? It runs pretty smoothly but its so insane difficulty wise that at some parts vie must have played like 900000 times over and over, but you always come back for abuse, there’s magic to the game *tear comes to my eye* sorry >. > But it cant get any sweeter, although you only race as captain falcon which I wish u could play them all *shrugs* Although at some points you wonder and scream at the tv why captain falcon cant use him Super Smash brother moves like Falcon punch, or Falcon Kick.

This game takes forever to beat, if you beat it within the first two weeks you alone deserve a pat on the back but if your successful the game always has AI coming back to abuse you and you abuse it even more. Threes something even great about just playing the same tracks at mind bending speeds, and getting all customization parts alone is a dainty task. But quite possible, its a game ill always be coming back to for abuse. Even just going around and kill some computers on the track is a great way for revenge and to lose some stress and even lose some anger. you more or less go evil kenevil when you drive. I tend to love to push my car to the limits as well and see if i can sneak away without getting hit or dying or anything.
Multiplayer is a great but common racing theme, its good, that you can customize have other computers race you and your friends, and make it vertical and horizontal, but its also annoying to only have a small corner or 1/2 of the space to see, it makes the racing even harder to do, so watch out for deem cows in the road! Those cows might as well be civilian cars in story mode or even, in regular races the straggelers in the back tend to annoy you as well, but I rush up and send them flying off the track anyway.

Renting IS not an option if anything you like a racing game GET f-zero its so creative, so difficult I have yet to successfully complete it 100% on full difficulty, and customizing your own cars is just yet another task to creating your perfect vehicle, allowing it to weigh lightly but be fast enough to blow cars outta the the water. It can’t be said any better than that really. if you rent it youll just be addicted to it, and demand to get it, because theres no way youll beat it in one night, plain and simple.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/02/03

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