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    FAQ by GavLuvsGA

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    						    MARIO PARTY 4 FAQ
    						        *by GavLuvsGA*
    Version 10: 5 - 12 - 03
    Write to GavLuvsGA@aol.com or XPhileScaper1121@aol.com with any questions, but
    please read the FAQ first to see if you question is answered. Also, please put
    "Mario Party 4" in the heading and don't send IMs or attachments.
    Revision History
    Version 2 (7 - 3 - 03)
    Made corrections to lottery ball game section and added Mario's, DK's and most
    of Yoshi's presents.
    Version 3 (23 - 3 - 03)
    Added a few tips, and also finished Yoshi's present section.
    Version 4 (8 - 4 - 03)
    Added Daisy's presents and the number of coins for getting three sevens.
    Version 5 (23 - 4 - 03)
    Added Luigi's present room, Beach Volley Folly and the Treasure Tree mini
    Version 6 (22 - 5 - 03)
    Added Bowser Shuffle, finished Wario and Waluigi's present room and the Mini
    Game Present Room and added costs for stealing coins and stars with the Big Boo
    Version 7 (29 - 5 - 03)
    Added some of Peach's presents and also info. on Mini Mini games and remembered
    to include Sparky Sticker.
    Version 8 (7 - 6 - 03)
    Finished Peach's presents; added a couple of extra things.
    Version 9 (30 - 6 - 03)
    Added Bowser's Mini Magic and the Goomba Clock, and also the FAQ section.
    Version 10 (5 - 12 - 03)
    Wow, what a lot of updates. Well, I added some tips for GOOOOAL and Making
    1 Spaces
    2 Items
    3 The Main Boards
    4 Mini Games
    4.1 4 player Mini Games
    4.2 2v2 Mini Games
    4.3 1v3 Mini Games
    4.4 Battle Mini Games
    4.5 Bowser Mini Games
    4.6 Story Mode Mini Games
    4.7 Other Mini Games
    5 Mini Game Mode
    6 Extra Room
    7 Present Room
    8 F.A.Q.
    1 Spaces
    These are pretty much the same as in other games.
    Blue Space
    You gain 3 coins
    Red Space
    You lose 3 coins
    Happening Space
    An event takes place, different on each board.
    Mushroom Spaces
    You get two boxes and can open only one. One has a mini mushroom and one has a
    mega mushroom.
    Battle Space
    A battle mini game starts. You will have to give 5, 10, 20, 30 or 50 coins (or
    however many you have left).
    The winner will get 7/10 of the coins, while the runner up will get 3/10 of
    them. If two players are tied in 1st place they will get half each and if two
    are tied for second place, they will get 3/20 each.
    As a rough guide, here is what you are likely to get if everyone has enough
    No. of coins paid:  5	10	20 	30	50
    Maximum coins	  20	  40   80    120  200
    First prize			  14	   28   56    84    140
    Second prize    		6		12   24    36     60
    Joint first prize       10      20   40    60     100
    Joint second prize  3        6     12     18     30
    If there is an odd number of coins (i.e. if not everyone had enough), the coins
    will be divided up as much as possible and the ones left over will be awarded
    to a random player.
    Bowser Space
    When you land here, you will receive a visitation from either a Mini Bowser,
    a.k.a. Koopa Kid, or Bowser himself. (Incidentally, for the sake of argument, I
    will call them Mini Bowsers as that is what the game calls them. Please, no
    more e mails demanding I call them Koopa Kids.
    Mini Bowsers will always take coins; sometimes from just you, or sometimes from
    everyone. Also, if you have no coins when one of them appears, he will give you
    10 coins.
    Bowser may activate the following events
    Bowser Game
    This is most common; see Bowser Games section, below. The loser must forefeit
    all or half their coins, or all their items.
    Bowser Revolution
    Bowser shares the coins equally. This is good if you don't have a lot, but
    infuriating if you had loads and the CPUs only had a few.
    Bowser Shuffle
    Bowser switches the positions of the players. It is rare, though.
    Bowser Suit
    Ultra - rare. See items section below.
    Oh yeah, and sometimes the Mini Bowser will appear, followed by Bowser himself.
    Fortune Space
    These are Hell if you're in the lead. Using pinball tables you choose two
    players and then who gives what and receives what. In this game it will nearly
    always be trading coins as well. This one drives me insane if I get it when I
    have most coins.
    Of course, if your game is set to save every turn and it happens you could
    always cheat and restart your game. I know, I'm cheap. You can also set the
    computer to skip COM reveral of fortune (all that means is you don't have to
    sit through it; it still happens, though - the CPU will go in and out again,
    and the results are displayed on the screen.)
    Warp Space
    This is new. You will warp to another player's space. Choose who with the
    And I don't think I mentioned hidden blocks. These ONLY appear on Blue Spaces,
    and are random. They can contain either 20 coins or a star.
    2 Items
    Mega Mushroom (5 coins)
    Similar to the normal mushroom from MP2, except that when you use it you cannot
    experience any board events (e.g. getting stars, or the item shop). However,
    you grow huge and get to throw 2 dice, and if you pass another player you get
    to take 10 of their coins. Also, if you get two of any number you get 10 coins.
    Getting two sevens gets you 30 coins.
    Mini Mushroom (5 coins)
    You shrink and can only move up to 5 spaces on your turn. Use this for getting
    through the pipes (two on each main board) and playing Mini Mini Games (two on
    each board).
    Super Mega Mushroom (15 coins)
    Same as the Mega Mushroom except that you throw THREE dice. You get 30 coins
    for getting three numbers the same.
    twishall@hotmail.com writes: "Hello. I just wanted to tell you that you get 50
    coins for getting three 7's with a Super Mega Mushroom. DMorgan's FAQ is my
    source for this. That's all."
    Super Mini Mushroom (15 coins)
    Same as a Mini Mushrooml, except you throw two dice. You can move up to 10
    Sparky Sticker (15 coins)
    Thanks to SquirtzMan@aol.com for pointing out I missed this. The next player to
    pass or land on the space with one of these on loses 10 coins, and any mushroom
    Warp Pipe (10 coins)
    Swap places with an opponent (using a spinner).
    MiniMega Hammer (15 coins)
    Choose another player to make them mega or mini on their next go. You cannot
    use it on yourself.
    Swap Card (20 coins)
    This is similar to the Plunder Chest from MP2, but not nearly as useful. You
    use a spinner to see who you will swap items with. If you land on someone with
    no items, tough luck. You get nothing.
    Boo's Crystal Ball (25 coins)
    Call Boo to steal coins from another player (5 coins), or a star (50 coins).
    Gaddlight (15 coins)
    Use this to chase Boo away. Press B when someone sends a Boo after you.
    Magic Lamp (30 coins)
    Makes the Genie of the Lamp appear, and transport you to the star. Don't use it
    if you have less than 20 coins (unless the last five turns event was free
    Item Bag (30 coins)
    Up to three random items are inside (you will get less if you already have
    items). Only worth it if you have no items.
    Bowser Suit (N/A)
    This is very rare. Bowser gives it to you. If you pass another player while
    using it you take 30 coins from them.
    N.B. You can only hold three items at a time and you cannot use more than one
    in a single turn.
    3 The Main Boards
    On each main board you can choose a certain number of turns. You can choose to
    play Party Mode (played for fun) or Story Mode (played against all CPUs to earn
    When you reach the last five turns, one player will be chosen (usually, but no
    always, the loser) to choose the last 5 turns event, which may be:
    Free Stars
    Double value of Blue and Red spaces
    Change Red Spaces to Bowser Spaces
    Change Red Spaces to Fortune Spaces
    3.1 Events common to all boards
    Item Shop
    Buy items here (except for the Bowser Suit).
    Boo House
    A boo will steal coins or a star from another player for you (you need 5 coins
    to steal coins and 50 coins to steal a star).
    Lottery Shop
    Pay five coins for a lottery game. On your first visit you receive a lucky
    ticket with three pictures, which will each show one of the players. When you
    reach the last five turns the computer will spin a spinner to match the first
    picture on each ticket, then the second, then the third. If all images match
    your ticket (very rare) you get a bonus star. No two tickets are the same.
    There are two games.
    In the Lottery Ball game, rotate the control stick to get a random ball. If you
    get white, you get nothing. Blue gets you third prize (either a super mini
    mushroom or a super mega mushroom); Pink is second prize (30 coins) and yellow
    gets you first prize (100 coins).
    In a scratch card game, choose one of the scratch cards with the control stick
    and A and use the control stick to scratch them off. If you reveal a 1, 2  or
    3, you get a prize, as above. The scratch cards are randomly distributed.
    3.2 Toad's Midway Madness
    This is a fun board based on a theme park. The main feature here is the roller
    Roller Coaster
    If you pass the start of it when it is stopped at that end (if it is, Toad will
    be standing there), you can play 5 coins to ride it to the other end of the
    board. You can collect coins by leaning left or right.
    Where you go on these changes each time a player uses it. There are two
    possible directions.
    Happening Spaces
    The ones on the Roller Coaster tracks will make the coaster go from one end of
    the track to the other. Any players on the track (including you) are chased
    with it. Thje ones after the teacups will change the direction they move the
    next time a player reaches them.
    Mini Mini Games
    Rocket Game
    Go through the pipe in the top right of the screen to reach this one. Fire one
    of the three rockets using A under the one you want to fire., and wherever it
    ends up you get the number of coins indicated. This is similar to one of the
    bonus games from Super Mario Land 2.
    The merry go round is located in the top right hand corner. When you get it,
    you press A to stop the merry go round and which item is showing next to you is
    which one you get.
    3.3 Goomba's Greedy Gala
    This is slightly tougher. The board is divided into four sections, making it
    slightly harder to get around.
    This is located in the centre of the board. You can bribe Goomba to make it
    land on the section with the star on (whichever it lands on, you go to). Not
    bribing him means there is just under a 50% chance of going to the right place.
    You can give Goomba 5, 10 or 20 coins. The more coins you give, the more
    motivated he will be. But be careful. Even with 20 coins, Goomba will send you
    the wrong way about 5% of the time. Just one last thing. Landing on one of the
    4 stars gets you 20 coins and you choose where you go.
    The bottom right hand area is where the item shop is, and is where you start.
    The top right has an item shop, the boo house and a mini mini game. You can
    easily make it back round to the roulette wheel from here.
    The top left area has one item game, and the only way you can get across the
    other side of the board, other than using a warp pipe and Magic Lamp, or losing
    at Dice Duel, is by landing on a Happening Space (see below).
    The Lottery Shop is in the bottom left, which can be exited by losing at Dice
    Duel, using a warp pipe, Magic Lamp or Mini Mushroom or landing on the Warp
    Dice Duel
    This is found in three locations on the board. Goomba throws a dice. Then you
    do. Throw higher and you get 10 coins; lower and you go back to the start.
    Happening Space
    There are just five. You will be pushed to the other end of the board. Move
    left or right to get coins.
    Mini Mini Games
    Three - Card Goomba
    Get the one in the top left corner and you are presented with three Goombas.
    They each have an item. Keep an eye on the one you want and when they stop
    moving pick one and you get its item.
    The slot machine mini game involves jumping up and hitting the slots as they
    spin; try to line up three of a kind.
    3.4 Shy Guy's Jungle Jam
    This is a fun board, set in the jungle. The Boo House is to the top left hand
    corner, behind a pipe (Mini Mushroom needed).
    Eagle Ride
    And don't write to say "that isn't an eagle". If the eagle is on a mountain as
    you pass, you can pay him five coins to fly to the other mountain. You can lean
    left and right for coins.
    N.B.: Ensoycool@aol.com writes: "If you ride the eagle and tower the volcano, a
    shower of coins appear.Grab them!!!"
    Raft Ride
    If you go through the pipe near the start you can reach this; pay the Shy Guy
    to row you over the river.
    Happening Spaces
    These are rare. They appear by the two Shy Guy statues, and you can choose to
    make a fun wish or a sad wish. Either nothing will happen (if you made the Shy
    Guy happy), or (if you made it sad), the giant Shy Guy statue will cry,
    flooding the river. This will make it unpassable for up to three turns.
    Mini Mini Games
    How High, Fly Guy?
    Land on the game in the top right hand corner and you will have to wind up a
    Shy Guy (like Mecha Marathon from MP2). Wind it up well enough to reach the top
    of the totem pole to win as many coins as you can.
    Treasure Tree
    Three items are suspended above you. Jump up at the right moment to get the one
    you want.
    3.5 Boo's Haunted Bash
    This is a really creepy board (no, I'm not saying I'm scared by it). One thing
    to watch out for are the red bridges. They will occasionally vanish. There is
    one that you must use to reach the top right hand corner (unless you board the
    Mystery Train).  All the Fortune spaces are behind a pipe.
    The Mystery Train
    When the red boos are gone, you can ride this across the board. You can choose
    where to go, but the ride ends when you reach a boneyard (signified by
    How do you get rid of Red Boos? When a player passes the red boo in the middle
    of the board it vanishes. It reappears when someone else passes it.
    Happening Spaces
    There are just two and they are in the top right hand corner. Every third
    player to land on them activates the Big Boo, who steals coins and stars from
    everyone. And sorry to anyone who wrote in to me to tell me this; I included
    it, but somehow I made my last update from an older version, hence missing
    this. You pay 15 coins for coins and 150 for stars.
    Mini Mini Games
    Rhythm and Boo
    For some reason, the computer players decline this all the time. Follow Boo on
    the piano keys and press the button shown on your controller. The more you get
    right the more coins you get (take too long and you lose coins).
    Horn of Plenty
    Three items are put in a horn. Press one button and get one of the items at
    3.6 Koopa's Seaside Soiree
    This can be annoying; you go up the middle of the (almost symmetrical) board)
    and go either way. At the top left and right hand corners are Ukiki's Banana
    Peel Junctions. Step on them whatever size you are and you will slip on a
    banana skin. You have no control over what way you go, UNLESS you are using the
    Bowser suit (in which case you get to choose rather than step on a banana).
    Again, all the Happening Spaces are behind pipes. The Boo House is also behind
    a pipe.
    The Koopa Cabana
    This is located in the middle of the board, and is the main reason for coin
    loss. Pass a Koopa space and you must give 5 coins (or all your coins) to
    improve it. It starts off as a pole with a Koopa face on, but can grow to be
    quite impressive.
    Happening Spaces
    This board has a LOT. Land on the ones outside the Koopa Cabana and you must
    pay the amount invested in it so far, or however much you have, to stay a night
    (if you don't have enough, he reduces the price to your total coins and lets
    you stay for free if you have none). No sooner have you done this, though, when
    a tidal wave knocks it down, and evidently washes away all the coins you just
    paid. The others will make Sushi the Shark carry you between two locations (if
    you get the one going across the board, you also get 3 coins).
    Mini Mini Games
    Get the one in the bottom left and you can choose one of three fish. A bigger
    one gets you more coins.
    I haven't witnessed the other one. It is located at the top right, behind the
    pipe, with the four fortune spaces.
    arsaartha@msn.com writes: " The Mini Mini Game in Koopa's Seaside Soriee is
    where you break a Watermelon and receive the hidden item. But you will be spun
    around before you do."
    5.7 Bowser's Gnarly Party
    This is only accessible after you have beaten all the other five boards in
    Story Mode. One of the main problems here is the collapsing bridges. There are
    two in total, and after three people have crossed, they collapse and are
    rebuilt going in a different direction, which can slow you down, or help you
    reach the star. And you have the same effect if you are Mega or Mini.
    Pass Bowser and one of the following things will happen.
    Bowser takes half your coins.
    Bowser burns you, takes half your coins AND sends you to the extra start point
    (located in the middle of the board).
    Play a special game against Bowser (see below). If you lose, you lose all your
    Bowser moves each time you get a star from the Mini Bowser. He vanishes
    temporarily if beaten by a Mega Character.
    Another important point about Bowser (and I can't believe I didn't mention it
    before) is that occasionally, and randomly, he will use magic to turn all
    players mini for one turn. When this happens, you will NOT be able to use any
    Happening Spaces
    They ONLY appear in the top left and bottom right of the screen. They are evil
    too, and you certainly deserve the Happening Star if you land on these a lot. A
    bowser head burns you and if you have items, one will be destroyed.
    Mini Mini Games
    Brake Bullet Bill
    Located behind the pipe to the top right, you must press A fast to stop Bullet
    Bill. The further you go, the less coins you get, so be sure to tap fast.
    I haven't witnessed the other one. It is located at the bottom left of the
    screen, and is right after a set of happening spaces, meaning you will either
    need to have plenty of items to get to it (you could end up losing your mini
    mushrooms), or you will need to get a 4 or 5 on a mini mushroom (or use a super
    mini mushroom).
    aarsatha@msn.com writes: "On Bowser's Gnarly Party, the Mini Mini Game at the
    bottom of the board is where you choose an item in a Tresure Chest. But you can
    choose only one there is, not one you want. Meaning if you choose one that has
    a Magic Lamp, for example, you could be wrong and it will show an X. Then, you
    need to choose a different box, and you could get a lame item."
    4 Mini Games
    What kind of mini game is chosen depends on what spaces you land on. If all
    players are on blue spaces or all are on red, you get a 4 player game. If two
    are on one colour and two on another, you get a 2v2. If one is on one colour
    and the others on the other, there will be a 1v3 game. Bowser spaces count as
    red spaces, and if you are on any other space (green, you will randomly be
    assigned blue or red.
    4 Player Mini Games
    Similar to Skateboard Scamper from MP2, you must keep pressing A to use your
    poles and speed up to avoid the avalanche. Use the control stick to avoid the
    rocks, as they trip you up. The first (or only) player to the end wins.
    Bob Omb Breakers
    If you like Tetris, you'll like this. Drop items into the screen to line up 3
    or more together (no, they don't have to be in a straight line). You can play
    in other players' areas and rotate pieces using A and B.  When a Bob Omb is
    surrounded, it explodes. Be the first to get 100 or more to win. This is a very
    fun game to play.
    You are in a giant book. When the pages turn, position yourself so you when it
    falls you will be in one of the shapes cut out from the book (you know where
    they are, as you can see the writing on the next page through them). The last
    player standing wins.
    Keep pressing A as fast as you can. Press it fastest and you will knock down
    most Whomps. Easy to beat with Normal and Easy CPUs, but hard to get a good
    record on.  A turbo controller is useful for this - but the only other advice I
    can give is hit the A button like crazy. Another good technique is to rub a pen
    across the button repeatedly; this is how I managed to get over 100.
    Long Claw of the Law
    Look for the character shown in the Wanted sign and get all three before your
    opponents. Press R to move right and L to move left and the control stick to
    move up or down. Watch the windows and when they open and the right character
    is behind them, press A to grab them. Really easy!
    Manta Rings
    The Manta Ray from Super Mario 64 has left lots of rings for you to swim
    through. Press A to swim fast and uyse the direction pad to move up and down,
    and left and right. Hitting a Gooper Blooper, Unagi the Eel (and no, don't say
    "that isn't Unagi") or other obstacle and you lose points. At two points the
    Manta Ray will swoop past, leaving three gold rings. There are worth three
    points. CPUs tend to suck at this, so this is quite simple.
    Mario Medley
    Do three strokes fastest. First of all, press A and B alternately and when you
    reach the end of the pool switch do doing L and R alternately, and in the final
    length, A and B alternately. The catch is if you go too fast, you get tired.
    Start off going fast to get ahead, then slow down, and go faster when your
    heart monitor is full again.
    Mario Speedwagons
    Press R to accelerate. This should ideally be slightly before the green light
    shows (though not too long before). Watch the red light on your screen and when
    it flashes, go up a gear using A. The first to the finish wins.
    Mr. Blizzard's Brigade
    Mr. Blizzard, from Super Mario 64, and three smaller snowmen will throw
    snowballs at you and you must avoid them or they will freeze you and you will
    be out. The surviving player or players win. As the game progresses, more
    snowmen appear, so be careful. Oh, and at at least one point, Mr. Blizzard will
    throw a large snowball.
    Paratrooper Plunge
    Mopve around as you fall you get as many coins (bags are worth five) as you
    can. Hit three enemies, though, and you are out (though you keep the rings you
    Photo Finish
    Fit 8 pieces into the jigsaw the fastest. Rotate left with L and right with R.
    Nothing more to say here.
    Slime Time
    This is easy. Press A as fast as you can to escape the slime. Nuff said!
    Stamp Out!
    This is easy! Stamp out the largest area of the note pad. You can cover up your
    opponents' marks and press A to jump. Pressing A longer makes you jump further.
    Use the direction pad to move around. If all players stamp out less than 5%, it
    is a draw.
    Take a Breather
    Keep pressing L and R alternately. Your characters will all jump into the water
    and whoever pressed the buttons enough and stays under longest wins.
    Three Throw
    Press A to jump and B to throw a basketball and get as many points as you can.
    Throw them so they fall into the moving baskets. Yellow ones (in the middle)
    are worth two points.
    Toad's Quick Draw
    This is easy. Move your cursor around and wait for Toad to raise a flag. Shoot
    the balloon with the same colour. Do it three times to win.
    4.2 2v2 Mini Games
    Cheep Cheep Sweep
    You need a LOT of patience for this one. Walk slowly through the water so as
    not to scare the Cheep Cheeps and press A to net them (you can net up to three
    at a time). Yellow are worth two points. Go to your side's area and press B to
    release them. The team with most points wins. Computers are infuriatingly good
    at this.
    This is easy. Keep climbing up the cliff, avoiding the overhangs, and clinging
    on in strong winds. When this happens, you will feel a rumble (or see a "!" if
    the rumble feature is switched off). Only cling on (using A) if the winds are
    really hard, or you waste time. The strength of the wind is shown in the way it
    rumbles, so on higher difficulty settings, don't waste time by clinging on when
    there is just a slight rumble.
    Dungeon Duos
    This is fun. You must work together with your partner to beat the level.
    The first part involves opening doors using levers. If there is a door in front
    of you, wait for your partner to open it. If not, go to the lever and
    repeatedly press B to open it.
    After all the doors you must open are a sequence of moving platforms. One
    player goes to the lever and presses Y repeatedly to turn them. Jump on one
    without falling or you waste time. On the other side, use the lever to let your
    partner cross. In the next one there is just one platform and you must press X.
    In the next section, keep jumping in Warp Pipes until you find the one that
    lets you progress (this will be different each time, and different for each
    team. It can be irritating if the CPU you are playing with has trouble finding
    the right one even after you have. And remember, just because you appeared out
    of a tube doesn't mean that jumping into it won't take you to the next area.
    Lastly, press L and R repeatedly to inflate your hot air balloon. First to do
    so is the winner.
    Order Up
    Watch the pattern of fast food items (burgers, hot dogs, drinks, ice creams and
    fries) before they are covered up. When they stop spinning, Toad will order two
    items. Find them first by pressing A by one of the covers. Be quickest three
    times to win. The best technique is to memorise the order of them and stand in
    front of one. Also, try and stand opposite your partner, then you won't risk
    getting in each others' way.
    Pair - A - Sailing
    If you're in the parachute, move around to get coins. If you're driving the
    speedboat, press A to accelerate, avoiding hitting crates. Don't go too fast,
    or it'll be harder for your partner to move up or down. This is easier if
    you're int he parachute (CPUs suck at grabbind the coins).
    Revers - A - Bomb
    This can be tricky. Press the buttons with A to turn round the bob ombs that
    are coming towards you. You start off with 10 points and you lose one if one
    hits your end and explodes. Keep your eye on the three that are at your end; if
    you are too close to an explosion, you will be temporartily stunned, which is
    not good. The winner is the team who keeps the most points.
    Right Oar Left
    This is not good against computers. You must press A and B repeatedly to paddle
    your Dorrie boat quickly, stopping to avoid the Bowser heads burning you. Also,
    pressing A alone turns you left and B alone turns you right.
    Team Treasure Trek
    Make your way around the maze to get your blocks. They are colour coded for
    your team and are on t he other side of the maze from your starting point. The
    first block will reveal a treasure chest and the second will reveal a key. When
    you have both of them (each team member can only hold one), you will open it
    and you win. A good strategy is to seek out the other box when you have the
    first box, or just follow your partner around. Look for where they are by
    pressing Z. This can be infuriating if your partner happens to be a moron.
    The Great Deflate
    This is easy. Keep doing ground pounds (press A twice) to deflate the inflated
    Thwomp. Try and jump at the same time as your partner and jump as high as you
    can. What makes this really easy is that the Computer players on the other team
    often like to stand still for a few seconds at the start
    4.3 1v3 Mini Games
    Blame it On the Crane
    This is similar to the Crane Game from older Mario Parties, only here it is
    easier for the three players. Run around avoiding being hit if you're one of
    the three players (try and stand with the Shy Guys as they waste your time). If
    in the crane, press A twice to lower the crane, hopefully over another player.
    Capture them all to win. A good technique is to run the other way as you pass
    the conveyor belt and if you time it right, you could throw the crane player's
    Candlelight Flight
    This is like a reversal of Lights Out from MP2. The single player holds a
    candle and the three players must put it out. If you're the lone player, run
    around and if you're in the three, press A to squirt your water pistol. Be
    careful, as once you press A, yopu cannot change your direction until you
    finish squirting, so the single player should keep changing direction to catch
    out the others.
    Fish and Drips
    The three players press the buttons indicated above their characters' heads in
    order to pass the water down the line and fill up the tank. The lone player
    must press a combination shown, and if they make a mistake they must start
    again. Being the single player is more fun, alhough each side has an equal
    chance of winning. The first to fill their tank is the victor.
    The three players have to kick balls into the net and the single player must
    move left and right to save them. The three players aim with the control pad
    and hold longer on A for more power (release A to kick). If 10 goals are
    scored, the three players win.
     SportsGuy46290 writes: "If you are the single player you can press A to jump
    back and forth to stop the ball or you can press A in place to jump straight
    Hide and Go Boom
    This is a very fun game. The three players keep pressing buttons and the last
    one they press determines which cannon they hide in. The single player has
    three guesses as to which ones they are in and if they are all fired out, the
    single player wins. The cannons are marked A, B, X and Y. Make your final
    choice when you move off screen, but be careful; you have 5 seconds to decide;
    if you don't, you are dragged underground and yes, you are automatically
    disqualified. To choose a cannon as the single player, press the relevant
    button. Remember, just because the other players stand by a cannon as they go
    of screen, doesn't necessarily mean they are all going to hid in it (CPUs
    aren't that dumb). And yes, more than one player can hide in one cannon.
    Hop or Pop
    This also has similarities to Lights Out from MP2. The single player must roll
    around and hit the other three, who must press A and the direction key to jump
    out of the way. Nuff said. This is dead easy whichever side you are on (though
    easiest as the single player).
    Making Waves
    The three players must do ground pounds to knock off the single player, who is
    on a platform in the middle of the pool. I don't know of any perfect strategy
    for the three players, but the single player must run around to keep their
    jlgabbard writes: "You REALLY need to work with your partners, human or computer
    players. If you ground pound away from your partner the one on the shell
    will have a MUCH easier time winning."
    Money Belts
    This is easy. Run on the belts, collecting coins (bags are worth 5).Don't be
    knocked off the end or you waste time. The single player occupies a belt over
    the other three, which receives coins first and thus the single player has the
    upper hand in this game.
    Tree Stomp
    The three players must hit the lone player with their tree robots. The single
    player can run around and can speed up if he touches a banana. The robots are
    bigger, but very slow. This is equally easy for the single player and the three
    Battle Mini Games
    Play these if you land on a Battle Space. You will have to give 5, 10, 20, 30
    or 50 coins to play. The coins are divided between the players in first and
    second, although if there is an odd number an extra one is given randomly to
    one of the players, so it is possible for the player in 4th place to end up
    better off than the player in 3rd.
    Bowser's Bigger Blast
    The only Battle Game that is down to luck rather than skill. This is actually
    tamer than the MP2 version (I only own MP2, so I can't judge the other
    versions). Choose a plunger and press R. If it detonates Bowser, you're out.
    Last one standing wins.
    Butterfly Blitz
    This is actually easier than it seems. Press A to swing your net vertically and
    B to do it horizontally (B is usually easier). Get the most butterflies to win.
    Yellow are worth 1, red 2 and blue 3. You will often win this even if it seems
    you were doing badly.
    Chain Chomp Fever
    Run around and be last standing. You can be knocked off if Chain Chomp hits
    you, or you hit a fire that starts, or if you fall into the lava (Chain Chomp
    breaks the walls down).
    Paths of Peril
    Run along the narrow paths to the end. If you fall, you waste time. There will
    be two junctions in the path and you can go either way (right is usually, but
    not always, quicker).
    Rumble Fishing
    This is quite easy, especially against Normal or Easy computers. Wait until
    your control pad rumbles (or you see an exclamation mark and immediately press
    A. The first to reel in a Cheep Cheep wins. You can see, as the quicker you do
    it, the bigger the fish you get. Last to do so gets nothing.
    Trace Race
    Similar to Crazy Cutting from MP2. Use the control stick to copy the line as
    best as you can, and the closest match wins.
    Bowser Mini Games
    When you land on Boswer's Space, Bowser may initiate one of these. Here, the
    loser loses all or half their coins, or all their items.
    Balloon of Doom
    Do a ground pound on the pump to inflate the balloon. The harder you pound, the
    more it is inflated. However, be careful, as if you overinflate the balloon,
    you lose. Also, if you don't pump at all, you lose. When the balloon is getting
    bigger, try not to jump too hard.
    Darts of Doom
    Players take it in turn to throw three darts at once. Move them around as the
    dartboard spins and press A to throw. The player with the lowest score, or the
    first player to hit Bowser's face (the bulls eye) loses.
    Fruits of Doom
    Ensoycool@aol.com writes: Fruits of doom is a game where Bowser say a list of
    fruits he would like.He says it fast, though,so be careful!!!!You must pick the
    fruit he wants.If you get the wrong one,or you get to many of the fruit,you
    Having witnessed this, I'll elaborate; Bowser will pick a certain number of
    each fruit, so if he says Cherry twice and you give him cherries after two
    people have given him them, you get roasted.
     Story Mode Mini Games
    Bowser Bop (Toad)
    Whenever a mini bowser pops out of somewhere, run over it and hit it with B.
    Keep hitting as many as you can (Bowser himself is worth two points). Get more
    points than Toad to win.
    Goomba's Chip Flip (Goomba, of course)
    Do ground pounds on a chip and you will win a certain number of points. Take it
    in turns to do this. The first to get 50 (or more) points wins. Be careful, as
    three of the chips make you LOSE points.
    Archaeologuess (Shy Guy)
    Do ground pounds under which symbol you think is unique. The symbols spin, so
    sometimes it is harder to tell which one is the unique one. The first to get it
    gets a point and the first to three points wins.
    Mystic Match 'Em (Boo)
    Like Goomba's Chip Flip, this is down to luck. You will be dealt three cards
    with pictures of instruments on. On your turn, you must choose one to discard
    (press right and left and A to discard) and take another (with A). The object
    is to pick up three of a kind. If you get a Miss (picture of Boo, your cards
    are redealt and you start again with three nonidentical ones.
    Kareening Koopas (Koopa, obviously)
    This is so easy! Use the control pad to mopve the board around so the koopa
    shells go into the holes (each can only go in one). Get all the shells in and
    you move on to another board. First to beat three boards wins.
    The Final Battle (Bowser)
    This is quite easily explained. When crossing the lava sections on your way to
    Bowser (two of these), don't jump large gaps, as you'll fall into the lava and
    have to restart. You shouldn't need any more help (except, avoid the flames
    too). As for the sliding puzzles, pound one and it moves in the only direction
    it can go. Complete them to move on, watching out for the missiles from Bowser
    and the Mini Bowsers. When you meet Bowser, pound three of the circles at the
    edge and they will make a triangle. You must trap Bowser in this triangle and
    he will be struck by lightning. Do this until he lose all his energy to win
    (don't get trapped in the triangle yourself).
    Other Mini Games
    These can be accessed from any player passing Bowser on his board while Mega.
    Bowser takes half of your coins if you lose.
    Bowser Wrestling
    Keep pressing L and R alternmately to push your opponent off, but don't press
    too hard our you'll get tired (energy is shown in your mushroom gauge). Grab a
    mushroom that appears for an energy boost.
    Panels of Doom
    Choose a number from 1 to 9 (stand on it and press A) and Bowser will do so
    too. You will keep throwing a dice until you get your opponent's face, at which
    point they fall off the panel (which breaks). The remaining player wins.
    5 Mini Game Mode
    This is where you play the mini games you earn (you earn them by playing them
    in normal mode). You can also compete against other players. You can have free
    play, or you can also play to win the most mini games. For example, in Tic Tac
    Toe mode, you have a partner and you play 2v2 mini games, against two other
    players. Before you play each game, you must put your token in one of the nine
    spaces (you can both go for the same one) and the winner takes that space. Like
    Tic Tac Toe, you must get three in a row to win, so if the other team has a
    line of two, place your token to make sure you stop them getting a line.
    Getting records on mini games also gets you presents in the present room.
    6 Extra Room
    6.1 Thwomp's Backroom Ball
    Mega Board Mayhem
    This is an extra game board. Go around the board, collecting mushrooms (you can
    get Mega or Mini musrhooms). The winner is the one with most coins at the end
    (choose 10, 20 or 30 turns). Get coins either by using a Mega Mushroom and
    stamping on the other players, or using a Mini Mushroom to reach the lottery
    shop (though it is not guaranteed you will win). There is also an item shop.
    Mini Board Mad Dash
    You can only get Mini Mushrooms on this board. Once you get a mini mushroom,
    use it to go through one of the pipes, as going along the top of the board
    means you will encounter a lot of red spaces and Bowser spaces. There is an
    item shop near the red spaces, and you may be able to buy a warp pipe to switch
    places with someone, or a Sparky Sticker. You can never go Mega here, though.
    Panels of Doom
    Open this up by playing or witnessing Panels of Doom on Bowser's Gnarly Party.
    This game will feature up to 8 computer characters (depending on how many human
    players are playing).The four players you selected when you chose to play
    Thwomp's Backroom Ball (including yourself) choose a panel, then the other
    panels will be taken by the other playable characters, plus Bowser. Everyone
    throws a dice and if your number comes up, you're out. Last player standing
    Challenge Booksquirm
    Just like normal Booksquirm, only the game doesn't end when you're the only one
    left. You can keep going for as long as you can.
    6.2 Whomp's Basement Brouhaha
    Choose a character to play these one player mini games.
    Jigsaw Jitters
    Only available when yopu play Photo Finish, this involves putting together a
    jigsaw as fast as you can. Press L and R to rotate, and A to place. You can
    choose a 20, 30 or 40 piece puzzle.
    Barrel Baron
    Find a rumbling spot (if rumble is turned off, a "!" will appear when you reach
    one and press A three times to dig for oil. A small oil jet is worth 1 barrel,
    a medium sized one 10 and a very big one gets you 100 barrels. The bigger the
    rumble, the more oil there is.
    Mushroom Medic
    Five characters (a combination of Toads, Goombas, Shy Guys, Boos and Koopas)
    will be given a mushroom each, one of which is poisoned. Move along the line
    and listen to their heartbeats using the rumble feature (according to
    Ensoycool@aol.com, their heartbeat is shown graphically if rumble is turned
    off). The one with a different heartbeat is the one who has been poisoned so
    press A to give them a pill. As you cure more patients, you get less time to
    choose. If you take to long or give a pill to the wrong patient, the critical
    patient dies and the game ends.
    Doors of Doom
    This is pure luck. Press L to choose the left door and R to choose the right
    one. Get it right and you go on. Get it wrong and Bowser will appear and chase
    you off.
    Bob Omb X - ing
    Run around, avoiding the exploding Bob Ombs (they turn red when they are about
    to explode). Survive as long as you can (as you survive longer, more Bob Ombs
    Goomba Stomp
    Opened when you play Tree Stomp, stomp as many Goombas as you can, pressing A
    to go forward, B to go backward and us the control stick to turn.
    Getting records in all these games, and some of the normal mini games, gets you
    presents in the Present Room.
    6.3 Secret  Game: Beach Volley Folly
    Ztar will appear when you play all the other extra games, and you can only play
    in battle mode until you beat it. You and a partner (can be human or CPU) must
    win each battle, which gets harder each time. Press A to jump and B to shoot
    and position yourself in the circle that shows where the volleyball will land.
    Beating it gets you Free Play, where you can battle who you want.
    7 Present Room
    This is where you view your presents. There is a mini game present room where
    you get presents for getting records in mini games. There are eight pedestals
    for the characters' presents you win in Story Mode.
    These are the presents I have earned so far. More coming up later. N.B. Please
    don't write to tell me the nature of presents I have not yet received. I want
    to be surprised.
    Toad - Mario's sofa
    Goomba - Mario's TV
    Shy Guy - Mario's table
    Boo - Mario's fridge
    Koopa - Mario doll
    Bowser - Bowser vase
    Toad - Luigi's table
    Goomba - Luigi's airbike
    Shy Guy - Luigi's dumbbell
    Boo - Luigi's chair
    Koopa - Luigi doll
    Bowser - Bowser television
    Toad - Peach's chair
    Goomba - Peach's table
    Shy Guy - Peach's clock
    Boo - Peach's treasure chest
    Koopa - Peach doll
    Bowser - Bowser picture
    Toad - Yoshi's egg
    Goomba - Yoshi's computer
    Shy Guy - Yoshi's table
    Boo - Yoshi's shoes
    Koopa - Yoshi doll
    Bowser - Bowser lamp
    Toad - Wario's motorbike
    Goomba - Wario's chest
    Shy Guy - Wario's recliner
    Boo - Wario's hamburger
    Koopa - Wario doll
    Bowser - Bowser clock
    Toad - DK's barrel
    Goomba - DK's box
    Shy Guy - DK's tree
    Boo - DK's banana stand
    Koopa - DK doll
    Bowser - A Bowser ... object
    Toad - Daisy's bed
    Goomba - Daisy's flowers
    Shy Guy - Daisy's table
    Boo - Daisy's side table
    Koopa - Daisy doll
    Bowser - Bowser kettle
    Toad - Waluigi's calendar
    Goomba - Waluigi's shelf
    Shy Guy - Waluigi's shower
    Boo - Waluigi's chair
    Koopa - Waluigi doll
    Bowser - Bowser bath
    Mini Game Present Room
    You can also get presents for beating certain records in mini games
    Toad Plate - For clearing the 40 piece puzzle in Jigsaw Jitters in 3 minutes or
    Goomba Plate - For clearing at least 15 pages in Booksquirm (either on a game
    board or extra room)
    Shy Guy Plate - For beating Dungeon Duos in under 1 minute, 30 seconds
    Boo Plate - For diving for at least 7 seconds in Take a Breather
    Koopa Plate - For beating Right Oar Left in under 45 seconds
    Bowser Plate - For beating Mario Medley in a minute or less
    Boo's Picture Frame - For beating 10 seconds in Mario Speedwagons
    Toad's tea set - For finishing the 20 piece puzzle in Jigsaw Jitters in a
    minute or less
    Toad's teapot - For finishing the 30 pience puzzle in Jigsaw Jitters in two
    minutes or less
    Goomba's clock - For getting 100 or more points on Domination
    Birthday Cake - For beating Beach Volley Folley
    Note that records set by the CPU are NOT recorded.
    Please do not ask me what goes on the blank space in the present room. I do not
    know. It appears when you receive every SINGLE present (I am still short of
    three presents).
    PLEASE do not write to me to tell me what it is. I do NOT want it spoiled.
    8 FAQ
    This section gives frequently - asked questions about the game.
    Q - How do you unlock the Bowser Board?
    A - Beat all the other boards once in Story Mode
    Q - Is it true that you can get a secret board by getting a new record in all
    the mini games?
    A - No, it is bogus
    Q - I went into Story Mode and there is a Star in the middle of the picture for
    one of the boards. What does this mean?
    A - It means you already beat that board with the character you are using?
    Q - Are there any secret characters?
    A - No
    Q - When I beat all five boards, Bowser said he'd taken my presents away. Is
    that true?
    A - No. You can still view them in the present room
    Q - I beat a board with a character and when I started to play again with the
    same character it said I'd not beaten it. What happened?
    A - You most likely accidentally said no when you were asked if you wanted to
    continue using the saved data. You have to say yes or you overwrite it
    Q - So, what goes in the empty space in the Present Room
    A - Like I said, I don't know. I will say so when I find out. You need to get
    all other presents (including Mini Game ones) to unlock it.
    END OF FAQ. If you have any comments or questions, write to the above adress.

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