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    Multiplayer Guide by XanDoodle

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 12/26/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    An In-Depth TimeSplitters 2 multiplayer guide.
    Version 2.0
    Last update on : 26/12/02
    Game available on : PlayStation2 / Xbox / Gamecube
    by (xan)doodle : arekux (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk, and major contributor, R108
    Contents - Hint : Press Ctrl + F and search a number for quick finding.
    1.0   Introduction
    2.0   History
    3.0   Weapons summary
    4.0   Player type summary
    5.0   Map's summary
    6.0   Bot logic
    7.0   Mode Specific tips
    8.0   General tips
    9.0   Copyright and Contact
    10.0  Credits
    1.0 Introduction
    Timesplitters 2 could well be the best console fps of the year. Many people 
    are playing it. And be honest here, you bought Timesplitters 2 because of the 
    multiplayer. Well, here is the guide that will tell you the ins and outs of 
    multiplayer. This guide isn't perfect. When it reaches 1.0 it is good enough. 
    After that, everything will be added extras.
    Dont steal from me, detailed copyright at bottom...
    E-mail me if you felt left out of the credits, noticed something wrong, or 
    want to contribute.
    2.0 History
    0.5  -               The beginning, man. Rejected copy
    1.0  -               Weapons part completed. 
                         More tips added.
                         Changed some formatting.
    1.1  - 21/Nov/2002 - Added 3 ctb tips
                         2 ice station tips
                         1 Hangar tip
                         1 sub tip in training grounds
                         1 hospital tip
                         Edited weapons notes
                         Changed headings formatting
                         1 general tip added
    1.11 - 22/Nov/2002 - Re-numbered guide, changed copyright notice.
                         Touch ups
    1.12 - 23/Nov/2003 - Fixed formatting
    2.00 - 26/Dec/2003 - Added a player type section
                         Added types to map section. (I need more...)
                         HUGE updates everywhere.
                         Dedicated this version to R108
    3.0 Weapons summary
    Silenced Pistol
    Primary Fire : Single silenced shot
    Secondary Fire : As primary
    Clip/Capacity : 8/60
    Notes : Joe average...
    Luger Pistol
    Primary Fire : Single shot
    Secondary Fire : Ditto
    Clip/Capacity : 7/60
    Notes : I think this is slightly more powerful that the silenced pistol.
    Garrett Revolver
    Primary Fire : Single shot
    Secondary Fire : Ditto
    Clip/Capacity : 6/80
    Notes : The most powerful bullet shooting pistol.
    Sci-fi handgun
    Primary Fire : Triple shot.
    Secondary Fire : Ditto
    Clip/Capacity : 30/200
    Notes : The bullets bounce off walls. Gun that can hurt you are bad. 
            Any gun that hurts you is bad.
    Vintage Rifle
    Primary Fire : Single shot
    Secondary Fire : Ditto
    Clip/Capacity : 5/40
    Notes : Variation on the....
    Sniper Rifle
    Primary Fire : Single shot
    Secondary Fire : Ditto
    Clip/Capacity : 5/40
    Notes : The title says it all. Don't run with it trying to shoot though.
    Plasma Autorifle
    Primary Fire : Rapid plasma fire.
    Secondary Fire : Plasma grenade
    Clip/Capacity : NA/200/20 grenades
    Notes : Some people say this is good. I don't like it, it overheats after a
            while too. Grenades make this weapon noteworthy. They stick to people.
    ¦Machine guns/Auto's¦
    Tommy gun
    Primary Fire : Full automatic fire
    Secondary Fire : Ditto
    Clip/Capacity : 32/200
    Notes : 
    SP90 Machine gun
    Primary Fire : Full auto fire
    Secondary Fire : Ditto
    Clip/Capacity : 6/256
    Notes : This gun rocks. Its accurate, its fast. It has a scope. You can have
            two of them, what more do you want?
    Soviet S47
    Primary Fire : Fully automatic fire
    Secondary Fire : Grenades!
    Clip/Capacity : 30/200/40 grenades
    Notes : Although a pretty common weapon, its probably one of the best. The
            grenades are enough to turn a battle against even the most hardened
            SP90 user.
    Primary Fire : Rapid fire, however, must charge up.
    Secondary Fire : Turns motor on/off. Gets the barrel spinning so no start up
                     time with primary fire.
    Clip/Capacity : NA/400
    Notes : Between this and the SP90 these are quality weapons. Bad thing it can
            overheat with repeated use. So when you exit a fire fight and you know
            its going to be quiet for a while turn the motor off.
    ¦Close Quarter Weapons¦
    Primary Fire : Shoots...
    Secondary Fire : Ditto
    Clip/Capacity : 2/40
    Notes : Nice up close weapon.
    Tactical 12-gauge (T12g)
    Primary Fire : Single shot
    Secondary Fire : Double shot
    Clip/Capacity : 8/20
    Notes : Good weapon, but you must use the reload trick. Switch weapon forward
            then back quickly.
    Flame thrower
    Primary Fire : Squirts fire!
    Secondary Fire : None
    Clip/Capacity : NA/1 full tank
    Notes : Good weapon. Have to get in a bit too close for comfort. Run away
            after setting someone on fire.
    Primary Fire : Launches brick
    Secondary Fire : Launches it further
    Clip/Capacity : NA/20
    Notes : You have to play a game with all bricks. Not really good as weapons
            go. But anything is better than the sci-fi handmess.
    ¦Boom (explosives...)¦
    Grenade Launcher
    Primary Fire : Cluster grenade
    Secondary Fire : Flaming grenade!
    Clip/Capacity : 8/40
    Notes : One of the best weapons in the game. Then grenade explodes instantly
            on impact with human. And second fire induces fiery doom on people.
            Better than flamethrower.
    Rocket Launcher
    Primary Fire : Single rocket
    Secondary Fire : Triple rockets
    Clip/Capacity : 3/30
    Notes : Splash damage is important here. Aim for the floor near the person.
    Homing Launcher
    Primary Fire : Single homing rocket
    Secondary Fire : Triple homing rockets
    Clip/Capacity : 3/30
    Notes : Really only good when you have little life. Rocket takes a bit too
            long to home in.
    Proximity mine
    Primary Fire : Place mine
    Secondary Fire : Ditto
    Clip/Capacity : NA/20
    Notes : Good for campers. Hunters will die with it. However, if you *remember*
            where they are, place them anywhere and your kills will go up over
    Remote mine
    Primary Fire : Place mine
    Secondary Fire : Detonate
    Clip/Capacity : NA/20
    Notes : Now this is a real mans mine. An indispensable defensive CTB weapon.
    Timed mine
    Primary Fire : Place mine
    Secondary Fire : Ditto
    Clip/Capacity : NA/20
    Notes : Good to pull out in the middle of a fire fight. Generally sucks.
    Primary Fire : Place TNT
    Secondary Fire : Ditto
    Clip/Capacity : NA/1
    Notes : Not much experience. Like a timed mine so not my choice.
    Primary Fire : Shoot bolt
    Secondary Fire : Ditto
    Clip/Capacity : 4/50
    Notes : Bolts can be set alight by looking up at a flame on the Aztec level.
            Surprisingly good sight.
    Fire extinguisher
    Primary Fire : Spray...
    Secondary Fire : Ditto
    Clip/Capacity : NA/Full tank
    Notes : You can hurt people with it. Spray against wall or pillar when up close
            to put self out.
    Primary Fire : Constant electricity beam
    Secondary Fire : Ditto 
    Clip/Capacity : NA/Full gauge
    Notes : Good against robots with character abilities on.
    Laser gun (will be re-categorised)
    Primary Fire : Laser beam. Hold to charge.
    Secondary Fire : Toggle laser shield on/off
    Clip/Capacity : NA/Full gauge
    Notes : Shield is useful, but draining. Nice sight. Under-rated but powerful
            when charged and circle strafing.
    4.0 Player Type summary
    This is a fairly short but important section about player types in this game.
    This will come in handy for the next section...
    ¦The Hunter¦
    This type of player cruises around various "hotspots" in the levels with a 
    good gun. This player relies on blinding speed to win. The best way to defeat 
    one is too out gun him and circle strafe. Then again, you coulf just run away,
    as a hunter generally does chase after people.
    ¦The Camper¦
    This type of player, well, camps. They find a safe spot, that there is only 
    one entrance and exit to, and camp there. The kind of player will use a 
    machine gun, rocket launcher or grenade launcher of some kind. This tactic 
    will only work in certain modes. These are, CTB (as a defender), Virus, Flame 
    Tag, Elimination, BagTag and Gladiator.
    5.0 Maps summary (will consider recommended weapon set)
    ¦In the modes I listed above for camping, use the camping spots.             ¦ 
    ¦The only mode specific tips I will give here are CTB tips.                  ¦
    ¦                                                                            ¦
    ¦Mexican Mission¦
    Playable modes: All of them
    Health : on the roof (2), on a set of stairs.
    Amrour : behind shack/hut at the end of the courtyard.
    Best Weapon : Within the Mission (dark hallway)
    Hunter Haunts : Courtyard
    Camper Cruise : (not sure)
    Level Specific Tips:
    This level has a big open courtyard with some small closed in(ish) corridors 
    in the middles. There are a couple of places to be lurking here.
    -Try to always get up to the top of the mission. Where you can drop down into 
    a hole in the middle, and you can look out into the courtyard. Here, walk out 
    slowly under the bell. (or fast, if you  know it) and get the armour just on 
    the ledge. Once you have it, don't jump off. You will see a invisibility icon 
    on the left hand side. Keep on the ledge and collect this.
    -The courtyard is big, with nice places to hide behind buildings. Use this, 
    and get the plasma auto rifle. Its fast fire and grenades make this highly 
    -This level will get cluttered, and you should try to get "in the mix." Throw 
    a grenade at the poor sods. Bots or humans. Most won't know what is coming. 
    hang around once you've tossed though...
    ¦Ice Station¦
    (No Armour or Health on deathmatch)
    Best Weapon : end of the metal platform, highest floor in large station
    Hunter haunts : Big tower, metal platform
    Camper cruises : In the green and red tower and the top of the main tower.
    -IF you start with default weapons, you starting weapon should be good enough. 
    Keep at range and use the SP90's scope and power to take down anyone in sight.
    - Tend not use the ice station turrets when you are playing against 10 five-
    star bots, since they will snipe you
      - However, this is not always the case, the homing rocks on those turrets 
    -IMO the sniper rifle is useless in this level. Unless you change weapon 
    Armour : on floor in room with cross, hidden among bedroom beds
    Health : in central room with glass cabinets, large chamber, bedroom
    Best Weapon : in last bathroom stall, on balcony over large room
    Hunter haunts : Radar hunting is better...
    Camper cruises : Balcony over large room (the one with the rail in unsafe)
    - The small room with a decent weapon that you can jump off the ledge is an 
    amazing camper room. To kill someone in it, mine/grenade/out gun them.
    ¦Training Ground¦
    All Health, Armour, and Best Weapon's can be found scattered through-out the
    whole level.
    Hunter Haunts : Everywhere really, radar.
    Camper Cruise : On a ramp (ledge) in the stone near the water fall.
    -The computer terminals : Press X on them to look with them. Then press fire 
    to shoot. Good tactic but don't stay too long. The bots (and people) easily 
    come to find you.
       - Especially good with backup as defence in CTB
    -The main skirimishes take place in each base (not the control room, the open
    CTB Specifics
    -Use the turrets for base defense, as they are in very strategic locations.
    -If you are plying with a human player o two on your side, then get them to 
     use the autoguns by activating them in the corresponding control room
    -And hey, you can even see your oppenents coming on TV by watching the screen
     in the second floor of each control center.
    - Use the exploding barrels near the red base or near the waterfall to kill
    - There are many weapons, even health, in the waterfall.
    - DO NOT kill too many bots on your way towards the enemy's bag, as they will respawn 
    right in the control center, where they will kill you.
    -You can make use of the rockey terrain as well as the building and pill boxes
     for cover, zig-zagging from each one so you can reach the enemy's base without
     too much damage.
    -  The blue base (IMO) is better than the red one, as it is smaller, the
     turret is ina more strategic position, there is only one way to get into the 
     control center, andthere is less buildings for your enemies to hide amongest.
    - On the way back to your own base, kill anyone who take your bag.
    Armour : dark aclove with log bridge, end tunnel of rope bridge 
    Health : entrance of pillar puzzle, near Best Weapon, around broken pillar
    Best Weapon : on the log bridge
    Hunter Haunts : 
    Capmer cruises : 
    -Use the pillars for cover and with an experienced player (and without radar)
     you can run around his backside an dshoot him
    -For cover you can hide under the ramp in the room after the pillar room
    No Armour or Health 
    Best Weapon : centre of scrapyard
    Hunter Haunts : The scrapyard!
    Capmer cruises : The side hideouts
    -If you cannot circle strafe, and want to play with harder bots...go and 
    -Here the bots look to charge up with their laser guns. Shoot them in the 
    right place (hand?) and make them lose their charge.
    -With character abilities on, the electrotool is indispensable. Choose a human
    player, and blast away at your mostly robot fiends.
    Armour : entrance to night club
    Health : inside through-out, outside in corridor
    Best Weapon : entrance of night club, and stage
    Hunter Haunts :
    Camper cruises : Entrance to the nightclub, top of metal stairs outside.
    Armour : under airplane tires,near conveyor belts, upstairs behind crates
    Health : around room with weird shaped containers, upstairs to left
    Best Weapon : upstairs, both far corners of the hangar room
    Hunter Haunts : 
    Capmer cruises : 
    -The speed boost at the back of the aircraft room is very helpful. Combine 
    that, with a machine or shotgun or some kind, and life will be easier.
    - Around the crates is a good place to hide and kill people. Shotguns do lots 
    of damage if you lurk around here.
    -The crates in the storage room are excellent for hiding and sneaking around
    (*gets MGS2 feeling*)
    ¦Robot Factory¦
    No Armour or Health 
    Best Weapon : on catwalk with yellow force field, across tallest bridge room
                  with green door
    Hunter Haunts : 
    Capmer cruises : 
    -Do not fire plasma grenades while going up or down the stairs (or at least be
    cautious) as a plasma grenade can get stuck
    to the railing and kill you!
    Armour : inside large satellite dish, hallway leading away from shining 
             wellowish coil
    Health : hallway leading down from large satellite dish
    Best Weapon : top of level, in the control room
    Hunter Haunts : 
    Capmer cruises : 
    -Know the level well and you will conquer all (well, not quite)
    -The hole in one of the midldle floors leads straight to a level 4 or 5 weapon
    -Small skirmishes will break out everywhere, so just keep moving.
    -Follow the orange-lit corridors to get to the top floor
    Armour : both dining rooms, outside in dead-end tunnel (where you stared the 
             single player level in TS1)
    Health : outside in garden, bathroom stall
    Best Weapon : bridge in garden, dining room closest to the main entrance
    Hunter Haunts : Both dining rooms and the kitchen.
    Camper Cruises : Underground from the kitchen.
    - There is a grenade launcher outside the dining room near the gong on the 
    outside of the building. Shooting flaming grenades followed by a regular one 
    repeatedly when people are there will be a good combo. Until someone shoots 
    you in the back.
    Armour : room near blue tunnel 
    Health : lowest level of chasm, room near blue tunnel
    Best Weapon : top of bunch of ramps, centre of 2nd highest bridge.
    Hunter Haunts : 
    Capmer cruises : 
    -Does this look like the G41 Building in Perfect Dark, or is it just me? 
     (R108 saying this btw)
    -There are two sides, a dark sie and a light side (is this star wars? lol....)
     separated by a huge pit
    -camper spots include any crevice in the walls in which you can shoot at the
     contenders crossing the catwalks
    -Be careful when in the light side bottom area: there are a series of rooms
     linked with an exit under some stairs that is on the far side and is easily to
     get lost in
    -Be careful when the bots continue to shoot at you when they fall into the
    -One other camping spot worth mentioning is on the dark side, two rooms on the
     bottom floor connected, you can go to the
     end and shoot anyone that goes near.
    Armour : up stairs in concrete building
    Health : at one end of the streets
    Best Weapon : middle of streets
    Hunter Haunts : 
    Capmer cruises : 
    - Combat usually takes place in the centre two streets, and the 4 and 5 star 
      bots usually take time to snipe from the windows atop in the buildings.
      - But don't you go and try that, as several bots will start engaging on you!
    - I suggest weaving from alcove to alcove on the main section of the Streets 
      to find cover.
    - Unleash hell when shot at; playing with all 10 bots at once is gruesome.
     Get a weapon with a scope on it, and head shoot at the bots.
    - A most important trend I noticed was that the greedy bots tend to go into 
     this one building that leads to an open catwalk to a Best Weapon; the bots are 
     so darn greedy they go up to check whether it's there or not! So just take 
     your time and aim for them when they make their trek across the extensive 
     railing thing-a-ma-bob-er.
    -Most of the fighting will of course take place down on the streets, but
     sometimes a lot of bots end up fighting within the buildings
    -Be careful for bots like to snipe other from buildings
    -If you try sniping from buildings, a bot will probably uncannily knock you
    -Take cover in the alcoves down on the streets when action gets too intense
    Armour : near shed in small divot, up a rusty ramp
    Health : in corner near compound entrance, in concrete shed, near rusted ramp, 
             up the rusty ramp, and up stairs to left
    Best Weapon : across from rusted ramp, up th rusted ramp
    Hunter Haunts : 
    Capmer cruises : 
    -The Compound has many crates and such objects that makes running to hide/for
     cover almost inevitable! :D
    -Sniping spots, hmmm... The only effective spot is the second floor room on
     your left hand side  when entering the garage
    -The bots seem to clutter around the divet ion front of the smll garage/shed
     (with the armour in the divet)
    -Bouncing grenades off the cratestacks is a strategy you can use when amongest
     many bots.
    Armour : between 3 brick pillars 
    Health : in centre building, in the sewer pipes in corner, in corner with 
    Best Weapon : highest ledge of the largest building and hop onto the pipes
    Hunter Haunts : 
    Capmer cruises : 
    -When playing on the Site, tend to stay on the main floor, as the fighting is
    tremendous there! :D
    -The sewers provide weapons, health and armour, so when trapped, flee to the
    -There is a small alcove in the very OPPOSITE corner to where the large half-
    built structure is.
    -The large half-built structure houses a best weapon, but be careful not to
     fall off the beams when getting it, and watch out for snipers.
    -Best camping spots include The top of the above building/structure, The alcove
     in the far corner (has a good weapon), and possibly dodging in and out of the 
    -Try not to get trapped in the center office, because when you go in there, most
     of the time several bots will follow you and
     trap you inside
    Armour : near merry-go-round tent, platform in tent across from merry-go-round,
             beneath bleachers in room with top
    Health : on merry-go-round, at the top of the room with big top, near the 
             bleacher with big top 
    Best Weapon : centre of merry-go-round,middle of big top
    Hunter Haunts : 
    Capmer cruises : 
    -Most of the action takes place inside the main tent (huge open space) and the
     middle tent (with the wagons)
    -Weaapons can be found in plentiful supply, as can armour
    -When you are hurt or seeking cover, go to the merry-go-round tent beacuse:
      >It has few spawn points, so it tends not to get cluttered
      >Has health
      >Has a best weapon
    -Maiking routes around the middle wagon tent is a good idea, shooting anybody
     that spawns (keep going around the outside of the middle tent, so you can kill
     stragglers and the ones coming ou tof the larger tents)
    -There isn't much cover, so you will have to rely on dodging
    -It is a good idea also to strafe around the inside corners of the large open
    -For a decent sniping spot go to the large tent, and then to the top risers
    6.0 Bot logic
    This section is probably the most heaviest contribution section. I wouldn't 
    have included this in its own section if it wasn't for R108 mostly. Kudos to 
    ¦Things to look for in a bot¦
    - They flip! They flip, back flip and dive. This only applies on 4 to 5 star 
    bots. When they do, gun them down with hard firepower.
    - Bots that run pass you usually are in search of health/armour. Do not let 
    them obtain it; kill them.
    - Shrunken ones. They are a pain. Mine/Grenade or rocket then from a distance. 
    Or just avoid.
    ¦Bot Analysis: Flaws and Strengths¦ - R108, you are great.
    - Bots will do stupid things, not glitches, but common AI mistakes. It is to 
    your benefit that you use them.
    - For example (suppose character abilities are "on"), if you are a flame-proof 
    character, the bots will still use flame weapons (Flamethrower,Grenade 
    launcher) against you. Take this time of immunity to kill the bots.
    - Bots cannot fire when flamed; simply put, they will run around until they 
    die. If YOU did not set them ablaze, then kill them and you get a kill, 
    instead of the bot who set them on fire. 
    - VERY HANDY: When you shoot a bot with a powerful (shotgun) or sometimes even 
    a regular (Garrett Revolver x2) weapon, they will react to the hit, sometimes 
    they do a matrix thing move and slouch backwards, sometimes they 
    literally "stall". Rinse and repeat until they drop.
    - Try using the above tactic with SBP90's to get amazing results.
    - As mentioned previously, bots don't use turrets.
    - One more thing: Bots use machine guns (tommy gun, etc.) with small bursts. 
    You don't have to use that much conservation with your ammo (it's Multiplayer, 
    lots of ammo). Take this to your advantage to do x3 more damage than they are 
    doing to you, as long as you shoot accurately.
    - They are generally appallingly bad with the explosive weapon set. Even up 
    against a 5-Star bot set.
    - the bots have a number of strengths as well, so know them, too.
    - When a bot spawns immediately in front of you, they are immune to damage for 
    a short while (approx. 2 seconds). Take cover until this time subsides. You 
    notice they will be shining in the colour of their spawn. When it goes away, 
    is roughly the time when you can hurt them (also works with yourself and human 
    players as well).
    - Bots can fire pistols in relatively rapid succession; so be cautious when 
    confronting them.
    - In the more advanced 4 and 5 star bots, you will notice several little 
    movements they do:
      - They can do a forward somersault; Shoot them while they are rolling 
      - Bots can also do a forward slide in which they bend their back backwards; 
    It may look like they are dead so catch onto their little trick, and continue 
    shooting them.
      - In addition to the above note, Bots are very capable of dodging non-guided 
    rockets. The solution: Aim for the ground for an explosive splash, that will 
    still kill them.
    - Zombies: Certain zombies can remain alive in multiplayer even without their 
    heads! This makes sure you cannot shoot them in the head again until they 
    respawn. So, aim for the chest until your judgement tells you that a head shot 
    will finish them off 
    7.0 Mode Specific Tips
    ¦Team Deathmatch¦ (some of these can be taken into account for all team games)
    -If playing with humans, COMMUNICATE!
    -If a bot on your team that sucks has a good weapon, don't be shamed in 
     killing him for it ("friendly fire damage" option must be turned to "Yes")
    -Try to multiple team one oppenent, though with bots, it will be difficult to
     get them to collectively decide in something
    -Have one of you bots distract the enemy, so thta you can start sniping, or at
     least taking others out from far
    -(same as above mostly) Let the bots absorb the bulk of the damage
    -Don't depend on your bots for many kills
    Be carful when your bots get caught on fire. Either:
    >Put them out IMMEDIATLEY
    >Kill them IMMEDIATLEY
    -This is because they will infect other of your bots with it, and bots can't
     shoot when on fire
    -Team bots won't care when your in the way when they fire their rocket
    -Be careful when a bot on yor team has a grenade launcher/flamethrower, cause'
     they might accidently get you instead
    -With the above information taken into consideration, team bots can ALMOST be
     a bad thing :D
    AWESOME: With friendly fire "off" you can plant a remote mine on a teammate and
    end him into a whole bunch of enemies and
    BOOM!!! :D
    ¦Capture the bag¦
    -Bots will also run right by you when going for your bag in CTB. Let them, 
    it's one less defender you have to deal with when going for theirs, and if 
    they do manage to grab it, you can always kill them on the way back.
    -If you're playing a multiplayer CTB game, COMMUNICATE! If you're making a run 
    for the bag, tell allies to only kill attackers as a last resort only, to keep 
    anyone from respawning right behind you and shooting you in the back. Once 
    you've gone a safe distance with their bag, tell your friends that it's safe 
    to let the blood flow again.
    -Power-up's in CTB games are very important. Speed and shrink top this list. 
    It should last until you are nearly on the way back.
    -when playing capture the bag, try to divide your team into a 'defensive' , 
    and 'offensive' team. The bots tend to do this, also when they are on your 
    team. This way, you can protect your bag, and take theirs.
    -If you are playing defensive gets some remote mines (proxy could work) and 
    scatter them around your bag. Blow up anything that poses a threat to you and 
    your bag. Make sure friendly fire is off though...
    -I've noticed that bots on your team are quite smart. Like in training grounds 
    where the turret is they will team up with you.
    -Contrary to popular(?) belief, the bots on your team do get the flag.
    -Safety is in numbers.
    - Use grenades (at ground level) and the laser gun (taking out ones on high 
    places from far off, scope weapons help too) to take out/get past the auto-
    -All enemies don't need killing. If you can run past them, do.
    - hunt down the bots and other players quickly. DO NOT stay docile for more 
    than 5 sec.
    -A camper's best mode (sometimes ; like when the bag carrier can shoot)
    -When getting the bag, let the bots cear themselves out (kill each other)
     before you get the bag, so there is less bots shooting at you
    -When you have the bag, run like mad to a dead end/camping spot so you aren't
     teamed up
    -Another strategy is running around the level in a loop, so that the bots
     follow you instead of piling up in one place
    -Use your radar to locate the bag.
    -Don't snipe the bag carrier from far away, since others can intercept the bag
     and run with it before yo even get there
    -If the above happens, then snipe the new bag carrier
    -Don't stay in open areas, since 4/5 star bots will merciessly pick you off
    -When trying to get the bag, follow the below:
        1- Say there are 4 bots, "A", "B", "C", and "D". Bot "A" has the bag
        >kill "A", then "B", "C", and "D", who will run and get the bag, then when
        only one bot is left, say "D" is left, kill him and get the bag (this 
        method allows bots "B", "C", "D" to also get "bag time" as well, but bot
        "A" has less time).
        > (prefered method) Kill bots "B", "C", and "D", then chase after bot "A"
        and kill him for the bag (in this method, bots "B", "C", and "D" get no 
        time, while bot "A" gets slightly more "bag time" than the other example
    -Like Bag Tag, camping out is the best option
    -Why waste health and lives when the bots will finish themselves off? :D
    -The only exception is if you playing to beat the clock, then comprise hiding
    and hunting at the same time
    -If you run around frantically killing other contenders you endanger your own
    -Try to double team bots with a temporary "bot ally", then when you kill the
    other bots in the room together, kill him
    -Avoid large areas when cluttered
    -To get rid of the low rank oppennets (who are shorter than Chip n' Dale 
     Rescue Rangers :D), crouch and fire.
    -Use a weapon with a powerful scope and weave back and forth until you get a
     decent shot.
    -Kill the larger foes first, then the smaller ones (then the large ones wont's
    interfere in you way, as they TEND to have better accuracy.
    -Back away from large rooms with small contenders
    -Use shrink powerups (if turned "on") pick on some people your own size
    -Try not to use grenade, as the small bots will be too hard to hit (rocket
     luancher are okay, since the projectiles don't bounce and they explode right
    8.0 General Tips - Most donations go here...
    - There are no head shots in multiplayer. One shot head deaths that is.
    - Sniping only really works against human players. Not human bots, real 
    - When using the second. function of the minigun, turn it of after a big fight 
    so the red bar goes down and turn the second. function on again for the next 
    big fight.
    - Circle strafing: the act of strafing (sidestepping) in a way so you are 
    going around your opponent, making you a much harder target (well, at least 
    for humans, maybe not for bots). If you wanted to circle strafe in a counter-
    clockwise direction, you would turn left while going somewhat forward, while 
    strafing to the right. Likewise, you would turn right while going somewhat 
    forward and strafe to the left to go clockwise. Changing directions in the 
    middle of a circle strafe can also confuse your opponent even more.
    - ALWAYS ALWAYS manually reload after every skirmish. Esp with the T12G. See 
    next tip...
    - When reloading with the Tactical 12 Gauge, toggle ahead/back one weapon, 
    then back to the T12G (Tactical 12 Gauge). The T12G will automatically be 
    refilled, in the same amount of time it would take to actually reload 1.5 
    shells back into the T12G.
    - Try to aim for the head as often as you can, if you are relatively close to 
    them for maximum damage.
    - Be careful when using the Soviet S47 and the Plasma autorifle; after you 
    empty all of your bullets, you will still have it equipped, ready to shoot the 
    grenades. I found this a major hassle with the S47, mainly because I don't use 
    the grenades that frequently. Then I would run out of ammunition, and not auto-
    switch to the weapons I have left, which is a major pain in the arse! :-)
    - Be careful when using flaming grenades, bots/humans can pass the flame onto 
    you, too! If you do catch fire either find a water source to put yourself out, 
    or get a fire extinguisher and aim for the floor until you put yourself out. 
    Otherwise, shoot like mad to take others down before you burn! :D
    - With character abilities on, don't try and use flamethrowers/flame grenades 
    on robots and golems. Fire resistant so and so's!
    - use the laser a lot more! You can shield yourself from any non-explosive 
    (minus electrotool) and fire at the same time!
    - Always be moving around, following the radar to the area with the largest 
    amount of red blips on it.
    - when you stick a plasma grenade on someone, shot at it with the rapid fire. 
    Hitting it blows it up immediately. This could save you, or hurt you, 
    on how close you are to them
    - Bots can turn around very quickly. Be ready when they kill someone else near 
    you. You are next.
    - They can fully strafe around you in about 1 second. Back up and strafe to 
    counter this.
    - Their shots do more damage than yours (especially their rockets. R109 Beta 
    is a good example, as it can take two or three direct hits to kill a bot, 
    while one shot from them kills you instantly. They can also fire dual pistols 
    at exactly the same time, doing a lot of damage).
    - On harder modes, their vision seems to be based on proximity. The FRAME you 
    walk out from a door or a corner, BAM! Direct hit! So either know they are 
    there and be ready, or pray they miss. And most of the time you can't sneak up 
    on them.
    9.0 Copyright & Contact
    Unpublished Work Copyright 2002 - onwards Alex Holley
    This guide may only be used at the following sites:
    Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    IGN (www.ign.com)
    GameSpot (www.gamespot.com)
    It may not be reproduced nor retransmitted in any form without prior consent 
    from the author. It may not be altered, published, sold, given as an incentive 
    to buy, etc. without advance permission from the authors. All outside sources 
    which have contributed to the making of this guide in some form have been 
    cited in the section after this. Violation of the above terms can and most 
    probably will result in a lawsuit.
    Contact me at:
    arekux (AT) yahoo (DOT) co (DOT) uk
    Gamefaqs ID : Doodle
    GF contributor id : XanDoodle
    IGN ID : xandoodle
    Please contact me with reasonable stuff. I dont want stupid questions or spam.
    Contributions to the guide would be nice, and I am willing to answer 
    questions. Just make sure you check the faq first.
    I check this email semi regularly. So don't expect a reply straight away.
    10.0 Credits
    Doodle (me)
    Kid Vid2
    Super pretendo
    THE END - merry christmas and a happy new year.

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