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    Top Shot Strategy Guide by Kairi

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/15/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                  TimeSplitters 2 
                                   In-depth FAQ                
                         ***Top Shot Platinum Strategy***
                                    by: 'Kairi'
    e-mail: griever_fx AT ignmail DOT COM
    Date - 11/07/02 
    Version - 1.0
    ***Legal Disclaimer***
    This FAQ will not be permitted anywhere else besides GameFAQs as of 
    right now.  This may or may not change later in the future.  
    This FAQ is copyrighted 2002.
    If you're a TS2 vet from the forums or have a recommendation from one of 
    them, I'll probably let you post it on your website.  Mainly, I don't 
    want any other major site(s) to get it unless they give me free stuff.  
    For "real" gamers, I'll let them post it without much restrictions.  I'm 
    doing this because I want more smaller websites, made from actual 
    players, to benefit from it.  I made this FAQ for players of TS2, not 
    for the big websites that want it only to get more hits. (Of course I'm 
    not talking about www.gamefaqs.com, after all, I wouldn't be writing 
    this FAQ if it wasn't for this website and it's forums that have helped 
    me no other site will ever)
    I. Table of Contents:
    I.      Table of Contents
    II.     Skill requirements
    III.    Map
    IV.     Start/spawn points
    V.      Strategy
    VI.     Aids (not the disease, okay)
    VII.    Firearms
    VIII.   Start Point Breakdown
     VIII-A Brief Overview
    IX.     Time Problems
    X.      Final Comments
    XI.     Contact Info
    XII.    Thanks to
    Please use the 'Find' command to jump straight to whatever you're 
    looking for.  'Ctrl + F'  I tried to make this FAQ as user-friendly as 
    possible. For example, if you were looking for help with Start Point 
    Breakdowns, you would type "VIII" in the box after pressing 'Crtl + F'.
    Purpose of this FAQ:  To aid in obtaining the platinum on the Arcade 
    League - Amateur - Beginner Series - Top Shot challenge in the game Time 
    Splitters 2.  Known to be one of the most difficult platinums to 
    obtain(actually, many of the challenges are tough, don't get me wrong).  
    Why is it so tough to get?
    It's difficult to obtain not because of the skill involved, but because 
    of the luck involved.  In short, you need to be lucky for enemies to 
    spawn near you, so that you can kill them quickly.  Seems like many of 
    these challenges pit you against random chance, while others make you 
    face the cheapness of bots/CPU.
    Requirement for Platinum:  To kill all other enemies in a time of 1:10 
    or under.  Seeing that Gold is 3:00, we can see 1:10 is quite a feat to 
    Goal:  What I hope to accomplish is to inform you, on what most 
    alternatives are available for you to try and what not to try.  The 
    strategy that worked for me, I will describe as I go along with the FAQ.
    II. Skills requirements:
    1) Knowledge of the Map
    2) Start/Spawn Positions 
    3) Lightning quick relexes (obtained through practice, not here)
    Not required, but extremely helpful:
    4) Peripheral vision - you will be looking mainly at the radar, and only 
    glancing at the main screen when you are taking out targets(enemies).
    III. Map:
    First off, we need to know the map/area.  If you don't already know the 
    area, then you'd better get to it.  Here is a crude map in ASCII.  (I 
    hope it comes out okay...)
    The Hangar Map (1st floor)
    ||         (stairs)| |                   ||
    ||                 | |                   ||
    ||         (1)                 (3)       ||
    ||                 | |      _            ||
    ||=====            |_|     / /           ||
    ||        |        |      / /    /       ||
    ||        |        |  /```` `````/       ||
    ||=  ===============  \---  -----\       ||
    ||        |        |      \ \    \       ||
    ||                 |_      \ \           ||
    ||        (2)      | |      --           ||
    ||                                       ||
    ||        |        | |                   ||
    ||        |        | |                   ||
    (not to scale)
    No need to memorize or even know about the second floor.  You won't go 
    up there at any time, plus it's a really small area.  Also, I've left 
    out the boxes/crates since there are quite a few, but it's not really 
    that important to know where the box positions are. :)  Note that I have 
    labeled the major areas with numbers (1), (2), and (3).  Keep these in 
    mind when I make references to them.
    IV. Start/Spawn points:
    These are the points where you and the enemies will return to after 
    dying.  It's important to know these because then you will have to hunt 
    them all down, and knowing the quickest way to get to them will save you 
    ||A              E |G|                   ||
    ||                 | |                   ||
    ||                                       ||
    ||                 | |                   ||
    ||=====            |_|       L           ||
    ||        |        |                     ||
    ||B       |        |                     ||
    ||=  =============== I          K        ||
    ||        | D      |                     ||
    ||C                |_                    ||
    ||                 |H|       M           ||
    ||X                                      ||
    ||        |        | |                   ||
    ||        |     F  | |  J                ||
    (not to scale)
    There are also 2 spawn points on the second floor, but if you have the 
    unlucky chance of starting up there, you'd better restart the challenge.
    V. Firearms:
    What to use, what to use.  You need something that kills them(enemies) 
    as quick as possible.  Nothing does that better than the mini-gun.  
    Accept no substitutions.
    Mini-gun:  Fires an unbelieveable amount of rounds in a short period of 
    time.  All you need to do is point it at the "target", and tap the 
    primary fire button.  You will be able to kill any of the 4 enemies on 
    this hangar challenge with just a tap of the mini-gun, with the 
    exception of Capt. Snow.  He has a higher stamina, so you'll have to 
    hold the p. fire button down until he goes down.  Keep this firearm 
    rolling by tapping the secondary fire button.  Another plus is it's 
    amazing accuracy.  
    Location:  Near start point B behind the box, and near start point I, in 
    front of the front wheel of the airplane.
    Rocket/Missile Launcher:  Unless you have 5 guys clustered together in 
    one room, which is unlikely, this weapon is useless.  Don't bother with 
    Flame Thrower:  Takes too long to kill someone.  Don't bother with this 
    either.  If you are set on fire, the enemies will ignore you like you're 
    dead or not even there.
    Soviet:  You begin with this gun, but the primary fire is weak compared 
    to the mini-gun.  Try to go for head shots if you can't get the mini.  
    The secondary fire is a more valuable asset.  Try to bounce the grenade 
    on someone's chest, let it drop to at their feet, and shoot them with 
    the primary fire.  The primary fire stuns them, so they can't do 
    anything but stagger there, and take the grenade.  The grenade bounces, 
    so don't hestitate to bounce it off walls!  And don't be afraid to toss 
    them everywhere you think enemies might be, because you'll soon be 
    getting the mini anyway, right?  Right.
    Shotgun:  Always use secondary fire simply because it shoots twice 
    instead of once on the prim. fire.  Aim for the head with this gun, but 
    don't spend too much(if any) time with it.  You're main goal is for the 
    mini.  The Shotgun can't drill 10+ bullets into a target on the other 
    side of the map like the mini can.    
    VI. Aids:
    Don't bother getting any armor, shrink powerup, max damage powerup, or 
    health packs.  You won't need them unless you take a grenade.  But even 
    then, it's best to go on because every second is precious.  
    VII. Strategy:
    Okay, now that you have the skills down and got to know the maps and 
    start points, what are you going to do?  Sure, you COULD go out and try 
    to kill the closest enemy and then after that proceed to the next 
    closest.  But chances are, you won't make it to Platinum.  Why?  Two 
    words: Capt. Snow.
    Yes that's right, with enough practice you'll soon find that this guy 
    straight from MGS doesn't seem to want you to get Plat.  Recognize his 
    face - he has a white ski mask.  After you've killed all the other 
    enemies, he'll still have at least 3 (maybe more or less) lives left.  
    This is my strategy that I've decided to go on, and this strategy has 
    worked for me.
    Why should you go for Capt. Snow... well first of all, he has the most 
    health out of all the other targets.  He always goes for armor when he 
    has a chance(many times he gets the armor between the two wheels of the 
    plane, which will require you to hold the fire button down longer, 
    wasting time!).     Plainly speaking, he is not created equal as the 
    other targets.  He's "special" in his own unique way.  For me, this 
    isn't "Top Shot".  It should be called, "Take down Capt. Snow".  And 
    that's the mentality you should take with you.  
    It would be different if all the targets would go down with a simple tap 
    of the fire button.  That way, you could just use the simple strategy of 
    going after the closest target, but the developers had to throw in this 
    Many others may say, that since Capt. Snow has more health, and is smart 
    enough to go for the armor, and often times the shrink and the mini-gun, 
    he can be a good asset for kiling off the other targets.  This may be 
    true, but he HAS to have the mini-gun to do any real benefit to 
    you(time-wise).  Otherwise he'll just take too long.  And if you plan on 
    leaving him alive to help you get rid of the rest, when exactly are you 
    going to take him out?  That's right, when it's only down to you and 
    him, he'll probably still have 6 lives, and you WON'T have enough time 
    to dispose of him.
    So the to make clear, the basic strategy is to kill Capt. Snow as your 
    primary objective.  Your secondary objective is to kill any enemies on 
    your way TO Capt. Snow.  If you're equipped with peripheral vision, you 
    will need this after you kill Snow once.  The method is to wait 
    approximately one full second, and see where he ends up on the radar.  
    Before you know it, you're already heading there, eliminating anyone in 
    your way.
    VIII. Start Point Breakdown:
    Below I will list the Start points and their respective strengths and 
    weaknesses.  I determine strengths and weakness on how close you are to 
    Capt. Snow, and if applicable, how many targets will be in the area when 
    you are first starting off.  (I can lead you only when you are first 
    starting off, because after you start killing them(enemies), they will 
    randomly appear in a different start point each time, so it's luck after 
    Please refer to the start/spawn map below to know where and what start 
    points I'm talking about.
    ||A              E |G|                   ||
    ||                 | |                   ||
    ||                                       ||
    ||                 | |                   ||
    ||=====            |_|       L           ||
    ||        |        |                     ||
    ||B       |        |                     ||
    ||=  =============== I          K        ||
    ||        | D      |                     ||
    ||C                |_                    ||
    ||                 |H|       M           ||
    ||X                                      ||
    ||        |        | |                   ||
    ||        |     F  | |  J                ||
    (not to scale)
    Start point A:
    Immediately fire two grenades(secondary fire) while running forward.  
    This kills the guy coming toward you from under the stairs(start point 
    E).  The shrink won't help him there. :)  Head right for the mini...
    Now, two things can happen here.  Either a guy with come towards you 
    from area 2/start point B, or he'll still be chillin' in that area 2.  
    Just in case, you'd better launch a grenade when you turn and head 
    right, or start firing and aiming for a headshot.  If you don't take him 
    out, continue for the mini and launch a grenade in his direction.  If 
    the grenade didn't kill him, get him with the mini! 
    Shoot as many grenades at you can between the two walls of area B, and 
    possibly in area 2, while heading for the mini.  Once you have it, hit 
    the secondary fire(this won't be said anymore through out the FAQ, it 
    will be assumed), and then look at your radar, which you should be doing 
    90% of the time.  Capt. Snow is definitely in this area 2, close to the 
    back sometimes, by the corner.  Get him, and any other any targets in 
    your way.  After he's gone and everyone else in the area is dead, stop 
    and wait for him to come up on radar.  I try not to kill too many guys 
    in a row, because you can get lost as to where Snow might be on radar.  
    But as long as you keep tabs on the sequence of kills, then you're okay.  
    The good thing about this area/start point, is that after you kill Snow 
    here, he usually pops up again in this area (area 2).  If not, it's up 
    to you to find him.
    Start point B:
    Go forward a bit, and turn left so you're looking into area 2.  Two 
    things can happen here.
    1)  A target will be running away from you, toward the corner of the 
    room.  You can launch a grenade in front of him(launch it at the wall 
    where he would be, since he will be running between the wall and the 
    boxes), and you will be able to kill him.  You have to be quick though.  
    Then, proceed to the mini.
    2)  The other chance encounter, is you will see a target running towards 
    you.  You will want to head for the mini, but facing the start point you 
    just came from (point B).  So you're backtracking with your view towards 
    Start Point B.  Launch a grenade or two at this point, because he'll be 
    coming after you.  If you do it right, you'll hit him and he'll die.  If 
    not, take him out with your mini.
    After that, go in area 2, and maybe head towards area 1.  Captain Snow 
    should be in the hangar and he should be heading towards area 2.  If 
    not, go get him.  
    Start Point C:
    You can either:
    1)Leave area 2 and proceed to area 1.  When you're doing this, launch a 
    few grenades directly above you on the second floor.  You might take out 
    someone up there.  Head for the mini.
    2)Go straight to the hangar and take out Capt. Snow.
    Start Point D:
    There will be a target spawn at point F if you happen to start at point 
    D.  He'll neglect you for now (although he'll try to shoot you a bit), 
    but he'll head on his way to spawn point C for some reason(I think there 
    is another target there).  What you can do is, bounce a grenade off a 
    box in front of you.  It should bounce off the box and come back in your 
    general direction, but at an angle.  /\  The trajectory of the grenade 
    should look like that upside down V, where you shoot it at the box (the 
    box should be a bit to your right, so move keep moving left from when 
    you start until it is), and it should bounce back toward you but to the 
    right.  The target will neglect you, and run past you and if you aim it 
    correctly, he should be hit by the grenade.  If he runs too quickly, use 
    the prim. fire to stun him.  Capt. Snow is in area 1, but you won't have 
    the mini- yet, so drop a few grenades when he is close to point B/about 
    to enter your area(2).  After that, get the mini- and clear out the guys 
    in area 2.  There should be a lot of them in there.
    Start Point E:  
    If I end up on this start point, I usually restart.  There are no 
    enemies in the currently area, and getting to the mini gun takes a 
    while.  The shrink doesn't really help you out in any way, since these 
    guys can't shoot for beans.  The Capt. Snow is out in the area 3, 
    airplane hangar taking care of some guys, but you'll meet up with him 
    before the mini-.  So you'll have take him out with the Soviet if you 
    like this point for some reason.
    Start Point F:
    Probably the best starting point.  If I were you, I would restart until 
    I got to this one.  Look directly to your left, and at spawn point B.  
    Capt. Snow is there, so head that direction and shoot as many grenades 
    as possible.  The other target(a girl) will spawn at point C will be 
    heading towards Capt. Snow/point B also, so when the grenade hits, it 
    kills both girl target as well at the Capt. Snow.  If you can stay in 
    this area, the Capt. Snow might respawn here if you're lucky enough.  A 
    very good spot because you can kill Snow within a few seconds of the 
    battle and that way he'll respawn much earlier in the challenge.
    Start Point G:
    A good starting point, because there is a chance to kill a lot of 
    enemies quickly.  Head towards area 1 and you will see a target around 
    point A.  When you first see him, shoot as many grenades as you possibly 
    can(aim up).  You need to kill this guy.  Make sure you don't pick up 
    the shotgun, but if you're following the path to the shotgun, then 
    you're pretty lined up to kill the target.  Just don't pick it up, 
    because the Soviet will switch to the Shotgun if you have "New and Best" 
    selected in the options/preferences.  After this, go for the mini gun 
    and get ready because there are quite a few guys in area 2 including 
    Capt. Snow.  Head there and take them out.
    Start Point H:
    When I end up in this one, I usually head to area 2.  Why?  Well because 
    the mini-gun in the hangar is quite a bit away, and I can start killing 
    guys right away when you head in this area 2.  You can kill them much 
    quicker because it's a tighter area, which means you can launch a few 
    grenades and kill at least two guys already.  Two of them will be 
    fighting each other at around point X, and another will come from area 
    1/point B.  That's 3 guys right there.  
    You also have another choice though.  If you were to head out to the 
    hangar, you'll find Capt. Snow is the only one out there.  Stand just a 
    bit outside the door way leading the the hangar, and aim up and launch 
    as many grenades as you can.  You'll hit him as he's going for some 
    Start Point I:
    Probably the closest start point you could possibly be to get close 
    enough to the mini-gun, you can get this in about 3 seconds and start 
    killing right away.  I personally don't really like this area 3, 
    however, since there is so much space.  But if you're cool with big open 
    spaces, then go ahead and do it.  There is a theory that if you stay in 
    the hangar, then all the targets will come to you, since area 1 and area 
    2 are connected to area 3(hangar), then you'll just have to play "defend 
    the hangar/airplane" and kill whoever comes through the openings, but I 
    don't particularly like this method, because somehow Capt. Snow is 
    always alive when it the time ticks down.  I'd much prefer the hunt down 
    Capt. Snow method.  But it's not my decision to tell you what you can or 
    cannot do.  Choose whatever works best for you.
    But I digress... 
    Capt. Snow is between area 1 and 2.  He probably starts at point B.  I 
    would probably go through area 2 if that was the only starting point, 
    but better yet I would restart.
    Start point J:
    Another bad start point in my opinion.  If I end up here, I just 
    restart.  You need to be killing enemies from the the get-go, and with 
    the Soviet, you can't really do it out in the hangar.  Like I said 
    before, not all start points are created equal.  Capt.  Snow is in area 
    1 on the second floor.  You'll see him if you head to area 2, just look 
    up.  If head through area 2, there will be one guy standing in your way, 
    and another guy at spawn point X if someone else died already(probably 
    killed by Capt. Snow).  
    Start point K:
    A target will be running towards you if you start at this point, and I 
    would try to shoot her in the head/body while passing through the wheels 
    and going for the mini-.  A grenade is very tough to be effective here, 
    since the target can run away and the blast probably won't hit.  So it's 
    just best to shoot with the primary fire of the Soviet.  But I'll say it 
    again, starting out in the hangar isn't the best way for me to start 
    out, compared to the other start points.  Capt.  Snow is quite a ways 
    away, he starts somewhere in area 2(depending on which target he is 
    going after).
    Start point L:
    Capt. Snow is in area 1, and has the shrink on himself.  You probably 
    won't have the mini- when you see him, since you'd have to go out of 
    your way to get one, and by the time you do, he'll probably be 
    elsewhere.  Choose another start point.
    Start point M:  
    There will be two guys with you when you start out in the hangar over 
    here.  Capt.  Snow is in area 2.  I would go directly for him, while 
    trying to launch grenades in the direction of the two targets in the 
    hangar area.  There is one guy that starts from point I, and he'll chase 
    after you.  Don't worry about him, just head for the door on the left to 
    go to area 2.  Just when you're about to enter/pass the door, aim a bit 
    up and to the right, and fire a grenade at the door.  It should bounce 
    back and kill the guy that was chasing after you.  You should use the 
    grenades like this every chance you get.  
    Start point X:
    Capt.  Snow is out in the hangar.  You either go after him now, or go to 
    get the mini- gun near point B.  He'll been in a firefight when you get 
    there, unless he kills the guy already.  This starting point is pretty 
    far away from him, so I'd restart.
    VIII-A Brief review:
    I favor the area 2 over area 1 and 3.  It's a tight small area because 
    of all the boxes, and the Soviet is best used here.  The mini- works 
    everywhere, so there's no reason why it shouldn't do well in this area 2 
    either.  Area 2 is one of the best starting points to take out Capt. 
    Snow's first life very quickly.
    Reason: I'd rather be in this area 2 over area 1 mainly because of the 
    stairs in area 1.  It messes up my flow when I have to move the aim 
    upwards just to tag the guy on second floor,and it also takes a while 
    for a target to come down from the stairs.  However, if you were in area 
    2, the guy would be forced to come after you, and the best way for him 
    to do that is to jump from the second level to the first level.  There 
    is a missing railing because of the crane moving that metal 
    block(whatever it is).  This is the same block that if you were to ride, 
    it would count as 'surf time' in the player statistics screen.  And I 
    prefer area 2 over area 3 because of the small area.  If you prefer the 
    big area, then you could hang out there instead.  But consider this, if 
    you were to cut the map in half, directly down the middle, which side 
    with have more start points?  The left half with areas 1 and 2, or the 
    right half with just area 3(hangar)? (don't forget the 2 spawn points on 
    the second floor)
    As you can see, it's the left half by far.  So that way, you can 
    transverse between area 1 and 2 pretty quickly if need be, but area 2 as 
    your primary residence.  Also note that the map is longer horizontally, 
    meaning if you were to go from point B to point K, it would take you 
    longer than going from point A to point X.  Of course, all of this only 
    applies in the beginning of the match.  Once you've killed Capt. Snow 
    once, you'll be all over the area where he'll be, no matter what.  
    Summing up, you want to start in points: F, G, D, or A.  If you start in 
    any of these areas, you have a pretty good chance to get a nice time.
    IX. Time Problems:
    1) DYING - If you so happen to die, by your bouncing grenade or 
    whatever, restart because getting Plat is probably now out of your 
    reach.  This happens a lot with the grenades in area 2 because it's 
    really a tight area, and when a targets start out here, they immediately 
    launch a grenade every which a way.
    2) RESPAWNING - If you get lucky enough for someone to spawn in your 
    area, don't start shooting them right away.  Just circle them for a 
    moment, and then shoot them.  They are invulnerable for that brief 
    period of time when they are first "born", although they can still shoot 
    3) AMMO - You don't have infinite ammo on this mini gun, and you 
    probably won't have another chance to get more ammo.  If you run out of 
    mini-gun ammo, you probably should start over(unless you think you can 
    finish it, you should go ahead and try, don't give up so easily) because 
    you've wasted too much ammo already and need to re-adjust how long you 
    shoot.  You should just barely tap the prim. fire button to be able to 
    kill most enemies, and for the white ski mask guy Capt. Snow, hold it 
    until he goes down.  You should be able to get Plat without using all 
    your mini- gun ammo.
    4) CAPT. SNOW -  Not holding the aim on him until he goes down is 
    probably the most common time waster.  Hear me now, and hear me forever, 
    hold the fire button down on him until you are for sure he died!  And 
    don't forget to keep moving and searching out for Capt. Snow.
    Take heed and try not to let these time problems happen to you.  
    There are 5 other guys besides you, each with 6 lives, which makes a 
    total of 30 lives.  Let's pretend they're all monkeys that can't do 
    anything but run around.  Since you have 70 seconds to kill 30 lives, 
    you have only 2.33 seconds to make each kill.  Not much time to be 
    messin' around.  Good thing is that they aren't monkeys, and some of 
    them will get into fights with each other.
    Another tip:  If you find Capt. Snow with a crowd, go after him first, 
    then take the crowd out.  If you take out the crowd first, they'll 
    likely spawn somewhere away from you.  Then when you finish Capt. Snow, 
    he'll probably spawn in an area that you're not in, and probably end up 
    fighting with the guys you just killed.  
    So this is how it goes.  Kill Capt. Snow first, then go after the other 
    targets.  Because after you kill Snow, you'll be busy disposing of the 
    other targets, while Capt. Snow has to go find you out again, because 
    there won't be any other targets to get in his way(because you're 
    dealing with all of them).  
    X. Final comments:
    The strategy I've put together if from many restarts and hours upon days 
    of playing over this challenge.  Every comment I make has some sort of 
    logic behind it, so as to back it up.  If you can find a better 
    strategy, and back it up with some good reasons, let me know.  There are 
    many ways to get Platinum on this challenge, and different methods may 
    help some other people in ways my strategy, in a rare chance, cannot.  
    If you follow my method and know all the spawn points and where Capt. 
    Snow is, and have immpecable aim, along with the help of peripheral 
    vision, you should be getting a time around 1:20-1:30.  Be prepared to 
    restart many times.  With practice you will be able to get it 
    eventually.  Just don't lose hope.
    1) Sgt Shock--------- 6
    2) Sgt Shivers------- 1:07.7
    3) Trooper White----- 1:05.5
    4) Capt Snow--------- 1:03.8
    5) Nikolai----------- 1:00.7
    6) Lt Frost---------- 0:55.3
    XI. Contact Info:
    Here is my e-mail address: griever_fx AT ignmail DOT COM
    I don't check it that often; actually I check it once a month to tell 
    you the truth.  Basically because I get tons of junk mail there, so it 
    can filter it out.  If you really need to contact me, check the 
    forums(GCN mostly, since I owe the GCN version) because I go there quite 
    a while.
    E-mail me if you:
    1)  See an error in my FAQ
    2)  Yhink I should add something else to complete my FAQ
    3)  See this FAQ on a website other than the ones listed below
    4)  Are asking permission to post this FAQ on your site
    5)  Have a strategy/method that you want to share(must have a good 
    reason why it's a good strategy, and plus don't make it too long-winded, 
    since I don't know how many people will have their own strategies, I 
    don't want this FAQ much longer than it already is)
    Again, I don't check it often, so don't expect a reply the next day.  
    Websites that currently hold my FAQ:
    FAQs I currently have made:
    -'Money Guide FAQ' for Harvest Moon 3 GBC
    -'Mini-Games FAQ' for Shenmue I DC
    XII. Thanks to:
    -All the help people have given me in the Gamefaq TS2 FORUMs especially 
    with the: Infiltration - Silent but Deadly Platinum challenge, Siberia - 
    Hard, and when I first came to the board, helping me figure out there 
    was an advanced custom controller menu.  I couldn't have done it without 
    you guys, you know who you all are.  
    -All the people that need to be thanked but I forget at the moment...
    This is the end of the FAQ.  I hope you got something worthwhile from 
    See you Space Cowboy...

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