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You'r da Party Star!11/04/02billybobboumont
Mario Party's back, and with the gamecube to back it up11/10/02BlueWizard13
Weekend Plan: Call your friends, relax, and play some Mario Party!!!11/10/02Capeto
Ain't No Party Like A Mario Party!10/26/02CI254
Everyone's invited to Mario's latest party!11/12/02CodeHunter64
It's a great party but a greater one11/12/02Doom Disasta
Maybe I was expecting too much..12/27/02Ezekial Rage
Never have I partied so hearty!02/06/03Gammaknight
A party games you shouldn't miss11/12/02HarmonysAngel
Who knew a party with a two plumbers, two princesses, a monkey, and dinosaur could be fun?07/26/03IAX
Mario Party's back and it's sooooooo fun!11/01/02Jack the Farmer
Have a party and need a good game for it? Mario Party 4 is your ticket for fun and mayhem10/27/02kirbyispink
Mario Party 4 nothing special, just like the other Mario Party games10/23/02LinkMaster23
Life of the party.10/06/16Malorkus
Pretty good Mario Party, better than the others10/27/02MasterLink23
An almost perfect continuation to the series10/26/02mdude4
Let's party like its 1999!02/03/06Megaman1981
Need a Party Idea?? Get Mario Party 4!!10/26/02MegaManZeroX
How the mighty have fallen11/25/02Miyamoto Wannabe
The party is back and is better than ever!11/02/02MrFortyFive
Fun if you've got friends...11/19/02Nemo4ever
The Best Mario Party Game Yet! and it's for the Nintendo Gamecube!!!10/22/02Nintendo Lord
The Best Party Yet!!11/10/02Noodle Neck
Just another Mario Party game. When will this series ever go great again?05/03/10Retroreviewer Productions
Let the games begin!...05/04/03Splitster
Mario is partying a good Party!11/11/02sweetstuff23
One of the best party games ever06/27/08tiger_gamer

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