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Reviewed: 09/25/03

F-Zero wins the Grand Prix of racing games.

F-ZERO GX for the Nintendo Gamecube

F-ZERO GX is the one of the two versions released of this game. One is the Gamecube version which is the GX version and the Arcade version which is named F-Zero AX, both can be linked up via de Memory Card which serves for car, parts and course downloading. This game was developed by Amusement Vision and published by Sega and Nintendo. This game is suitable for up to 4 players and supports progressive scan TV's.

F-Zero games take place on the 26th century, in which race cars are very advanced in technology. F-Zero is the fastest race community on the universe in which personalities from around the universe gather to race and win. The cars can exceed speeds of 3000km/h with help of Micro-plasma engines, thus meaning they exceed Sound's Speed. An F-zero car works with a ''G-Diffuser System'' which allows them to hover from the ground and take on those spectacular speeds. The circuits take place on cities using Anti-gravity guardrails , the courses can be as long as Six Miles a lap. In this futuristic races, 30 cars participate on each race, each contendant must have a car in order to participate. Each Grand Prix takes place each year.

Outstanding 60 frames per second speed. No slowdowns are ever experienced on the races and the graphics are top notch on a racing game. Ive never seen so much detail on a racing game. Each car has its own details and forms, you may even see the racer inside its car, and not a default 3-d decoy on it, you actually get to see Captain Falcon, Pico etc. The courses are the best graphic design for an example, you can see structures and buildings when driving and they have motion and movements and also the lighting effects makes of this an eye pleasure, everything is so well done it feels its very complete and it doesnt get boring fast. All of the game is made onto 3-D rendering and its just beautiful, sometimes you will race to see the details. No other game can outstand this. Excellent work.

Superb. I can now really stand this is the hardest and challenging game Ive ever played and I love it. The car physics are very good and reallistic (on that era, lol) and the speed really goes on with what you are feeling, because it really feels you are over 1000km/h, not just the speedmeter reading 1000km/h and you feel you are on a Volkswagen Sedan. The controls are very easy to learn but very deep because it adds that challenge like those hard closed curves where you need all your attention to not lose any grip and speed, and its not just ''Get on 1st place to win'', you may also need some strategy to know which racers to kill to leave them without points so you get over them on the Overall Score chart and claim the Championship. Marvelous make out on this point.

The only problem here are the in-game themes. I think they have lost the ''F-Zero'' feeling a bit from past games. Like the electric guitar blast, Mute City just LOST all its essence with the theme it has on this game although the theme is there but with another slow ''Beat''. But other courses just have excellent themes. Even each racer has a theme and the songs at the FMV Cinemas are just very original (F-Zeeroooo F-Zerooooo) =). Very well worked here, need to improve a bit on the ''Feeling'' touch.

Create a Car, Create an Emblem, Exhibition, Grand Prix, NEW Story Mode, F-Zero Shop, Time Attack, TONS OF UNLOCKABLES. Amusement Vision got 1st on the race. EXCELLENT. Only bad stuff is that in order to unlock everything you need tons of Money (Tickets) thus meaning playing Grand Prix and Story Mode over and over, but thats good since it adds to Replay Value and lots of Challenge.

Just trying to beat the game is a very huge replay Value point, and more if you have friends to rock the house. This game is very addictive. Never gets old. Mark my words ''This game goes to videogame History''. For you to unlock everything will seriously take you some months and hair loss =) and maybe some controllers.

Best of bests. Great animated menu with very cool songs. Each thing is on its correct place and its very easy to undertsand and navigate through it.

By far the best racing game on the Gamecube on this days. Worth 100% the buy, dont rent unless you cant just really decide. Its very hard, I know, but give it try and just have fun, you arent obliged to complete the game but to have some fun. You will like it, I swear it =D.

FINAL SCORE (From an average of 9.8) ---10---

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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