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    FAQ/Walkthrough by gamemaster79

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    Game: Mario Party 4
    Platform: GameCube
    Name of FAQ: FAQ/Guide
    From: gamemaster79
    Copyright 2003
    Table of Contents\
    Chapter 1-Introduction
    	a. Welcome				ID#1.a
    	b. Why?					ID#1.b
    	c. Version History			ID#1.c
    	d. Characters				ID#1.d
    	e. Controls				ID#1.e
    	f. Spaces				ID#1.f
    	g. Items				ID#1.g
    	h. Last Five Turns Events		ID#1.h
    	i. Board Events				ID#1.i
    Chapter 2-Boards Maps
    	a. Toad's Midway Madness		ID#2.a
    	b. Goomba's Greedy Gala			ID#2.b
    	c. Shy Guy's Jungle Jam			ID#2.c
    	d. Boo's Haunted Bash			ID#2.d
    	e. Koopa's Seaside Soiree		ID#2.e
    	f. Bowser's Gnarly Party		ID#2.f
    Chapter 3-Party Mode
    	a. Getting Started			ID#3.a
    	b. What You Do				ID#3.b
    	c. Tips					ID#3.c
    Chapter 4-Story Mode
    	a. Getting Started			ID#4.a
    	b. What You Do				ID#4.b
    	c. Tips					ID#4.c
    Chapter 5-Mini-Game Mode
    	a. Getting Started			ID#5.a
    	b. What You Do				ID#5.b
    Chapter 6-Option Room
    	a. Rumble Settings			ID#6.a
    	b. Listen to Music			ID#6.b
    		.1|Sound Settings
    	c. View Records				ID#6.c
    		.1|Board Map Records
    		.2|Mini-Game Records
    Chapter 7-Present Room
    	a. Mario				ID#7.a
    	b. Luigi				ID#7.b
    	c. Peach				ID#7.c
    	d. Yoshi				ID#7.d
    	e. Wario				ID#7.e
    	f. Donkey Kong				ID#7.f
    	g. Daisy				ID#7.g
    	h. Waluigi				ID#7.h
    	i. Mini-Games				ID#7.i
    	j. Got 'em All				ID#7.j
    Chapter 8-Extra Room
    	a. Getting Started			ID#8.a
    	b. Thwomp's Backroom Ball		ID#8.b
    		.1|Mega Board Mayhem
    		.2|Mini Board Mad-Dash
    		.3|Panel Panic
    		.4|Booksqruim Challenge
    	c. Whomp's Basement Brouhaha		ID#8.c
    		.1|Jigsaw Jitters
    		.2|Mushroom Medic
    		.3|Barrel Baron
    		.4|Doors of Doom
    		.5|Bob-omb X-ing
    		.6|Goomba Stomp
    	d. Ztar					ID#8.d
    Chapter 9-Mini-games
    	a. 4 Player				ID#9.a
    	b. 2 vs. 2				ID#9.b
    	c. 1 vs. 3				ID#9.c
    	d. Battle				ID#9.d
    	e. Bowser				ID#9.e
    	f. Story				ID#9.f
    	g. Etc. Games				ID#9.g
    	h. Mini Mini-Games			ID#9.h
    	i. Other				ID#9.i
    Chapter 10-Closing
    	a. Fun Stuff to Do			ID#10.a
    	b. Frequently Asked Questions		ID#10.b
    	c. Contact Me				ID#10.c
    	d. Legal Stuff				ID#10.d
    	e. Credits				ID#10.e
    	f. My FAQs				ID#10.f
    +Chapter 1-Introduction+
    a. Welcome					ID#1.a
    Hello there! Well, welcome to my Mario Party 4 FAQ. I hope you find this FAQ 
    interesting or of any help to you.
    b. Why?						ID#1.b
    I typed this FAQ because of one reason: I wanted too. That is pretty much it. 
    I wasn't really board because I have some other FAQs in progress at the time.
    c. Version History				ID#1.c
    You know what? I'm tired of putting in updates, so this section has now been 
    I lied. Been a LOOOOOOOONG time, hasn't it? I did some editing and also added 
    more info to the game and on! Expect more, baby!
    d. Characters					ID#1.d
    Mario Mario
    First Appearance: Donkey Kong (Arcade)
    -Everyone should know Nintendo's great plumber, Mario. Mario actually isn't 
    Italian, he's a resident of the Mushroom Kingdom. He was born in the Mushroom 
    World but then transported to earth straight down to Italy where he (and his 
    brother, Luigi) grew up. They then went to Brooklyn, U.S.A. where Mario met 
    Pauline. He later went through some tubes and pipes and came out into the 
    Mushroom World, where he now lives. Along Mario's great history he has been 
    more than just a hero. He has also stared as a villain, doctor, teacher, racer, 
    golfer and tennis player. He is the defender of the Mushroom Kingdom and has 
    defeated the evil Bowser time after time using his amazing jumping ability. 
    Mario once got to use a special piece of equipment called FLUDD. Oh, yeah. When 
    I put the word Mario after the word Mario for Mario's name, I wasn't fooling 
    around. That is Mario's last name (or so I've read.)
    Luigi Mario
    First Appearance: Mario Bros. (Arcade)
    First Solo Appearance: Mario is Missing (SNES)
    -Luigi is Mario's younger brother and an eternal understudy to his fellow 
    plumber. A plumber just like Mario, Luigi has stared as a hero as well as a 
    teacher, racer, golfer and tennis player. Luigi may not be as flexible, brave 
    or as steady as his older brother but he can jump a ton higher than him. 
    Despite all the times Luigi has been an understudy, he still got a solo roll in 
    Mario is Missing and Luigi's Mansion. Luigi's last name is Mario.
    Princess Peach Toadstool
    First Appearance: Super Mario Bros. (NES)
    First Appearance as a Playable Character: Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES)
    -The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Peaches original name was Toadstool and 
    then Princess was put on making Princess Toadstool. Peach was later her name. 
    All her friends and pretty much just everyone that knows her calls Peach. She 
    may look cute and innocent, but under that smiling crowned face of hers is a 
    very mischievous person. Mario and Peaches relation between each other is 
    actually pretty shadowy, but by most people it's said that they are bound to 
    get married some day.
    Yoshi the Dinosaur
    First Appearance: Super Mario World (SNES)
    First Solo Appearance: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (SNES)
    -These cute little dragons come in a variety of many colors: green, yellow, 
    pink, blue, red, light blue, purple, black and white, green being the most 
    famous. The little dinosaurs can jump high, throw eggs, eat just about anything 
    and also use the Yoshi Bomb, a ground pound technique. Yoshis live on Yoshi's 
    Island and Isle Delfino. They started out by getting trapped in an egg by 
    Bowser and then getting freed by Mario, where they then had Mario jump on their 
    back and set off to defeat Bowser. Yoshis first meeting with Mario wasn't in 
    Super Mario World; that was his first appearance. They first met when they were 
    little babies in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. After that they had to 
    take Baby Mario back to his parents. There next great adventure put them in a 
    storybook where they had to free themselves from the storybook spell set by 
    Baby Bowser. Mario and Yoshi had met before Super Mario World took place, but 
    because they were so young then, they forgot about each other and restarted 
    their relationship.
    First Appearance: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (GB)
    First Appearance as a Playable Character and First Solo Appearance: Super Mario 
     Land 3: Wario Land (GB)
    -Starting out as a villain, Wario later became a hero. He first tried to take 
    over Mario's mansion in Mario Land 2, but failed to do so, thus leading him to 
    building his own. He has unspeakable strength and has many different hats 
    including his Viking horns, dragon hat and jet pack hat. He can also change 
    into different forms, including a zombie, bat, snowball, fireball, fat-cheeked 
    man, spring, ice and puffy bee-stung man.
    Donkey Kong
    First Appearance: Donkey Kong (Arcade)
    First Appearance as a Playable Character and First Solo Appearance: Donkey Kong 
     Country (SNES) (some may consider DK Jr. as his first playable appearence)
    -Donkey Kong's nickname is DK. He started out kidnapping Mario's girlfriend, 
    Pauline. After being defeated by Mario, he got kidnapped by Mario. He then got 
    freed by Donkey Kong Jr. and after that set off to DK Isle. There he sat back 
    and enjoyed the jungle life until King K. Rool came along and started to take 
    over everything. That's when DK set off with his friend, Diddy Kong, to stop 
    King K. Rool in his plans. He has extraordinary strength that he got by finding 
    a crystal coconut and making a wish for a truckload of bananas. After eating 
    the bananas he got, he grew super strong. The only mystery to this is if he 
    lived on DK Isle before stealing Pauline.
    Princess Daisy of Sarasaland
    First Appearance: Super Mario Land (GB)
    First Appearance as a Playable Character: Mario Golf (N64)
    -Daisy met Mario when he defeated the evil alien, Tatanga, in Super Mario Land. 
    Daisy is a bit of a tomboy and the counterpart to Peach. After her appearance 
    in Mario Golf, gossips told that Daisy is Luigi's answer to Mario's Peach. 
    Daisy appeared in only party games after Mario Golf, including Mario Tennis and 
    Mario Party 3-5, and more to come in the future.
    First Appearance: Mario Tennis (N64)
    -Waluigi spent all his time training as a tennis player for Mario Tennis. 
    Little is known about the spiky mustached Mario Brother since he has only made 
    an appearance in three games: Mario Tennis, Mario Party 3 and Mario Party 4. 
    He also got a trophy of himself for Super Smash Bros. Melee. It is said that he 
    has some sort of relationship to Wario.
    Toad the Toadstool
    First Appearance: Super Mario Bros. (NES)
    First Appearance as a Playable Character: Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES)
    -When you first here the name Toad you would probably think of a toad, but 
    these Toads are toadstools that serve Princess Peach. They are loyal but they 
    aren't to good about completing their tasks. They came in a variety of colors 
    in Mario Sunshine where both the dots on their mushroom head and the color of 
    their vest are the same. Their leader is the intelligent Toadsworth.
    Goomba the Mushroom
    First Appearance: Super Mario Bros. (NES)
    -These greedy little mushrooms are traitors of the Mushroom Kingdoms army. They 
    don't serve anyone but they still try to wander into Mario's way. They can be 
    gone by simply jumping on their head, which flattens them into a crepe. At one 
    time they had a blue color to them. They aren't very nice and find anything 
    against someone hilarious.
    Shy Guy
    First Appearance: Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES)
    First Appearance as a Playable Character: Mario Party 4 (GCN)
    -As their name says, these guys are extremely shy. They are so shy that they 
    all have a mask strapped across their face. Ever wonder what's under their 
    mask? Actually, they have a blank face their. Shy Guys have taken many forms: 
    a stilt walker, a bigger version, a fat version, the Beezo form, Fly Guy, 
    ghost, the Snifit form, the speared ghost and a spear holder.
    Boo the Ghost
    First Appearance: Super Mario Bros. 3
    First Appearance as a Playable Character: Mario Party 4 (GCN)
    -The Boos from Super Mario Bros. 3 are shy little ghosts. The Big Boos from 
    Super Mario World are shy nig ghosts. The Boos from Super Mario 64 are ghosts 
    that disappear when looked at. 
    Koopa Troopa the Turtle
    First Appearance: Mario Bros. (Arcade)
    First Appearance as a Playable Character: Mario Kart (SNES)
    -Koopa troopas come in green, red, yellow and blue. These turtles serve Bowser. 
    When they get scared or someone jumps on them then they will hide out in their 
    King Bowser Koopa
    First Appearance: Super Mario Bros. (NES)
    First Appearance as a Playable Character: Mario RPG (SNES)
    -Bowser has tried time, after time, after time to defeat Mario and take over 
    the Mushroom Kingdom. Actually, it is unknown why Bowser continues to capture 
    Peach. According to Super Mario 64, he captured her to take over the Mushroom 
    Kingdom, but according to Super Mario Sunshine he captured her on behalf of 
    romantic desires.
    Koopa Kid
    First Appearance: Mario Party 4 (GCN)
    -Confusion strikes again! A lot of people get confused about Baby Bowser, Koopa 
    Kid and Bowser Jr. I'm going to clear this all up. Baby Bowser first appeared 
    in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Baby Bowser IS, yes, IS King Bowser 
    Koopa. A Koopa Kid is a turtle that serves Bowser, but is more advanced than a 
    Koopa Troopa. There are several of them and their only known appearance is in 
    Mario Party 4. Bowser Jr. IS NOT Baby Bowser nor is he a Koopa Kid. Bowser Jr. 
    is Bowser's son. Understand now? Good.
    e. Controls					ID#1.e
    -Confirm most selections
    -Shows pause menu
    Control Stick
    -Highlight selections
    -Move character
    -Scroll map
    -Confirm all selections
    -Hit dice block
    -Mini-game button
    -Cancel all selections
    -Open item menu
    -Mini-game button
    -Mini-game button
    -Mini-game button
    -Display map
    -Practice mini-game
    -Mini-game button
    -Change to controls to tips to explanation on mini-game description screen
    -Mini-game button
    +Control Pad
    C Stick
    f. Spaces					ID#1.f
    Blue Space=Gives 3 coins, 6 if coin multiplier is rolled on last five turns
    Red Space=Takes 3 coins, 6 if coin multiplier is rolled on last five turns
    Happening Space=Does the boards special feature
    Warp Space=Shoots you to a randomly chosen character
    Mushroom Space=Randomly gives you a Mega Mushroom or a Mini Mushroom
    Battle Space=You will play a battle game
    Bowser Space=A koopa kid will take coins or Bowser will come and change 
     everyone's space or have you play a Bowser Game or make everybody's coins 
     equal the same amount
    Fortune Space=You will play a game of Reversal of Fortune. In the game you will 
     give or trade stars or coins with someone else.
    g. Items					ID#1.g
    Mini Mushroom=Turns you mini allowing you too fit through tubes, but the dice 
     block only goes from 1-5. This also lets you play mini mini-games. 5 coins.
    Mega Mushroom=Turns you big allowing you to take 10 coins from anyone you pass, 
     but you can't stop at any board events. You also get to role 2 dice blocks. 
     5 coins.
    Super Mini Mushroom=Same as a mini mushroom but you get to role 2 dice blocks. 
     15 coins.
    Super Mega Mushroom=Same as a mega mushroom but you get to role 3 dice blocks. 
     15 coins.
    Mini-Mega Hammer=You can make a player randomly turn bigger or smaller. 15 
    Warp Pipe=You change places with a randomly chosen opponent. 10 coins.
    Swap Card=You switch items with a randomly chosen opponent. 15 coins.
    Sparky Sticker=You lay the Sparky Sticker on the space you're on. The first 
     player that passes loses 10 coins. 15 coins.
    Gaddlight=When Boo tries to steal from you, you use the Gaddlight. This 
     prevents Boo from stealing from you. 15 coins.
    Chomp Call=Changes the location of the star. ? coins.
    Bowser Suit=After rolling the dice block you will take 30 coins from any 
     opponent you pass. Received from Bowser. Price: N/A.
    Boo's Crystal Ball=Use this to call Boo. 25 coins.
    Magic Lamp=This takes you to the star. 30 coins.
    Item Bag=This gives you 3 randomly chosen items. If you already have 1 item it 
     gives 2, if you have 2 items, it gives 1. 30 coins.
    NOTE: With the Super Mini Mushroom or Mega Mushroom, if you role the same 
     numbers on both dice then you get 10-30 coins. You can only hold 3 items and 
     use only 1 per turn.
    h. Last Five Turns Events
    Coin Multiplier=Makes red a blue spaces give or take 6 coins instead of 3
    Free Star=Stars are now free
    R > B=All red spaces become Bowser spaces
    R > F=All red spaces become fortune spaces
    i. Board Events					ID#1.i
    Board Events are the areas that a big, pink arrow is pointing at. Some board 
    events have something else pointing at them.
    -Item Shops
    Here you can by one item.
    The lottery has you pay 5 coins to earn coins. You will either get the handle 
    turn or the card scratch. The handle turn has you turn the control stick around 
    and you will receive an egg of a certain color. The card scratch has you choose 
    a card and scratch it to see if you won.
    -Boo House
    Here you can steal coins (5 coins) or you can steel a star (50 coins.)
    The gates look like a bent tube. To pass through one you need to be mini.
    Here you can buy a star for 20 coins.
    -Mini Mini-Games
    To play a mini mini-game you need to pass the game while mini. There are two on 
    each board and one lets you get coins while the other is to get an item.
    -Special Board Events
    Each Board has some board events of its own. Here they are:
    Toad's Midway Madness: Roller Coaster Ride
    Goomba's Greedy Gala: Roulette Table and The Dice Game
    Shy Guy's Jungle Jam: Raft Ride and Vulture Ride
    Boo's Haunted Bash: Red Boo and Ghost Train
    Koopa's Seaside Soiree: Koopa Kabana Resort Coin Deposit and Monkey Banana 
    Bowser's Gnarly Party: Bowser
    Roller Coaster Ride: You will ride a roller coaster trying to collect coins.
    Roulette Table: You randomly get to go to a different area of the board.
    Dice Game: You will play a dice game against Goomba and if you lose you go to 
     the start of the board 
    Raft Ride: This takes you to a different area of the board
    Vulture Ride: This takes you to the other side of the board while collecting 
    Red Boos: These disappear and reappear whenever you pass their space. If 
     they're there then you can use the Red Boo bridge.
    Ghost Train: If there is no red boos out then you can ride the ghost train and 
     go to a different area of the board.
    Koopa Kabana Resort Coin Deposit: When pass here you will have to pay 5 coins 
     to Koopa.
    Monkey Banana Slide: A monkey throws a banana down and you will randomly take a 
    Bowser: Bowser will be at a random spot on his board. Pass when your normal and 
     half your coins are gone. Pass him while mini and you get sent to the START 
     area in the middle of the board. If your mega you'll play a mini-game against 
     him. Beat him and he goes away until someone gets the star.
    +Chapter 2-Board Maps+
    a. Toad's Midway Madness			ID#2.a
    Difficulty: *
    This stage is an amusement park. One mini mini-game has you try to shoot a 
    rocket to get coins and another that is a merry-go-round where you get an item. 
    The happening space will send the roller coaster cart after you and sends you 
    off the track. You can also ride in the roller coaster and collect coins. 
    Another happening space makes the direction of the teacups go in reverse.
    b. Goomba's Greedy Gala				ID#2.b
    Difficulty: **
    This stage is a casino. One mini mini-game lets you get an item. The other is a 
    slot machine and you have to press A to stop it. One of the board events has 
    you role a die against Goomba. If you lose you get sent back to the start. The 
    craps table sends you to different area on the board. Getting a star on it lets 
    you choose the way you go and also gives you 20 coins. The happening space puts 
    you on a shuffleboard disc and lets you collect coins wile going to the other
    side of the board.
    c. Shy Guy's Jungle Jam				ID#2.c
    Difficulty: *
    This stage is a jungle. One of the two mini mini-games has you try to get an 
    item by jumping. The other you have to press A as fast as you can. You can 
    catch a ride on the raft to go to another area on the board or take a lift on 
    the vulture to collect coins and get to the other side of the board. The 
    happening space makes you make a wish. You choose either a fun wish or a sad 
    wish. If you choose right you go on, but if you choose wrong then a flood 
    starts and the bridge gets washed away.
    d. Boo's Haunted Bash				ID#2.d
    Difficulty: **
    This level is a haunted house. The red boo's will appear and reappear each time 
    a character passes them. The red boo's also control the red boo bridge. One 
    mini mini-game has you press a button to get coins. The other you have to chose 
    a valve of a trumpet and you'll get one of three items. There are only 2 
    happening spaces and the third person to land on one of them triggers Big Boo. 
    He acts like the normal Boo, but you can pay 15 coins to steel coins from 
    EVERYONE or 150 coins to steel a star from EVERYONE. If you pass the graveyard 
    and there aren't any red boos then you can ride the ghost train. Any character 
    you hit gets on the ghost train as well.
    e. Koopa's Seaside Soiree			ID#2.e
    Difficulty: **
    This level is a tropical island. Every time you pass the space that has Koopa's 
    face on it then you have to give 5 coins to Koopa for his island resort. The 
    happening spaces by the resort make you give the number of coins that has been 
    given to Koopa so far to him. So if 20 coins have been given to him then you 
    have to pay him another 20 coins. The happening spaces everywhere else let you 
    ride on the dolphin. Once again I have only played one of the two mini mini-
    games of this stage. That one has you fish to get coins.
    f. Bowser's Gnarly Party			ID#2.f
    Difficulty: ***
    Your host isn't Bowser, it's Koopa Kid. This is the largest and the best board 
    of them all (oppinion). Bowser will be at a random area on the board. Every
    time someone gets the star Bowser changes where he is. One mini mini-game for
    this board is the bullet bill stopper. The other...I don't know. Also about
    Bowser, he's this only board's special board event.
    +Chapter 3-Party Mode+
    a. Getting Started				ID#3.a
    At the start of the rule selecting Toad will ask if you want to see the board 
    map rules. If you answer no then you start making the rules. You will first 
    choose the number of players. You will then select the character you are 
    playing as and the computer character. You will then choose a board map. You 
    will finally choose the more detailed rules. You first choose teams, then the 
    turns from 10 to 50 in multiples of 5, next the mini-games; all, easy or 
    custom, Bonus on or off and last the handicap. It will then ask if these 
    settings are OK. After that you start. If you already have saved game progress 
    then they will ask if you want to continue it. If you answer no then you will 
    never get to continue it.
    b. What You Do					ID#3.b
    When the game starts your host will tell you some things. You will then role a 
    die to determine turns. The one with the highest number goes first. The game 
    then starts. At the end of each turn you will play a mini-game. The type of 
    mini-game you play is determined on the spaces the players moved on. You will 
    occasionally play a lucky game which doubles or triple the amount of coins you 
    get. After the mini-game the next turn will play. This goes on until the game 
    is over. On the last 5 turns, your host will come up and show what place 
    everyone is in. The one in last place will hit a block to add a new rule. The 
    new rules are blue and red spaces give double the amount of coins, stars are 
    free, all red spaces become Bowser spaces or all red spaces become fortune 
    spaces. If someone got a lucky party ticket then it will be used here and seen 
    if you won. If you win then you get a star. If bonuses are on then you will be 
    able to receive extra stars at the end. The bonuses are the following:
    Coin Star=Character that got the highest number of coins
    Mini-Game Star=Character who got the most coins in mini-games
    Happening Star=Character who landed on the happening space the most.
    The person with the most stars wins. If two players got the first place then 
    they will role a die to see who wins. The one with the highest number wins.
    c. Tips						ID#3.c
    -Steal Coins from the character with the most coins
    -Try to put together a plan in a mini-game to beat it
    -Don't buy items unless you have at least 20 coins
    -In reversal of fortune, try to see how far back you pull the pole; this can 
     alter the results drastically
    -Use a chomp call at exactly the right time
    -If someone has a magic lamp, use a swap card and try to get his or hers magic 
    -Use a Mini-Mega Hammer on someone if they're close to the star and try to turn 
     him or her mega so that they pass the star
    +Chapter 4-Story Mode+
    a. Getting Started				ID#4.a
    When you start Story Mode you will choose your player. Then you choose the COM 
    level. After that you do the mini-game settings which lets you choose either 
    ALL, EASY or CUSTOM. After that you will chooses a board map. All the other 
    data made is saved so you don't change it. The thing that doesn't get saved is 
    the board map. After choosing all the rules except for the stage they will ask 
    "Are these settings Okay?" Select yes to save and choose a board map. This is 
    only one player and the COMs are chosen randomly.
    b. What You Do					ID#4.b
    You will play a game just like you would in Party Mode. Role a die to see who 
    goes first, a mini-game after each turn and coin and stars. At the end of the 
    game you will see who gets the Mini-game, Coin and Happening space stars. Then 
    you will see whom one. If two people tie then they will role a die to see who 
    wins. If you won the board then you get to play a mini-game against the board 
    guide. If you win the mini-game then you get a present for the present room 
    (see chapter 7).
    c. Tips						ID#4.c
    -Steal Coins from the character with the most coins
    -Try to put together a plan in a mini-game to beat it
    -Don't buy items unless you have at least 20 coins
    -In reversal of fortune try to see how far back you pull the pole
    -Use a chomp call at exactly the right time
    -If someone has a magic lamp, use a swap card and try to get him or hers magic 
    -Use a Mini-Mega Hammer on someone if they're close to the star and try to turn 
     him or her mega so that they pass the star
    -Continue to play a stage with the same character, you get a different present 
     for each board.
    +Chapter 5-Mini-Game Mode+
    a. Getting Started				ID#5.a
    When you go into the mini-game room Goomba will appear. You will then have to 
    chose all the settings. You can either choose play, list, custom or records.
    -Play: Play earned mini-games-
    You will first choose a special game to play. They are:
    Free Play: you can play any mini-game that you've earned. If you are doing a 
    2 vs. 2 or 1 vs. 3 mini-game then you must decide teams before you play the 
    game. When you play this mode you must first select the number of players. You 
    then select your characters. You then choose a mini-game to play.
    Team Play: split into teams and play 2 vs. 2 mini-games. You set this mode up 
    the same way you set up free mode, just you choose teams after choosing the 
    Battle Mode: you choose how many mini-games you need to win to win the game. 
    you first choose the number of characters, and then who the characters are 
    going to be. You then choose how many mini-games you need to win to win battle 
    mode overall (1-win match, 5-win match or 7-win match).
    Tic-Tac-Toe Mode: split into teams and play 2 vs. 2 mini-games. Every game you 
    win lets you place a piece on the ti-tac-toe board. The first team to get 
    3-in-a-row wins. You first choose the number of players, then the characters 
    that you and the computers are going to be, then teams then the min-game 
    roulette goes, so the mini-games are chosen at random.
    All this does is lets you look at all the mini-games you've earned.
    This lets you make a custom mini-game list. A custom mini-game list makes it so 
    you only play the mini-games you chose to play. You must choose at least 4 
    4-player mini-games, 3 2 vs. 2 mini-games, 3 1 vs. 3 mini-games and 2 battle 
    There are certain mini-games that have record of how fast you can beat the 
    mini-game or how many of something you can get up for the mini-game. The 
    highest records for each of these mini-games are here. Here is a list of all 
    the mini-games that have a record scoring:
    -Mario Medley (shortest time to beat)
    -Domination (highest number of dominoes [Whomps] put up)
    -Mario Speedwagons (fastest to beat race)
    -Take a Breather (longest under the water)
    -Right Oar Left? (fastest to exit the cave)
    -Dungeon Duos (fastest to escape the dungeon)
    b. What You Do					ID#5.b
    Well, you play mini-games that you've earned. There really isn't some line to 
    playing this mode.
    +Chapter 6-Option Room+
    a. Rumble Settings				ID#6.a
    Simply tilt the control stick left or right to turn the rumble feature of your 
    controllers on or off.
    b. Listen to Music				ID#6.b
    Here you do stuff with the music and sound.
    .1|Sound Settings
    Here you choose to change the sound to Mono or Stereo. Obviously, you should 
    set the sound to the way your TV is.
    Here you can listen to the music on board maps and the sounds the characters 
    make. You use the L and R buttons to change from list to list and press A to 
    listen to a song or sound.
    c. View Records					ID#6.c
    Here you can look at all the different records of the game.
    .1|Board Map Records
    Click on the letter B on the side of the screen to look at these. Use L and R 
    to change to the different board maps. This place shows you how many times the 
    board has been played, how many victories each character has gotten on it, the 
    highest number of stars ever gotten on the board and the highest number of 
    coins ever gotten on the board.
    .2|Mini-Game Records
    Click on the letter M on the side of the screen to look at these. This shows 
    you the high scores of each of the mini-games that take a record scoring. This 
    is no different than the records section in Mini-Game Mode.
    +Chapter 7-Present Room+
    NOTE: The character's constellation is unlocked be completing all stages of 
    Story Mode for that character. Same goes for the presents, but only for each 
    individual stage in Story Mode. You must beat the host of the stage in a 
    special mini-game. To earn the Mini-Game presents you must get an amazing
    record on the record-holding mini-games.
    a. Mario					ID#7.a
    Toad's Midway Madness: Mario's Sofa
    Goomba's Greedy Gala: Mario's Table
    Shy Guy's Jungle Jam: Mario's T.V.
    Boo's Haunted Bash: Mario's Fridge
    Koopa's Seaside Soiree: Mario's Doll
    Bowser's Gnarly Party: Bowser's Vase
    =House looks just like a square house with a triangle roof
    b. Luigi					ID#7.b
    Toad's Midway Madness: Luigi's Table
    Goomba's Greedy Gala: Luigi's Airbike
    Shy Guy's Jungle Jam: Luigi's Dumbbell
    Boo's Haunted Bash: Luigi's Chair
    Koopa's Seaside Soiree: Luigi's Doll
    Bowser's Gnarly Party: Bowser's Television
    =Very simple house with two levels and triangle roof
    c. Peach					ID#7.c
    Toad's Midway Madness: Peach's Chair
    Goomba's Greedy Gala: Peach's Table
    Shy Guy's Jungle Jam: Peach's Clock
    Boo's Haunted Bash: Peach's Treasure Chest
    Koopa's Seaside Soiree: Peach's Doll
    Bowser's Gnarly Party: Picture of Bowser
    =Castle with second level
    d. Yoshi					ID#7.d
    Toad's Midway Madness: Yoshi's Egg
    Goomba's Greedy Gala: Yoshi's Computer
    Shy Guy's Jungle Jam: Yoshi's Table
    Boo's Haunted Bash: Yoshi's Shoes
    Koopa's Seaside Soiree: Yoshi's Doll
    Bowser's Gnarly Party: Bowser's Light
    =Similar to Luigi's with 2 levels and all
    e. Wario					ID#7.e
    Toad's Midway Madness: Wario's Motorbike
    Goomba's Greedy Gala: Wario's Box
    Shy Guy's Jungle Jam: Wario's Recliner
    Boo's Haunted Bash: Wario's Hamburger
    Koopa's Seaside Soiree: Wario's Doll
    Bowser's Gnarly Party: Bowser's Clock
    =House looks like a miniature golden mansion
    f. Donkey Kong					ID#7.f
    Toad's Midway Madness: DK's Barrel
    Goomba's Greedy Gala: DK's Tree
    Shy Guy's Jungle Jam: DK's Stand
    Boo's Haunted Bash: DK's Box
    Koopa's Seaside Soiree: DK's Doll
    Bowser's Gnarly Party: Bowser's Object
    g. Daisy					ID#7.g
    Toad's Midway Madness: Daisy's Bed
    Goomba's Greedy Gala: Daisy's Flowers
    Shy Guy's Jungle Jam: Daisy's Table
    Boo's Haunted Bash: Side Daisy's Table
    Koopa's Seaside Soiree: Daisy's Doll
    Bowser's Gnarly Party: Bowser's Teapot
    =A circular house
    h. Waluigi					ID#7.h
    Toad's Midway Madness: Waluigi's Calendar
    Goomba's Greedy Gala: Waluigi's Shelf
    Shy Guy's Jungle Jam: Waluigi's Shower
    Boo's Haunted Bash: Waluigi's Chair
    Koopa's Seaside Soiree: Waluigi's Doll
    Bowser's Gnarly Party: Bowser's Bath
    i. Mini-Games					ID#7.i
    Beach Volley Folley [clear Battle Mode]: Birthday Cake
    Take a Breather [7+ seconds]: Boo Plate
    Mario Speedwagons [00:10 or less]: Boo Photo Stand
    Mario Medley [1:00 or less]: Bowser Plate
    Booksquirm (normal or challenge) [15+ pages]: Goomba Plate
    Domination [100+ dominoes]: Goomba Clock
    Right Oar Left? [00:45 or less]: Koopa Plate
    Dungeon Duos [1:30 or less]: Shy Guy Plate
    Jigsaw Jitters, 20 Piece [1:00 or less]: Toad's Cups
    Jigsaw Jitters, 30 Piece [2:00 or less]: Toad's Teapot
    Jigsaw Jitters, 40 Piece [3:00 or less]: Toad Plate
    =Has similar to Mario's and Daisy's with star on floor
    j. Got 'em All					ID#7.j
    Wondering, wondering and, oh, um... WONDERING! What happens when you collect 
    all 48 character presents AND the 11 mini-game presents (making a total of 59 
    presents)? When you look in the present BEFORE this, there is a spot on the 
    floor between 2 present houses that is flat (it's the floor, so obviously it's 
    flat) and has a star on the ground. Once you collect all 59 presents you earn 
    the awesome, breathtaking, radical, gnarly, tubular, way cool, special, unique, 
    star-like, awesome, great, good looking, well-designed, unique, strange, 
    awesome, shiny, awe-inspiring and (did I say awesome) BIRTHDAY STAR TROPHY! 
    Congratulations, you beat the game. COMPLETELY! (That's assuming you beat Story 
    Mode once on hard, earning expert ;).)
    +Chapter 8-Extra Room+
    a. Getting Started				ID#8.a
    The extra room has mini-games that you can't find anywhere else. You get 
    started y clicking on Thwomp, Whomp or Ztar.
    First choose the number of players and who you're going to be, then the 
    mini-game, then you go to the rules explanation screen and if required the 
    number of turns and rule settings.
    Choose who you're going to be, choose the mini-game, then you look at the rules 
    explanation screen and then finally, start!
    You simple keep pressing A and then you choose your character and all that 
    stuff (it'll be explained better later).
    b. Thwomp's Backroom Ball			ID#8.b
    Here you play special versions of mini-games and extra boards.
    .1|Mega Board Mayhem
    This plays just like a normal game, just without the mini-games between each 
    turn. Thwomp will give each player 100 coins at the beginning. When you pass 
    the item shop there will only be one item to choose from. Once the game ends 
    the player with the most coins wins.
    .2|Mini Board Mad-Dash
    This plays just like a normal game, just without the mini-games between each 
    turn. Thwomp will give each player 100 coins at the beginning. This place is 
    similar to Mega Board Mayhem, but you should go mini to avoid traps. You could 
    go through a tube to get past the red space bombard area.
    .3|Panel Panic
    This game is similar to Panels of Doom. The four players will choose one of the 
    numbers and once that's done then all other players that weren't chosen will 
    fall down on a place, and so will Bowser. So now every space is filled. Then 
    everybody will roll a die all at the same time and all the numbers that 
    appeared will break the space with the same number, making whoever is on it 
    fall. This goes on until there is only one person standing.
    .4|Booksquirm Challenge
    To know how to play Booksquirm, go to the mini-games section. This is the same 
    mini-game as Booksquirm. Just one thing: how many pages fall go into a score. 
    You play the same way as the normal Booksquirm just when there is only one 
    person left the pages will keep falling until that very last person gets 
    c. Whomp's Basement Brouhaha			ID#8.c
    In this place you will play special 1-player mini-games.
    .1|Jigsaw Jitters
    Controls: A---place piece
    R/L---rotate piece
    Control Stick---move piece
    This game is the  exact same as Photo Finish. You can choose to do a 20-piece 
    puzzle, a 30-piece puzzle or a 40-piece puzzle. You must place all the pieces 
    in the right place before 10 minutes are up.
    .2|Mushroom Medic
    Controls: A---select patient
    Control Stick---switch to next patient
    There are 5 patient and one of them ate a poison mushroom. But which one? You 
    have to move the control stick to another patient and if the rumble on your 
    control is different from all the others, then that is the one that ate the 
    poison mushroom.
    .3|Barrel Baron
    Controls: A---pick at ground
    Control Stick---move
    Move around slowly until you feel a rumble on your controller. The second you 
    feel the rumble stop. Make sure that when you stop you can still feel the 
    rumble on your controller. If you can then keep pressing A to mine at the 
    ground. You can get different sizes of oil geysers that can fill more or less 
    barrels up with oil.
    .4|Doors of Doom
    Controls: A---select door
    Control Stick---select next door
    This mini-game is potluck. You have to choose a door and hope that Bowser isn't 
    on the other side to chase you away. Its just luck if you get the right door.
    .5|Bob-omb X-ing
    Controls: Control Stick---move
    Simply try to not get blown up in a bob-omb explosion. Just run around avoiding 
    any bob-ombs that have stopped and are changing colors, showing that they're 
    about to blow up. It stays easy until the clock hits about 1:30, that's when a 
    TON of bob-ombs start to appear.
    .6|Goomba Stomp
    Controls: A---move forward
    B---move backwards
    Control Stick: change direction
    Similar to Tree Stomp, just you try to crush as many Goombas as you possibly 
    can. You're in the same robot that is in Tree Stomp. Just move around with the 
    same controls and run into Goombas to knock 'em off the screen.
    d. Ztar						ID#8.d
    Ztar? Ztar is the name of the black star. After you earn every mini-game in 
    Thwomp's and Whomp's place then Ztar will come along. Selecting him lets you 
    play Beach Volley Folley. Here's how it works:
    Controls: A---Hit ball
    Control Stick: move
    You can play 1 of 2 modes: free or battle.
    Battle: here you'll compete against opponents who get stronger each round.
    Free: Play as any character and play Volley Folley!
    How do you play? You have to move around your area trying to hit the ball to 
    the other side. When the circle is under you that means that you're the person 
    that needs to hit the ball. If you hit the ball 3 times without getting it onto 
    the other end then the ball will drop on your side (nobody will have the circle 
    under them). The first team to score 4 points (score a point by making the ball 
    land in the opponents' area) wins.
    Here's a battle mode walkthrough:
    You'll first choose 1 or 2 human players. Then you'll select who you're going 
    to be. If you have a COM player on your team then set him or her to hard (it 
    won't change the opponents' level). 
    Game 1: You'll face two out of the 6 players you didn't select (its random). 
     Very easy, you'll beat it.
    Game 2: You'll face two out of the other 4 players that you didn't choose or 
     already battled. Another easy one, you'll win.
    Game 3: You'll face the last two characters that you haven't faced yet. It 
     starts getting difficult here, so be careful.
    Game 4: You'll be pitted against Toad and Koopa! This is when it gets really 
     tough. Concentrate and make sure the computer is at hard level!
    Game 5: Now it's Boo and Shy Guy! A very tough one but with good hand-eye 
     coordination, you'll get it!
    Game 6: Now it's super-tough! Koopa Kid and Bowser! I believe that the only way 
    to score here is to spike the ball. Try hitting the ball farther away from 
    Bowser because he can hit it back with little movement involved. However, Koopa 
    Kid is very fast, so be careful around him. The back or front might be the best 
    places to hit the ball.
    ~Spiking: Spiking is easy once you get used to it. To spike, simply press B 
    when the ball is coming towards you then move the control stick around to where 
    you want to hit the ball and then press A when the ball gets near you. As 
    simple as that.~
    Free Mode: Free mode allows you to play one game against an opponent team. You 
    earn free mode by completing battle mode. In free mode you don't just have the 
    choose to play as the 8 characters (I'm sure you know what eight I'm talking 
    about) but you can also play as Toad, Shy Guy, Koopa, Boo, Koopa Kid and 
    +Chapter 9-Mini-Games+
    Note: Games marked with a * are coin collecting games, where you earn as many 
    coins as you collect in the mini-game. Games marked with ** are my favorite 
    games. Games marked with *** are A-tap games that I recommend you use the A-tap 
    trick. Games marked with # are games with records. CS refers to control stick.
    At the end of this chapter I'll explain the 
    A-tap trick.
    a. 4 Player					ID#9.a
    /Manta Rings\
    A---swim faster
    In Manta Rings, you try to swim through the most rings and gather the most 
    points. Blue rings are worth one point and gold rings are worth 3. You can 
    continuously tap the A button to swim a little faster. If you hit a Blooper 
    (squids) than you lose one point. If you hit Sushi the shark then you lose 2 
    points and if you hit the eel then you lose 3 points. If you have the most 
    points at the end of the mini-game, you win.
    /Slime Time\***
    A---escape slime
    The point is to continuously press A to try and escape the slime. If you escape 
    first, you win!
    /Booksquirm\# (in the extra room)
    Here you run around in a book trying not to get squished. When a page falls 
    look for the light and stand in it to go through the page. The last person 
    standing (the one that didn't get squished) wins.
    /Mario Medley\**/#
    L/R (simultaneously)---Swim
    A/B (simultaneously)---Swim
    L/R (alternating)---Swim
    You start the mini-game out by swimming. First press L and R at the same time, 
    then A and B at the same time and finally L and R alternately. Press the button 
    a little fast, but not too fast. Press them too fast and you're heart meter 
    will go down, stopping you.
    A---go faster
    You're trying to escape the avalanche on skis. Press A to use the poles and go 
    a little faster. Avoid the rocks and if you see a jump, go off it, for it will 
    make you go faster and farther. You win by getting off the final jump 
    successfully (meaning you're the first one to fall of the edge). All the rest 
    get smashed into snowballs.
    A---hit button
    Continuously tap A to hit the button and raise a domino (actually, a Whomp). 
    The A-tap trick is HIGHLY recommended here, for it is difficult (for some 
    people) to tap A very quickly. You have ten seconds to put up the most 
    dominoes. If you are really good and can tap the a button 160 times in ten 
    seconds, then you'll get the highest of all high scores, meaning you'll get 160 
    Whomps up. That's the highest it goes.
    /Paratrooper Plunge\*
    Not my favorite coin-collecting game but it can still be fun. You fly around 
    trying to get as many coins as you can. If you hit a Paratroopa or a Shy Guy, 
    then you're balloon gets smaller. Get hit 4 times and you're out. However, you 
    still get to keep as many coins as you collected.
    /Toad's Quick Draw\
    CS---move crosshair
    A train will come and release a number of balloons. Then, after a couple 
    seconds, Toad will raise a flag matching the color of one of the balloons. Find 
    the balloon, highlight it with your crosshair (the crosshair will turn into a 
    circle) and SHOOT! Do that three times and you win. Its best to keep your 
    crosshair in the middle of the balloon area then find it the actual balloon 
    when Toad raises the flag.
    /Three Throw\
    There will be three rows of baskets. The top and bottom rows are worth one 
    point per basket and the middle row is worth two points per basket. Press A to 
    jump then B to throw (you can't make a basket by just standing there). If you 
    have the most points when time runs out, you win!
    /Photo Finish\
    A---place piece
    R/L---rotate piece
    CS---move piece
    There will be a 4x2 puzzle (eight pieces) that you have to remake. It will show 
    you it at the beginning, and then you have to put it together. Easy. Find where 
    the piece goes, rotate it left or right by pressing L or R and finally, press A 
    to place the piece.
    /Mr. Blizzard's Brigade\**
    One simple point: move around trying to avoid the snowballs thrown at you. If 
    one hits you, you're out! As time passes more and more Mr. Blizzards will come 
    making a total of 5 (counting the big one). Then the BIG one wakes up and 
    throws a BIG snowball. The slippery ground makes the mini-game a bit more 
    /Bob-omb Breakers\**
    A---rotate clockwise
    B---rotate counterclockwise
    Y/X---Flip over
    CS---move piece
    This is like Tetris, but with explosion and opponent play! You need to match 3 
    of the same shaped pieces together to earn points. If you get a Bob-omb piece, 
    place it down and immediately surround it to make it explode, heightening your 
    score. Remember, you can put YOUR pieces in YOUR opponents' area and destroy 
    YOUR opponents that way. First one to 100 points wins!
    /Long Claw of the Law\
    A---extend claw (catch character)
    L---move claw left
    R---move claw right
    CS Up/Down---move claw up or down
    There will be a picture of the convict in the middle of the screen. Move the 
    claw around the screen with L and R and wait for the doors to open. When you 
    see the convict, move the crosshair over it and press A to capture it. First 
    one to capture 3 of that convict wins.
    /Stamp Out!\
    CS---change direction
    Move your character in the direction you want to move then press A. The longer 
    you hold down A, the farther you'll go. The one to cover the most percentage of 
    the field by the timers end wins the game. If all players stamp less than 5% of 
    the field, a DRAW is declared.
    /Mario Speedwagons\
    A---shift gears (when meter starts blinking, shift)
    Wait for the lights to turn green, then immediately press and hold R. When the 
    meter at the bottom right corner of your screen starts flashing, it's time to 
    shift gears. First one to cross the finish line wins.
    /Take a Breather\#
    L/R (alternately)---inhale
    Press L and R alternately at a very fast speed to inhale. Once the timer 
    reaches zero, all players will jump in the water. The last one to have to take 
    a breath wins.
    b. 2 vs. 2					ID#9.b
    /The Great Deflate\
    A+L or A+A---ground pound
    The point of this game is to jump up with A and then do a ground pound by
    pressing L or A while you are in the air. Every time you ground pound on your
    whomp, it becomes flatter. The first to fully deflate their whomp wins.
    B---press button
    CS---move up/down
    Bob-ombs are everywhere! Working with your partner, you need to send the bob-
    ombs towards your opponent. Whenever a button lights up on your side, run over
    to it and press B. Hint: you should take only the bottom or the top three
    buttons. Your partner should take the other three. I do this evey time when I
    play this mini-game, and the computer always ends up with the other three.
    Works like a charm. The first team to have 10 bob-ombs blow up at their base
    loses, or if more bob-ombs have blown up at their base by the timers end they
    /Right Oar Left?\
    A---cling to mountain
    Alongside your partner, you have to get to the top of the mountain. Climb the
    mountain with the control stick and when the controller rumbles violently,
    immedietally press and hold A to hold onto the mountain and keep from falling
    down the mountain. If you have the rumble turned off, then an exclamation point
    will appear instead.
    /Team Treasure Trek\**
    One team member is driving he motor boat while the other is parasailing. The
    motorboater moves around avoiding boxes and trying to get their partner closer
    to the coins. The parasailer moves around in the air trying to grab as many
    coins as possible. 30 seconds is your coin collectin' time limit.
    /Order Up\
    /Dungeon Duos\***(for B, X and Y)
    B---push a lever
    X/Y---use a lever
    R/L (alternating)---pump a balloon
    This is an obsticle course mini-game. I'm going to explain it in a step-by-step
    Step 1: Gates
    =Partner A pushes a level with the button B to lower a gate opening a path for
    partner B. Partner B then does the same for partner A and then again for
    partner B.
    Step 2: Platforms
    =Either partner pushes a lever with X rotating a platform so it is level with
    the main surface. The other partner boards the platform and the lever-pushing
    partner moves the boarded partner to the other end of the pit. The partner who
    was just transported (we will call him partner B) willl then run to another
    lever and use X to transport partner A.
    Step 3: Broken Platforms
    =Same as step 2, except replace "X" with "Y" and the rotating platform only has
    one end instead of two.
    Step 4: Guess The Pipe
    =There are five pipes aranged like a pentagon. Jump into the pipes until you
    find the correct one. The correct one will transport you to the next step.
    Step 5: Pump The Balloon
    =Alternate pressing L and R to blow up your hot air ballon. Don't do it too
    fast, but don't pump to slow. Pump at a steady rate to blow the balloon to its
    maximum size.
    Once you complete step 5 you win the mini-game. Remember that you do all of
    this with a partner. The average time that it takes to beat this mini-game is
    1:45-2 minutes, but the present is awarded if beaten in 1:30. (Tough, tough.)
    /Cheep Cheep Sweep\
    c. 1 vs. 3					ID#9.c
    /Candlelight Flight\
    A---squirt gun
    The team tries to squirt out the loner's candle. It takes about 4 hits to
    completely smother the flame. If even a smidge of light remains when the time
    runs out, the loner wins. The loner needs to simply avoid the mean team
    /Makin' Wave\
    A+L or A+A---ground pound
    The loner does ground pounds on his little wooden boat which creates waves
    around him. The higher the ground pound, the bigger the wave. The team needs to
    try to jump over the waves. When any team member gets hit by a wave, they are
    pushed back towards the edge. When all team members fall off the edge, the
    loner wins.
    /Hide and Go BOOM!\
    A/B/X/Y---light fuse to cannon
    A/B/X/Y---hide in chosen cannon
    In the beginning, the team players choose one of four cannons, each marked with
    either A, B, X or Y. After the team has made their decision, the loner chooses
    three out of the four cannons and lights their fuses. If any players where in
    the cannon of the lit fuse, then they get blown away. If by anny chance the
    loner lites all of the correct cannons, the loner wins. If he misses just one
    team member, the team wins.
    /Tree Stomp\**
    A---move forward
    B---move backward
    CS---change direction
    The team are in giant wooden tree robots trying to stomp on the loner who is
    running around in the cramped arena all alone trying to avoid the tree
    stompers. The trees move slow, but just one touch of their spiky feet againt
    the loner spells victory for the team. When time runs out and the loner still
    exhists, the loner is victorious. There are bananas that will get thrown upon
    the arena. If the team or the loner step on a banana peel, they slip and are
    temporarilly preoccupied. Red bananas, if touched, speed the motion of the
    person who grabbed it.
    /Fish n' Drips\
    A/B/X/Y/R/L---pump the pump
    A/B/X/Y/R/L---hand off bucket
    Loner's Job:
    =The loner is on a pump. They have to press A, B, X, Y, R and L in a random
    order (as shown) to make water come out of the pump. The order that the
    buttons need to be pressed in appeared beside the loner. The orderis decided
    at the mini-games start and it sticks throughout the mini-game.
    Team's Job:
    =The player at the front of the team will recieve a bucket of water. A random
    button (A, B, X, Y, R or L) will appear beside them and that button must be
    pressed to hand the bucket to the next member in line. The next member then
    presses the button that appears beside them to hand the bucket to the last
    person in line and the last person presses the shown button to empty the bucket
    into the tank. The button that has to be pressed is random each time for each
    Either way, the first team to fill their tank (loner or team) wins the mini-
    game. It takes about 7 or 8 pumps/bucket fulls to fill the tank.
    /Hop or Pop\
    CS---change direction
    The team are in balloons. You move around by jumping with A and then moving
    with the control stick. They try to avoid touching the loner. The team can also
    jump 3 times straight, each time jumping higher than the last jump. The loner
    is in a spiky ball and they simply roll around trying to touch the team members
    and pop their balloon. When all the team members' balloons have been popped,
    the loner wins.
    /Money Belts\*
    On this coin collecting mini-game, coins and money bags go all on a wide
    conveyer belt. The loner is on a conveyer belt that is higher than the other.
    The cash will first go onto this belt and the loner tries to get as many coins
    as possible. The team is on a converyer belt that is at a lower elevation. They
    try to grab any coins or bags that the loner may have missed. Also candy and
    other junk will try to block your path and create a sort of maze on the belt.
    This stuff just gets in the way.
    /Blame it on the Crane\
    d. Battle					ID#9.d
    NOTE: Battle mini-games are activated by landing on a battle space during a
    board map game. Goomba will come and begin a roulette with 5, 10, 20, 30 and 50
    on it. Whatever number is chosen, every player has to give that many coins. The
    winner of the mini-game gets the majority of those coins given up, the second
    place winner will get the rest of the coins. The third and fourth players may
    randomly get one coin that happens to be left over after the top two are
    rewarded. Battle games are always all-vs.-all mini-games.
    /Trace Race\**
    Every contestant is given a squiggly and wavy path they need to retrace as best
    as they can. The person with the most accurate trace wins the game.
    /Chain Chomp Fever\**
    /Paths of Peril\
    Every contestant has their own path to follow. You try to follow the path with-
    out falling off the edge. If you do fall off then Lakitu has to bring you back
    up. Eventually you will encoutner a fork in the path. One path leads to a very
    wavy and curved path while the other leads to a path with sharp turns and
    straightforward paths. Whatever path each direction leads you to is random. You
    win if you are the first person to reach the finish line.
    /Bowser's Bigger Blast\
    CS---move left/right
    R---Push plunger
    Ever played Mario Party 2? Bowser's Bigger Blast is the exact same game as
    Bowser's Big Blast (or something like that) form Mario Party 2. In this game
    their are five plungers. You walk over to a plunger and press R to push it
    down. Four out of the five plungers are safe. If you choose a correct one then
    smoke comes out of the bomb's nose, but if you choose the wrong plunger, then a
    3 second countdown begins and you are DISQUALIFIED! THe plunger count then
    reduces to 4 and so on till there is only one contestant left.
    /Butterfly Blitz\
    A---vertical swing
    B---horizontal swing
    The point of this game is to catch as many butterflies with your net as
    possible. Yellows are worth 1 point, reds 2 and blues 3. The player with the
    most points by the timer's end wins.
    /Rumble Fishing\
    A---pull pole in
    This game has one simple purpose: be the first person to press A. As soon as
    your controller rumbles (or you see an ! point) press A to reel in a fish. The
    first person to press A when the controllers rumble wins.
    e. Bowser					ID#9.e
    NOTE: Bowser mini-games are one of the results of landing on a Bowser space
    and having bowser appear instead of a Koopa Kid.
    /Darts of Doom\
    A---throw darts
    A dart board with three circles on it will appear. The three circles will move
    around non-stop on the dart board. Press A to stop the circles and then
    darts will hit where the three circles are. The score will add up and then the
    other three players will go. The person with the lowest score gets torched by
    Bowser. If you hit the bulls-eye, then you automatically lose.
    /Fruits of Doom\
    A---select fruit
    CS---move left/right
    When you start a long table with multiple types of fruit on it will appear.
    Walk left or right and press A to select the fruit that you think Bowser may
    like to eat at that moment. This game is completely random luck. If you guessed
    correctly then Bowser will eat your fruit and you go to the back of the line.
    The next person will choose a fruit and so on. This game will continue to go
    until somebody finally chooses wrong and gets torched.
    /Balloon of Doom\**
    A+L or A+A---ground pound
    When you start a pump and balloon will appear. What you do is you will stand on 
    the pump and you can do a ground pound of anyn strength on it. After your 
    ground pound the next person goes and so on. Everybody will rotate ground 
    pounding the balloon until it pops. The popper will get tprched and lose.
    f. Story					ID#9.f
    NOTE: Story mini-games are earned by completeing a board map on Story Mode.
    Each board map has its very own story mode game. SECOND NOTE: The story mode
    game earned from Bowser's Gnarly Party in Story Mode is not classified under
    "Story" in mini-game mode.
    g. Etc. Games					ID#9.g
    NOTE: There are three etc. games. Two of them are earned on Bowser's Gnarly
    Party if you cross Bowser's path when you are giant. The other one is earned by
    completing Story Mode once.
    /??? (Wrestling Game)\**
    /Panels of Doom\**
    On this game you select one of the nine panels by walking onto it. Bowser will
    then choose a panel. You and Bowser will both roll a die and whatever numbers
    are rolled, those panels disintagrate (10 isn't on the dice block.) This will
    continue until a picture of either you or Bowser appears, and whosever picture
    it is their panel disintagrates.
    /The Final Battle\**
    h. Mini Mini-Games				ID#9.h
    NOTE: Mini Mini-games CANNOT be played through Mini-Game Mode. They can only be
    played on a normal board map. Each board map has two different mini mini-games
    that you can only access by passing them while you are in mini form.
    ~Toad's Midway Madness~
    /The Rocket Game\
    /The Merry-Go-Round\
    A---stop merry-go-round
    You will see four items displayed on the merry-go-round. The carasoul will then
    start spinning. You are standing on the left side of the carasoul. Press A when
    the item you want is directly in front of you adn you should end up with that
    ~Goomba's Greedy Gala~
    /The Chip Flip\*
    CS---partially control movement
    On this game a Goomba will push you on a poker chip across a platform scattered
    with coins. You can somewhat move around with the control stick, but it won't
    move you a lot. This game is mostly coin-collecting luck.
    /Shuffled Hats\
    A---select hat
    CS---choose hat
    At the beginning a Goomba will stick 3 items under three hats. He will then
    shuffle the hats around and from there you can select the hat with the item
    that you want in it.
    ~Shy Guy's Jungle Jam~
    ~Boo's Haunted Bash~
    /Trumpet and Valves\
    A---select valve
    CS---choose valve
    Three items will be tossed into a trumpet. The items get shuffled around inside
    and then you choose a valve to press down. Whatever item happened to be under
    that valve you get. This game is random luck for what item you recieve.
    /Haunted Piano\*
    ~Koopa's Seaside Soiree~
    /Gone Fishin'\
    /Watermellon Game\
    ~Bowser's Gnarly Party~
    /Stop the Bullet Bill\*/***
    A---stop Bullet Bill
    On this game a Koopa Kids shoots a Bullet Bill and you need to press A as
    quickly as you possibly can to stop it. It will stop over a number and you get
    coins equal to the number.
    i. Other					ID#9.i
    NOTE: Other mini-games are any mini-games within a board map that you play as
    normal size. These game CANNOT be accessed through Mini-game Mode.
    /Lottery Game\
    Every board map has a couple of lottery shops. You have the choose to play your
    luck for five coins or just continue forward. If you do choose to play, you pay
    the host five coins. There are two lottery games.
    -Scrath: On this one there are several cards. You choose a card and move the
     hand around to scratch the stuff off the card and reveal your prize. A "1"
     gets the 100 coin jackpot, a "2" gets the 30 coin jackpot, a "3" awards a
     random mushroom, (either Super Mega or Super Mini) and a "MISS" means just
    -Turn the Crank: In this lotto game there is a crank that you turn. You rotate
     the control stick around in circles to turn the crank and eventually a ball
     will fall out. A gold ball gets you the 100 coin jackpot, a red ball gets you
     the 30 coin jackpot, a blue ball gets you a mushroom (either Super Mega or
     Super Mini), and a white ball gets you nothing.
    This is a luck game, and the majority of the time you'll get nothing. Also when
    you visit this place for the first time you get a lucky lottery ticket, which
    is used at the last five turns event in another luck-based mini-game (sort of.)
    /Lucky Lotto Ticket\
    If you went to the lottery shop at least once, then you get a lucky lottery
    ticket. The lottery ticket will have three circles, each with a face of one of
    the people playing on the board map. During the last five turns event, a
    roulette comes down with the four faces of the board map contestants. The host
    will then hit the roulette once, and if anybody has the face it has, he does it
    again. He will hit the block three times if each time somebody gets a straight
    EX-(This means that if somebody has, say, a Waluigi first and then a Daisy and
     then a Yoshi. Say the host is Toad. He hits the block once and the roulette
     lands on Waluigi, he stays in. On the second time the roulette lands on Yoshi,
     He DOES NOT stay in. But if it did land on Daisy, he would stay in.)
    If the roulette lands on all three pictures in a row, in their designated
    order, the lucky person gets a STAR!
    /Boo's Stealing Game\
    Every board map has a Boo space somewhere. Enter if you may. When go there you
    have the choice to either steel coins from somebody for the hefty price of 5
    coins, or steel a star from someone for 50 coins. If you choose to steel a star
    then you get the star nomadder what, they can't escape Boo's star-steelin'
    grasp. If you choose to steel coins then the person can fight back. I always
    like to press A when I'M STEALING coins. I don't know if it helps, but I do it
    anyways. If you are the one being stolen from, then press A as fast you can to
    keep him from steeling as many. If the person you plan to steel from has a
    Gadd Light DO NOT STEAL FROM THEM. The Gadd Light protects the person from Boo,
    even if you try to steel a star. If you try to steal coins or a star at some-
    body with a Gadd Light, and it doesn't work out, Boo DOES NOT OFFER REFUNDS!
    +Chapter 10-Closing+
    a. Fun Stuff To Do				ID#10.a
    In Mario Party 1 and 2 there was a mini-game island (Mario Party) and a Roller
    Coaster (Mario Party 2). However, in Mario Party's 3 and 4 there are nothing
    like this. I have compiled a list of Mini-games under certain order that could
    be Mario Party 4's mini-game island. (NOTE: Just like the old ones, the
    difficulty of the opponents has to all be the same. On 1 vs. 3 gmaes you are
    the loner. In coin collecting games you must collect the most coins to win. You
    must play the mini-games in the designated order.)
    Green Land
    -Butterfly Blitz
    -Photo Finish
    -Three Throw
    -Tree Stomp
    Powerhouse Factory
    -Slime Time
    -Blame it on the Crane
    -Stamp Out!
    -Hop or Pop
    -Money Belts
    Mushroom Ocean
    -The Great Deflate
    -(Koopa's Mini-game)
    -Manta Rings
    -Take a Breather
    -Fish n' Drips
    -Rumble Fishing
    -Makin' Waves
    Fun Hut
    -Cheep Cheep Sweep
    -Order Up
    -Trace Race
    -(Toad's Mini-game)
    Kalimari Desert
    -Toad's Quick Draw
    -Paths of Peril
    -Mr. Blizard's Brigade
    -Hide and Go BOOM!
    -Bowser's Bigger Blast
    -Right Oar Left?
    -(Boo's Mini-game)
    -(Shy Guy's Mini-game)
    -Dungeon Duos
    Bowser's Castle (interior)
    -Long Claw of the Law
    -Candlelight Flight
    -(Wrestling Game)
    -Balloon of Doom
    -Fruits of Doom
    Bowser's Castle (roof) & The Sky
    -Team Treasure Trek
    -Bob-omb Breakers
    -Darts of Doom
    -Panels of Doom
    -Paratrooper Plunge
    Final Destination
    -Mario Speedwagons
    -(Goomba's Mini-game)
    -The Final Battle
    TO BE ADDED: Chain Chomp Fever
    b. Frequently Asked Questions			ID#10.b
    When I get some FAQs from the people, I'll post them here. NOTE ON SENDING ME
    FAQs: I will put your name down on this FAQ when you ask me a question. If you
    would rather not have your name posted here please tell me and I will put it
    from ANONYMOUS.
    c. Contact Me					ID#10.c
    You can contact me for any FAQ-related reason at: 
    d. Legal Stuff					ID#10.d
    If you want this FAQ on your website, you must first contact me. I will check
    out the site and varify it as user-friendly and give you permission to use it.
    If I give you permission to use it then you CANNOT in any way change the
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    making it. Sites currently allowed to use this FAQ:
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    Hudson Soft.
    e. Credits					ID#10.e
    gamemaster79 (me) - Typist of this FAQ
    Any websites listed in [d. Legal Stuff] - Publishers
    You! - for reading this FAQ
    f. My FAQs					ID#10.f
    Here is a list of all the FAQs I have made or are in progress or have been
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    Animal Crossing		GameCube	House and Theme FAQ	In Progress
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