What is that blinking point in my Temporal Uplink, Siberia?

  1. For everyone who knows Siberia, maybe you can help.
    When you are in the 2nd part of Siberia, after you can find the Anaconda game, you enter a room where 2 guys are waiting for you and a camera, the same room as where you can blow up those final file cabinets. Well, if you check your Temporal Uplink, there is an blinking point in the wall, rather big, right next to a vent in the wall, and behind a shelve with melons and some boxes.

    Does anybody know what this blinking point indicates.?
    It has troubled me for years but now i must know :p

    User Info: SandervanGG

    SandervanGG - 8 years ago

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  1. I've never noticed. But I have noticed numerous glitches and so I'm guessing it may be one of them.

    User Info: Vyse_skies

    Vyse_skies - 7 years ago 3 1


  1. I don't know either because it happened to me every time, maybe when you are in the dam that's really something down there below you idk what it is though try going to 2-player mode in the stage and one player stands near the vent and the other player roams around in the dam then if a player is near an object and the player near the vent sees him near the other dot on the tempoiral uplink then you'll know.

    User Info: zacR110

    zacR110 - 7 years ago 0 0

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