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"C. Falcon Is Back and Faster Than Ever"

This game caused me to cry with joy when I first began to play it. It is the fastest Game on the Game Cube, not to mention the hardest. I reserved this game at my local video game store about two weeks before its official release date because everything that I had been hearing about it was absolutely amazing, and when I finally received my copy I finished my day job and homework as fast as I could just to play this game. Apparently speeding through things was good practice because the speed of those futuristic machines was absolutely mind boggling.

Story 8/10
When I first heard that there would be a story mode to this game it didn't make sense to me, I mean who has ever heard of a story mode in a racing game? It was Nintendo though so I just figured that they could definitely pull it off, and they did for the post part anyway. You are Captain Falcon and you are trying to win one of the greatest events in the gaming world but somebody else wants it and will plot evil schemes against you to stop you. Now Nintendo has been making there games short and a little to easy so I just figured that this game would be to, but low and behold it was most definitely not easy and it most definitely was not short. This game tried me and my nerves for a long time it is so hard that I am surprised that I didn't have a couple of broken Wave birds by the time I was done. If your looking for a Hard game to challenge you and your patience like never before than this is the one.

Gameplay 10/10
Like I said before This game has an incredibly tough story mode available but that isn't even the half of it. Other than story mode there are a total of five cups to compete in with four different levels of difficulty. The cups consist of different stages with their own unique style. The game has a touch of violence with the ability to knock your opponent of of the race track and into oblivion to add an even larger amount of competitive play.
Their is also a time trial where you can race against time or even a ghost of time trials you did in the past. Along with a Garage mode that allows you to create and design your own machine that you can race with in the alternate modes of play.

Graphics 10/10
Wow! I mean, Wow the graphics are spectacular I don't believe I have seen better graphics on the final fantasy movie, their just that good! The story mode has cut scenes in which you can marvel at the beauty of this game.

Music 9/10
The music, I believe suits the game though others might disagree. Each course in this game has its own style of techno, that's right I said techno, I have nothing against techno but the fact that you don't have the option to turn off or even turn down the music with out having to turn off the sound effects is really irritating. I am thank full though that they brought back the music from the older games of the franchise even though it has that techno mix.

Sound 9/10
Like the music the sound is always the same unless you turn the volume of your television down, but that's not so bad because the sound effects, I believe are great.

Replay Value 10/10
Well, seeing as how this is a racing game you can play it over and over again and still not get bored with it. If you do though which I highly doubt will happen you can gather up some friends and try to see who can get to the finish line first or who can survive the most laps without being destroyed.

Link capabilities 8/10
This game has an arcade counterpart that you can directly connect your game to. You take your memory card with the saved game memory on it to your local arcade store and look for the arcade machine (Your store may not have it)and then put your memory card in the memory card slot, after doing so you can choose one of the many machines available only on the arcade version and race on the cup only available on arcade version if you beat the cup you can use the machine that you beat the cup with in the normal version. You can also unlock certain parts for your custom machine in garage mode. The only real problem with this is that the arcade version of the game is not available everywhere like for instance you may not have one in your small town but you friend, who lives in the big city does. There is hope though the other way to get the other machines not available unless playing the arcade machine is by purchasing an Action Replay for the Game Cube at a local department store and using it to get the other machines. Though it is cheating it is worth it to feel the whole experience this game has to offer.

Compared to other racing games it appears to just blow them right out of the sand but if you are used to the average racing game this might not me the game for you but you can always rent it and find out. It is new and innovative compared to previous games in the franchise though, in many opinions not as good as the original I think that it is the best so far.
This game, in my opinion, is very much ahead of it's time. It is complete with all that you could ever want in a racing game and more. The top speed of the game is up to 2000 Miles per hour so if you get car sick easily I suggest only renting the game, otherwise this game has the ability to keep you entertained for hours.

The price of this game can range from fifty bucks or forty but I'd say its worth about forty-five so if you can find it at that price get it without hesitation.

Story 8/10
Game Play 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Music 9/10
sound 9/10
Replay Value 10/10
Link Capabilities 8/10

Overall 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/22/04

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