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"The power of the metric system!"

F-Zero GX a futuristic racing game, in which there are hardly any rules for the race. You race against thirty other racers, and you have the option of letting them survive through the race or letting them die.


The graphics in Grand Prix (GX) are great, that is if you have enough time to stop and look at them long enough. You main goal will be to try and win the Grand Prix (hence F-Zero GX (Grand Prix)). There are cars are highly depicted, with tens of thousands of different colors that they could potentially be. The environments look like the came from a futuristic science fiction movie, and the tracks look like it too.


This game is filled with up beat music that helps to get the adrenaline pumping and thus improving your ability to play the game as adrenaline speeds up your reaction time, which you will need in the long run due to the games extremely face paced speed. There is music in basically every part of the game, and there is music to listen to as you are reading the extremely long profiles of the different racers that you can choose to be.


You do not actually have to pick a car to be in Grand Prix, but can rather create your own. There are over thirty cars, with hundreds more if you customize them. The cars are not cars in the modern sense as they hover above the track as they speed along at thousands of kilometers per hour (everything in the game is rated in the metric system which gives it its own unique touch).


There is a good deal of parts that you can use to create your own car. There is the chassis, cockpit, and the booster. The chassis determines the durability of your vehicle and thus how much your car can take before it is destroyed and thus disqualified from the race. The cockpit determines how well your car handles, such as how fast it can turn, and how easy it can turn. The booster determines the maximum speed of your vehicle and how well it will accelerate throughout the race, generally the higher the speed, the longer the acceleration. There is also a hidden attribute for the cars, which is their weight. The weight of a car will determine how unwieldy, or how wieldy it is. A light vehicle will often turn corners incredibly fast and possible hit the inside of the turn (if there is an inexperienced driver). A heavy vehicle will be much more unwieldy and will take a great deal of force to turn around a corner.


This is another part of the ?create you own car? feature of the game. You can personally pick the color of your vehicle using three bars; one blue, one red, and one green. You can make virtually any color using the combination of the three. You are also able to make your own decals to put onto your car and you can pick which driver from the game you want to drive your car.


The tracks in Grand Prix are just wonderfully beautiful. Some may seem incredibly short in the game, but in real life they are six kilometers long, and the longer tracks are up to one hundred seventy kilometers long. Each track was a unique layout with pit stops (which replenish your energy), boost pads (boost you forward), jump pads (make you fly up into the air), dirt tiles (which slow down and damage you), and other various obstacles.

GAME PLAY---10/10

There are three different Grand Prix that you can race in the Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Cup. Each cup has three different difficulty settings which will determine how fast and how intelligent your fellow racers are. Each cup is comprised of five races on five different tracks. The winner is crowned by a point system in which the person who completes the race in first is given one hundred points and the person who finished last is given fifteen points. The racers who finish between the two are given appropriate point values. Racers who are disqualified are given no points at all and quickly fall near the bottom of the standings. You are aloud to ram other cars off of the tracks and thus disqualify them. You can practice courses in the practice mode. You can try and get your best time on a course in the time attack mode. You can go through the story mode and earn parts for the cars as well as tickets. In Grand Prix mode you will race against other cars in a competition for parts, tickets, and glory!


The story is in Grand Prix sort of a secondary option for unlocking new parts and for challenging those people who find the game a little bit easy. Throughout you will play the role of Captain Falcon (who is a bounty hunter) and you will be forced to use the Blue Falcon (his vehicle) in all of the missions. All of the story missions involve racing and they have beautiful cut scenes. Plus you get to race along tracks that you normally can't in the normal game.


This is a racing game so of course it has replay value. You can do what ever you want in it however many times, until you find yourself not wanting to do that stuff however many times. You will frequently find yourself in the time attack mode trying to beat all of your best times, and what could be better than having your best times racing against you! They are called ghosts and they trace your exact movements along the course and finish in the exact time as you did. You can also unlock the staff ghosts that have a ridiculous time for you to beat put in the end you get a huge amount of tickets that you can then use to buy stuff.


Overall, this game is like no other racing game, as it is one of the few games that could even pull off what the future would look and feel like. From racing cars, to making cars, to putting decals on the cars, and even destroying other cars, this game is pure fun. Once this game sucks you into the action you most likely won't come back out for a very long time.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/09/04

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