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"Who's ever heard of a wheel?"

It all started in late 1990. The SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) was born to challenge Sega's Genesis. The SNES was a popular system with many games. One of these was F-Zero. It was a popular racing game released in November 1990 that sold millions. Then in 1998, Nintendo removed F-Zero from the shadows by releasing F-Zero X on Nintendo 64. F-Zero X sold fairly well in stores.

But that's the only the past. This is now. In 2003, F-Zero GX was finally released. F-Zero GX is simply put a must own title for Gamecube. In fact, you shouldn't even be reading this review. You should just run to the store and buy this game. Or better yet, go to a friend's house and steal it against his will. You will thank me later.

Gameplay 10/10

The control depends on what kind of machine (car) you are using. Each machine has strengths and weaknesses. One car can turn well but isn't very fast. That other one could go very fast, but turns like a car with all its tires flat.

If you don't like the selection of machines, you can save points earned in Grand Prix to buy parts that make up a machine. To make a machine, you need a Pod (determines smoothness of control), a body (determines weight), and turbines (determines overall speed). You can also change the color of your parts on your machine to your liking, create an emblem (personal symbol) to paint onto your machine and pick who will be the driver. The possibilities are endless!

The tracks are well designed too. The tracks have also been categorized from easy (Ruby Cup Tracks) to hard (Emerald Cup Tracks) with normal difficulty in between (Sapphire Cup Tracks) to satisfy any range of difficulty. If you thought F-Zero X was far too easy or you repeatedly threw your Nintendo 64 controller at the wall because F-Zero X was just way too hard to enjoy, you will love how the tracks are categorized and divided.

If you somehow manage to get bored after playing later on, don't worry! If you have quarters and there's an arcade close by, you can take your memory card with you and look for F-Zero AX to link up to for secret tracks, secret drivers, and other secret features to load onto your memory card and own forever. In case you're wondering, this is the only Gamecube game programmed to connect to the Arcade version (Sorry, no Game Boy Advance connectivity).

The characters are great too. You will now be able to learn about your favorite driver in Grand Prix. However, how you can learn anything is a secret you will have to figure out on your own.
Gameplay 10/10
F-Zero GX has achieved perfection in gameplay. If you like the idea of making a completely unique machine, this game is for you. If you like to know how difficult some tracks are before you race on them, this game is for you. If you like the innovation of linking up with an arcade machine, this game is for you! If you like all of the above, this game is definitely for you! Need I say more?

Story 9/10

The story is an entirely different mode from Grand Prix and helps reveal Captain Falcon's true colors. You will be very interested at seeing the story unfold. There's only one drawback: you need to save those points that I mentioned earlier to purchase the next chapters. You will play and beat one part of the story just to see "The next chapter is now available at the shop!" You know what else? The next chapter is always more expensive than the last! Hope you're a patient gamer! You may need to start playing Grand Prix for hours for all the necessary points! You can also change a chapter to hard mode once you beat it. Who knows what beating hard mode will get you?
Story 9/10
Don't worry, Grand Prix is still entertaining! Patience will be rewarded with another chapter in the main story! The story will always have you on the edge of your seats for days. If you like suspenseful stories that keep you guessing, this game is for you!

Graphics 10/10

The graphics in this game actually redefine the meaning of beautiful and all of its synonyms! The tracks are great and beautifully designed. The machines are well designed. You can see the shine and some scratches on some of them. Nothing gets choppy or slows down. None of the graphics are ever jagged at any point! F-Zero GX is a grand stash of eye candy that you will treasure for years to come.
Graphics 10/10
You may be staring for days! No, scratch that! You WILL be staring for days! The graphics are just that well designed and detailed! If you're still reading this review, stop and go to the store and buy this game now! Or better yet, steal it like I suggested earlier!

Music and Sound 8/10

The music suits the game and each track well. You might not even notice the music in the background because you will be too busy having fun racing and winning points to buy more parts for a custom made machine or another chapter in story mode. The sound is a little lackluster. The voices sound slurred and metallic. You won't be able to make out what the characters are saying in story mode most of the time because of the bad voice audio. The other minor sound effects, on the other hand, suit the game well.
Music and Sound 8/10
I don't have much to say about the sound, but you may not even care. You will be far too busy racing and having fun racing and earning points!

Replay Value 10/10

Like I said earlier, you can still earn points for custom parts for your machine or more chapters to earn in story mode! Remember that patience will be rewarded with more story chapters and more machine parts! Don't get me started on linking your memory card to F-Zero AX!

Buy or Rent?

Remember what I said about going to your friends house and stealing this game against his will? That's the money saving method! If you own it already and don't like it, make it a Frisbee for your cat! I don't really care.

F-Zero GX!
- You can make your own racing machine!
- Graphics are awesome.
- You can learn about your favorite racer in Grand Prix mode.

Atari Karts...
- The bad voice effects.
- Normal mode in Story mode is hard enough!

My Grand Total 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/01/04, Updated 07/20/04

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