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    Robot Factory (Hard) Guide by funkytoad

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/20/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    TimeSplitters 2 (Gamecube)
    Robot Factory (Hard) Guide
    By Erik-McLennan-Funkytoad
    Version 1.0
    Table Of Contents
    Hello, and welcome to my Robot Factory (Hard) Guide. My name is 
    Funkytoad, and I'm an avid gamer. I wrote this walkthrough, 
    because all of the TimeSplitters 2 message boards that I go to 
    seem to have a lot of people who are stuck on Robot Factory, on 
    Hard. I found this level to be reasonably easy, so I'm writing 
    this, in hopes that I can facilitate the lives of some other 
    people out there ^_^
    Keep in mind, while reading this guy, that this is not going to be 
    a step by step, hold your hand for every and every enemy type 
    walkthrough. I'm assuming that you've already beaten Robot Factory 
    on Normal and Easy, and have a general idea of where most things 
    are, and what you need to do. What this guide does, it gives a 
    basic walkthrough of the level, and gives some easy strategies for 
    the harder parts of the level. With that said, let's go to the 
    Okay, start off in the first room, dash out, and turn left, juking and 
    dodging, to avoid all of the lasers and such. Continue until you get to 
    the room with the scanner, and wait behind the crates on the left. When 
    the scanner hits the crates, run to the other side of the room, and 
    switch it to defense. When it comes back it will kill most of those 
    chassis bots, and you can kill the stray 1 or 2. After that, go get the 
    armor, plasma grenades, and switch on the bridge. Kill the chassis bots 
    that appear, then turn the scanner to detection mode. Run back to the 
    first room, and get the attention of the load of chassis bots, and the 
    sentry bot, then dash back and turn the scanner to defense. Now wait 
    around the corner until you hear everything die. The sentry bot will 
    take a little while, but as long as you can hear his footsteps, he's 
    coming. Obviously, switch it back to detection before you run through it 
    again. Now then, the idea is to keep progressing through the level, and 
    whenever you see enemies, run back to the scanner, and switch it to 
    defense. Unless of course it's just a chassis bot or 2... For the 
    turrets/walking turrets, you can kill them easily with your scifi 
    handgun, simply by dodging back and forth. After you've crossed the 
    bridge, and collected the electrotool, you're done with the scanner, 
    unless you want to wait a REALLY long time for sentry bots to get there. 
    However, I believe there are only 1 or 2 sentry bots until the 
    checkpoint. As for armor and such, there is TONS in this level, so 
    whenever you have 0 armor, take one. For the room where you destroy the 
    first node, and then tons of chassis bots appear, use the electrotool to 
    stun them, and grenade to take them out in bulk. Anyhow, eventually 
    you'll get to a room with a sentry bot, and a walking turret in it, as 
    well as some armor, and a node hidden on the left hand side. Kill the 
    sentry bot with a grenade, and a blast of the laser, then dispatch the 
    turret. I don't remember for sure whether the 3rd node is before or 
    after this, but it's the one where you control the railbot, and take out 
    the 3 bases to the shield on the node. AAAAnyhow, not too far off, 
    you'll get to the checkpoint! Even if you only have the tiniest sliver 
    of health at this point, don't worry, that's how much I had, and you can 
    make it to the boss with full armor, no problem. 
    Okay, in the room after the checkpoint, you can do it the lazy way, or 
    the quicker way. I generally do it the quicker way. There are 2 walking 
    turrets, and 2 bomb bot thingies. I just take them all out with the 
    scifi handgun, but you could use the railbot if you want to. Anyhow, 
    once you kill them, take out the plasma autorifle, and grenade the 
    sentrybot that will warp in, and book it back to the console for the 
    rail bot. Finish him off with the rail bot, and continue. In the next 
    room, there are 2 sentry bots, and about 4 chassis bots. Get everyone's 
    attention, then run back to the console. Using the handgun, or the 
    autorifle, dispatch the chassis bots as they run for you, then get on 
    the console, and wait for the 2 sentry bots to come. Have the rail bot 
    sitting at the exit to the room, and as soon as you can see the feet of 
    a sentry bot, start shooting, and dont stop til he's dead. They'll never 
    even make it into the room. Once those 2 are dead, get into the room 
    they were in, take the armor if you need it, and start to go up the 
    ramp. A chassis bot will warp in up above, so kill him. Now dispose of 
    the walking turret on the ramp, and go up. There is a turret right by 
    the console, so kill it. Now activate the console, then use the 
    electrotool to kill the node. As soon as you do so, pause, switch to 
    plasma, and grenade the left and right forks (a chassisbot will appear 
    in each spot) then move back. Kill any chassis bots that lived with the 
    autorifle (tehre will be 6 in total I think). Now then, we're about to 
    do the hardest room in the level...however, I find it pretty damn 
    simple. From the crane console, go left, and past the next console with 
    your laser out. Look across to the right hand side of the level, to the 
    sentry bot, and hit him with 2 almost full charged shots. This should 
    drop him without being noticed. Now, there are 2 more sentry bots, 
    directly across the room from you, one high, and one low. Charge a 
    laser, strafe out, and shoot the high one, then get back, because one or 
    the other will be firing a rocket probably. Now go back out, and hit him 
    with a 2nd laser, and he'll fall. Do the same for the lower one. Now you 
    can hit the console you just passed. Continue across the walkway through 
    the room, and then down the ramps. You'll get to a walking turret, so 
    kill it with the handgun. Now, turn around, and there will be armor if 
    you need it (if you have less than half, I suggest you take it). Across 
    from here is the retroracer cart, if you want it. Now go up the other 
    ramp, and across the ramp. Notice there is more armor over here. This is 
    saved for later. Kill the 2 walking turrets in here with the handgun, 
    and take the electrotool if you want, then proceed to the exit near the 
    final walking turret. Go past the console, and grab the homing launcher. 
    Plant a grenade on the green forcefield, and wait for it to blow. 
    Activate the console you just passed. Now then, the node will be 
    destroyed in about 1 minute, or less, so run like hell back to the 
    railbot console, and keep the aimer of the railbot trained on the way 
    you just came from (same way you killed the sentry bots before). 
    Zoom in on the VERY spot that you'll first see the enemies coming in, 
    and hold R. Eventually a surge of chassis bots will come. You should 
    keep killing them as they enter, but if any get through, change to your 
    handgun, and just wait for them to come to you, and kill them one by 
    one, using the wall for cover. The good part to this is, every single 
    chassis bot will get there, before the first sentry bot arrives. Once 
    there seems to be no more chassis bots coming, and the footsteps are 
    getting pretty loud, get on the console. Keep the aimer trained on that 
    spot, and just wait it out. There are 6 sentry bots to kill. You need 
    to be patient, they WILL come. After they're all gone, go back to the 
    very large room, and take the final armor, regardless of how much you 
    have...this is the final stretch. Go to the machinists room (I assume 
    you know where that is), and as soon as you're in, run to the alcove on 
    the right, kill the chassis bot with plasma shots, grab the homing 
    rockets, kill the chassis bot across the room, then back as far away as 
    you can from the machinist, while in this little alcove. This way, he 
    CANNOT hit you. Now then, just hit him with all of your plasma ammo, 
    and all of your grenades, and if he's still alive, hit him with homing 
    rockets. Chassis bots will reappear every once in a while, so kill both 
    of them, and take the closer one's plasma ammo. Once the machinist is 
    done, just run like hell to the crystal, then run back down and go 
    through the portal...
    Voila! Now you've beaten Robot Factory, on Hard! After this, all 
    you've got is Space Station, which should only take about 10-15 
    minutes anyhow, and then you'll unlock the Site, and Unlimited 
    Ammo. Woohoo ^_^ I hope this guide has helped you very much ^_^ 
    Btw, if anyone wants to contact me, my e-mail is at the top. 
    Comments, strategies, etc are welcome ^_^
    Free Radical-For making this awesome game =D
    Nintendo-Dunno, for some reason, it says nintendo on the box, so I 
    figure I'll credit them, just to cover my ass. *shrug*
    CJayC-For running such an Uber1337 site 8D
    Monkeys-Well, if there weren't any monkeys in the game, no one 
    would buy it, so....woo monkeys!
    I own this guide, and it is protected by copyright...so don't 
    plagiarize, got it? I'll sue yer ass faster than you can call for 
    your mommy. The only thing I own is this guide. All characters, 
    trademarks etc, are owned by HAL and nintendo.

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