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    Notre Dame (Hard) FAQ by tylerh1701

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    TimeSplitters 2
    1895 Notre Dame Hard
    By: Tyler H
    Email: tylerh1701@hotmail.com
    Website: www.thetjzone.blogspot.com
    I. Introduction
    II. General Info
    III. Walkthrough
    	A. Beginning
    	B. The First 4 Maidens
    	C. The Fifth Maiden
    	D. Portal Deamon
    	E. The Roof and Jacque De La Morte
    IV. Legal Stuff & Thanks
    I. Introduction
    I wrote this guide for two reasons.  The main reason is that 
    I wanted to try and write a walkthrough, and see what it was 
    like.  The second reason I wrote this is because people on 
    the message board suggested it, even though this level is not 
    insanely difficult, like Atom Smasher, Siberia, or Robot Factory 
    (which all have walkthroughs).
    Since writing this guide, I've found that I actually like 
    writing them. If you like this guide and want to check out 
    any other guides I've written, check out:
    Nerf N-Strike for Wii
    Battleship for NES
    Chips Challenge for PC  
    II. General Info
    If you have ever read a walkthrough, I'm sure you have read these 
    phrases before.  I assume that anyone playing Notre Dame on hard 
    has already beaten the level on the easy and normal modes, and 
    that they are fairly accustomed to the level, how to free the 
    maidens, etc.  I will go into some detail, (because this is an 
    in-depth walkthrough, and the level doesn’t have a lot of depth) 
    but I will not hold your hand through the entire level.  And the 
    one thing I would suggest is that you be good at is blowing off 
    heads.  Because this tactic is uses a lot in this level.  
    Conservation of health is probably the most important part of this 
    level.  This may be obvious, but remember that you have unlimited 
    time on this level, unlike other ones, and use this to your 
    advantage.  Also, there is plenty of armor in this level, but that 
    doesn’t mean use it all right away.  You can always come back and 
    pick it up later, so never grab any armor unless you are completely 
    out.  Just take this level slow, and do it right.
    The best part about this level is the fact that there are no 
    snippers, and only a dozen of people with guns.  The rest are all 
    zombies who just swing at you, so stay light on your feet, and 
    AIM AT THEIR HEADS, and you will do fine.  I find it easiest to take 
    a few steps back from the zombies, start aiming, wait until their 
    head is in my crosshairs, and blast em!  You can use whatever tactic 
    you want, but this one is very reliable, and helps conserve ammo.
    III. Walkthrough
    A. Beginning
    You start out with a shotgun and 28 shells.  Walk down the corridor 
    until you reach the big area with one walking zombie and 3 lying on 
    the floor.  Take out the first one, and then run across the watery 
    area with the 3 lying zombies to the other ledge.  Once you are 
    here, turn around, and kill the 3 zombies quickly. Make sure you 
    do not back up too far, or else a zombie will awake and attack you 
    from behind.  After killing these 3 zombies, go down the side 
    hallway, and run past the two zombies.  Again, quickly turn around, 
    because the zombies awake.  Blast the one farther back first, because 
    he can spit acid.  Then kill the other one, pull the lever on the 
    side, and go back into the big room.  Turn left (remembering to grab 
    the ammo) and kill the 3 zombies in there. Again, the one farthest 
    back spits acid, so finish him first.  Jump into the gutter and 
    Pull the second lever to open the gate, the get pack onto the higher 
    ledge.  Pick up the Half Armor, turn around, and send the newly 
    generated zombie back to where he came from.  Go through the door 
    on the left, and get the 2 zombie’s attention.  Fall back and finish 
    them off one at a time to ensure no damage lost.  Continue on, and 
    go halfway up the stairs. A zombie will generate, so back up and wait 
    until you have him on level ground, then kill him.  Go up the stairs, 
    and keep going until you reach a room with a lot of barrels in it.  
    Grab the ammo, and walk forward, (don’t worry about the zombies, they 
    won’t wake up quite yet) Continue walking, pick up more ammo, and 
    move forward until you see and hear the explosion.  Start running 
    backwards, killing the 2 zombies in your path.  Run back to the 
    recently closed gate, and wait for the one non-flaming zombie, and 
    kill him.  The flaming zombies will be right after him, but they 
    require only 0 or 1 shot, because the fire has taken most of their 
    power.  After they are dead, move on in the level, remembering not 
    to walk over the flaming corpses, because once lit on fire, you are 
    as good as dead.
    B. The First 4 Maidens
    Proceed forward, grabbing the ammo, and approach the first maiden.  
    Four zombies will appear, but they will all come after you.  Backing 
    up slowly, take them all out, and free the FIRST MAIDEN.  Go to your 
    left, look at the “maiden” on the wall, remember her face, and blast 
    her.  It is really a changeling, and make sure you do not 
    accidentally free any of them.  Grab the Full Armor only if you are 
    completely out of armor, but remember that 3 zombies will appear as 
    soon as you grab it. Continue on, pick up the ammo, and 4 zombies 
    will warp in.  Run past the first two zombies, trying not to get hit. 
    (One swipe will be fine)  Turn left, and start walking backwards.  
    Kill the two zombies coming after you, then back up some more.  
    2 more zombies will appear, and kill them.  Wait for the other 2 to 
    come your way, blast them, then free the SECOND MAIDEN.  You must be 
    sure to kill all these zombies before they reach the maiden, or else 
    they will kill her, and you will fail the mission.  Now go back, 
    shoot the lock of the door with the maiden behind it, and enter.  
    Immediately step right in front of the maiden, and kill the zombie 
    in front of you.  Turn to your right, and kill the 2 zombies coming 
    at you.  One will probably not make it into the gate, so kill the 
    one that poses an immediate threat to the maiden first.  If you do 
    not kill them quickly enough, make sure that you are standing between 
    them and the maiden, so that you will be taking their blows instead 
    of her.  After these 2 zombies are killed, step outside of the cage 
    and 2 more will appear.  Kill them and free the THIRD MAIDEN.  
    Continue advancing in the level until you see a changeling on the 
    right wall.  As you approach it, 4 zombies will warp in, and they 
    will all be coming after you.  3 more zombies will emerge from the 
    staircase on the left side, and they will be heading toward the 
    maiden.  Kill as many of the zombies attacking you, and protect the 
    maiden as soon as you see the zombies coming from the stairs. Either 
    way, this is one of the hardest parts of the level, because you may 
    get hit a lot, and/or you may expel a lot of ammo.  After killing 
    all the zombies (make sure none are waiting near the stairs on the 
    side) free the FOURTH MAIDEN.  Go up the stairs, kill the zombie 
    waiting, and reach the checkpoint.  
    Power: 90-100%
    Armor: 50-100%
    Bullets: 6-10     
    C. The Fifth Maiden
    Keep walking, and you will hear the classic “Time Crystal Located”.  
    Once you reach the big church room, walk forward and look to your 
    left when you see the altar and pews.  There are 5 Undead Priests 
    hear touting Lugars.  Hopefully you have 6-8 shotgun shells left, 
    because it is much easier to kill these guys with a shotgun than 
    with a Lugar.  Kill the Priest closest to you (try to watch if he 
    drops his gun, if he doesn’t, then he will probably come from 
    behind and attack you later) then seek shelter behind the wall. 
    Run to the other end of the wall, and the Priests will start 
    appearing.  One blast from the shotgun to their body should kill 
    them, so try to kill them all without getting hit.  If you didn’t 
    kill the primary Undead Priests, he will come from behind you, so 
    just watch out.  And remember, if you get hit and lose a lot of 
    power, just restart from the checkpoint because it is so close to 
    here.  After killing the Undead Priests, make sure to pick up the 
    Time Crystal on the altar, and then start running down the long 
    Enter the room with the Full Armor on the floor, but leave it there 
    since you shouldn’t need it.  Strafe to the left while looking down 
    the hallway.  An Undead Priest is there, so you can either shoot at 
    him as you strafe back and forth, or you can back up, get at an 
    angle where you can barely see him, and start blasting.  It will 
    take more bullets, but you won’t get hit as much.  No matter what 
    you do, if you take too much damage, than restart from the 
    checkpoint, and leave the armor for later.  Go down the hall, 
    pick up his double lugars, and start up the stairs.  Go up 
    cautiously, because you are going to come across a zombie.  
    When you see him, you can either try to blast his head off on 
    the stairs, or run all the way back down, wait for him, and blow 
    his head off there (recommended).  After he is gone, go back up, 
    wait until you hear a grown, and then run back down again.  
    A fire-zombie will show up, and decapitate him to, then continue 
    up to the top.  Get to the doorway, but don’t go through it.  
    Instead, aim at the wall, then strafe right.  Start firing, and 
    you will kill the Undead Priest before he gets a chance to fire.  
    Pull on one of the ropes (either one) and head back down.  Run 
    up to the maiden and zombies will start to appear behind you.  Try 
    to take out the first four, while the Hunchback is on his way.  Once 
    the Hunchback is there, he will be able to finish of the rest of 
    them.  Just keep an eye open and make sure no zombies get to close, 
    but do not waste your ammo unless it is necessary to kill the 
    zombie, because usually the hunchback is a crackshot, and wont need 
    your help.   After all the zombies are finished, you will have 
    rescued the FIFTH MAIDEN.  It will tell you to help the Hunchback 
    and the Maiden escape, but don’t worry about it, they don’t need 
    help.  Just go into the door on the left that the Hunchback came 
    D. Portal Deamon
    Start down the passage, and start up the stairs.  Leave the Half 
    Armor there unless you absolutely need it.  As soon as you do, you 
    will hear a groan, so go backward and wait for the flaming zombie 
    to make his presence.  Kill him, and continue up. Go into the 
    little alcove, and grab some more shotgun ammo.  Keep going up 
    until you encounter a zombie, then go back down and kill him.  Go 
    up again until you hear another groan, go down, kill the flaming 
    zombie, then you can finally go all the way up.  Hurray!    Keep 
    walking til you get to a shotgun on the ground and part of the 
    gate on the top.  You are about to face the hardest part of the 
    level, the Portal Deamon.  Brace yourself, and try to have as much 
    power and armor as possible.  It will take a little practice to 
    beat him, but it is not insanely tough.  Also, 2 Undead Priests 
    and 2 Acid-Spewing Sewer Zombies warp in, and continue to do so 
    if you kill the first ones.  Here is my strategy:  (all while 
    running back and forth so not to be hit by the rockets)  I like to 
    whip out the shotgun, take a few shots at the demon, and then 
    focus on the 2 Undead Priests. Drop them quickly, then take out 
    the 2x Lugars and fire at the Demon’s head. (The shotgun does 
    slightly more damage to the Deamon, but it is easier to fire 14 
    rounds from the lugars before reloading)  Hit him several times, 
    until the Priests come back.  Get the shotgun back out, and drop 
    them quickly, then return to the lugars.  Just avoid the zombies, 
    because they pose little threat. Continue until the Portal Deamon 
    is dead, and then finish off the excess zombies and Undead Priests.  
    Hopefully you still have armor downstairs, so run down there and 
    grab it.  If not, just keep going.
    E. The Roof and Jacque De La Morte
    Keep walking until you reach armor and a door.  Hopefully, you 
    can leave the Half Armor there and come back for it if you need 
    it later.  But if you need it now, take it.  The roof is definitely 
    beatable.  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE TIME CRYSTAL.  I beat the Jacque 
    once without the time crystal (which was still sitting on the altar), 
    and it pissed me off pretty bad.  Just make sure it doesn’t happen 
    to you.  Anyway, open the door, and enter the roof.  Pick of the first 
    Undead Priest with a shotgun from the entrance, then proceed on.  
    2 Undead Priests will warp in, and a third will come running so kill 
    them as quick as possible.  Keeping distance between you and the 
    enemies is good here, because there accuracy is not very good. Use 
    the many pillars for protection when you are reloading the shotgun. 
    (If you run out of Shotgun ammo, run back to where the Portal Deamon 
    was, because there will be a box of shotgun shells there)  Move on, 
    and a Scourage Splitter and 2 Undead Priests will appear.  Use the 
    same techniques, and above all else, try not to get shot too much!  
    Move forward, and 4 more Undead Priests appear.  Again, hide behind 
    the pillar, pop out to blast them with the shotgun, then go back 
    behind the pillar to reload.  Once they are gone, move forward.  
    A scourage splitter and Jacque De La Morte will make an appearance.  
    Try to get as many shots in on the scourage splitter before Jacque 
    turns the corner. (If you can drop him, that would be great)  
    After you see Jacque, start retreating until the scourage splitter 
    is out of the picture.  The main goal here is to keep one bad guy in 
    the screen, not two.  Fire at Jacque, and continue retreating.  
    You will probably end up killing Jacque before you kill the scourage 
    splitter, but you have to kill them both.  Once they are dead, head 
    back to where they were, and that is where the Time Portal is.  
    Don’t worry, no new TimeSplitters regenerate, so just walk through 
    the Time Portal.  
    IV.  Legal Stuff & Thanks
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use 
    of this guide on any other web site besides GameFAQs.com or as a part 
    of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of 
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright 2006-2010 Tyler Hall
    I would like to thank Nintendo and Free Radical for making this 
    great game.  
    Thanks to GameFAQs, for having all of these walkthroughs for me 
    to use, and letting me be able to write one.
    Thanks to Crate3333 for having the original walkthrough for Notre 
    Dame, which I used to complete the level the first time.
    Thanks to all the people who responded on the message board on 
    my question.
    Thanks to Sam’s Club for selling this game for $12.00.
    And thanks to me, for being ambitious enough and losery enough to 
    want to write a walkthrough.
    Thanks to speed_racer128 for letting me know about an error
    in the walkthrough.

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