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"Faster than light? of course not! Fast enough to make you crash into a wall if you blink for too long? Yes!"

Introduction: I never had much liking for sport games and racing games qualify as a type of sport so I am not very interested in them; heck, the closest I have to playing is a racing game is Mario Kart. F-zero GX on the other hand, is a unique, futuristic racing game that is set locates that can boggle the minds in humans any day! It is this unique and extra-ordinary factor, and being a popular Nintendo franchise, that urged me to purchase this game, and am I glad I followed my instincts that time!

Story (9/10): A Story!? In a racing game!? Now I have heard everything! Yeah, although those were not my actual words, they are pretty close. F-zero is the fastest racing tournament in the galaxy; and of course, the most dangerous too. Set in amazing locations that will amaze you time and time again, F-zero is a distinct racing game that is both unique and faster than any other game you have ever played. One of the reasons is because this game is set in the 31st century, and as you might have guessed, they do not used cars to race; instead, they use ultra-powerful f-zero machines that easily break the speed of sound and rely on design, weight, and engine, as well as the skill of its pilot, to speed past its competitors and rank up in first place. The story mode in this particular F-zero game focuses on the legendary Capt. Falcon, the most famous of all of the F-zero pilots. As falcon, you will take part in many of his adventures, an F-zero championship, and eventually uncovering the secret behind a mysterious pilot who is tougher than Black Shadow himself! (For those of you new to F-zero titles, black shadow is Capt. Falcon’s arch-enemy)

Gameplay and replayabilty (10/10): All I can say is “WOW!” when they say that F-zero machines can break the speed of sound, they mean it! the sense of speed in this game is unparalleled. You will feel the speed every second of race! Blinking for more than 2 seconds is probably not a good idea of if you don’t know the track very well; and chances are, you will crash into something, and even if you do, you will feel the drop in speed from 1100+ k/h to 600- k/h.
Moving on, this game is packed with replay value. You will eventually have 5 cups, each one with 5 unique and increasingly challenging race tracks that will blow your mind away. Each track is very nicely done and you actually feel that you are in that place when you are racing; the only downside is that you will be focused on the race so much, you won’t have time to really look in the detail at what each level offers.
Aside from Story and Championship mode, there is a time trials, vs. mode, practice/quick race mode, and “customize.” In customize mode you are able to purchase new races using tickets you have gained from time trials or championship mode (over unique 30 racers in total). The best thing about it is, you can also use those tickets to buy numerous ship parts that you can use to create your own ship! (how awesome is that!? ) you can also customize the color of your ship and add emblems from a pre-made list or any that you have designed using the emblem editor tool.
Last but not least is the replay and pilot profile modes. In replay you can watch any replay movies or races you have completed in time trial or championship mode. The Pilot Profile mode allows you to read background information of any pilot you have unlocked, as well as examine his/her/its ship in detail. To conclude, I would like to say that F-zero is full of replay value that will keep you hooked for a long time! I have had since it came up September (I believe) and I am still having loads of fun with it.

Controls (10/10): Although I did give it 10/10, the controls are kind of hard to get used to at first but it becomes really easy to control your ship after you have learned how each of the different types of turns work, etc. You use the A button to accelerate and the B button to break. The control stick is used to steer your ship while holding down L or R help you make a sharper turn in the direction you are going (if you are steering left, then you can hold down the button in order to turn better). Holding both L and R and the same time allow you to drift turn which is used to make the best of very sharp curves and even 180 turns. From the second lap on, you will be able to use the Y button to boost. Every time you boost you will use some of your ship’s energy which can be refilled by hovering over energy plates. You can also gain energy by attacking other racers using either a spin attack (Z button) or a side attack (X button). Overall, the control are nicely put together and should not be a problem once you get the hang of them.

Music and Sound (9/10): As you might have guessed, all of the tunes on F-zero are heavy metal or Techno and they sound pretty good too! The sounds are not that bad either, sure some boost sounds can sometimes get a bit annoying but nothing to be worried about. I was very pleased with the music and sound of the game which are two of the things I am pick about in games.

Difficulty Level (10/10): This game has brought hard to a whole new level! Maybe it might just be me because I haven’t had much experience, if any, with racing games. This game WILL get hard once you unlock more cups and story chapters. You have four levels if difficulty in which you can race: novice, standard, expert, and master (you must unlock the last one). Novice is fairly easy and standard is not too bad but once you get to expert and master, you are going to racing against very difficult pilots that want first place as much as you do. In story mode, some chapters are hard enough but once you beat them, you will unlock a “hard” difficulty (which of course rewards with some great things if you beat it) and if you complete a chapter in a hard mode, you unlock it in “very hard” mode which is EXTREMELY difficult; but of course, will reward with a very special gift if you manage to complete it.

My Take: F-Zero GX is a racer like none other you have seen before! The sense of the speed is unparalleled, the graphics are jaw-dropping, the music, controls, and sounds effects are very nicely done, and the replay value of the game is huge! What else could you possibly ask in a game?

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/24/04

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