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"Amazing Multiplayer, A Mapmaker, and even Monkeys."

TimeSplitters 2 is a game created by Free Radical, the people who worked for Rare during the creation of the famous games Goldeneye and Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64 and eventually broke away to form their own company. This game is basically feels like a successor to both of this.


The only story for this game can be found within either single or co-op story mode. Basically each level is a different time period where you go and retrieve the time crystals that were broken apart, stolen, and brought back in time to the different eras. The main enemies are the TimeSplitters, evil aliens who are attacking the future. Within each ere you warp into the body of a different person and control them throughout the level to collect the Time Crystal along with doing other objectives. These other objectives help make the story even more interesting as you are doing other things then just finding a crystal. While it is a very simple story it is still very interesting and will keep you playing the game throughout the whole thing.


The gameplay of TimeSplitters 2 plays a lot like Perfect Dark and Goldeneye so if you ever played those the gameplay will feel very familiar to you and you will most likely love the game. Even if you haven't however it is still a game you should try out. While playing the game you will fun much action, some humor, skill, and even some stealth elements in a few parts.

It also has many different games modes which will keep you playing for some times, they include a story mode with co-op, a mapmaker to make custom maps for yourself, a Arcade Mode which is multiplayer and allows you to do challenges for a rating.

One of the games unique features would be the vast amount of characters in it, the total amount of characters is a little over 100 which is amazing for a game. Some of them are humor characters which will make your play even funner when you unlock them. Some of these characters are tricky to unlock but when you do you will be happy that you got them.

The graphics for this game, while being cartoony at times are very good. The character models and maybe a few of the guns are the only things that would be at times but with all the characters in the game you shouldn't really mind. The textures in the game are very good. The only complaint from me would be having more tile sets in the mapmaking mode because they good a little old after awhile but that is not a big deal. The ones in the story mode and premade multiplayer maps are nicely done. Combined with all of the other things the atmosphere in this game is great in each level whether it be Siberia, Chicago, or the alien Planet X.

Sounds-Each gun has it's own unique sound which is a good thing. The voice acting isn't that bad either along with the many other sounds from bullets hitting the walls to the sounds of the zombies or even the monkeys running around on fire.
Music-The music in the game is very nice and atmospheric and also keeps you exited through it along with the fact that it is not that repetitive.

The controls for the game are very good mainly due to the fact you can basically completely customize them to whatever you want. The only thing that may take a little bit of getting used to would be the way you zoom and aim. You have to use the C stick to aim which sometimes is very sensitive and tricky to use. and takes a little bit to get used to that, however, should not take much time to get used to and you will have to if you want to make some quick shooting and decisions through the game which you will need to do.

The replay for this game is almost endless due to it's multiplayer, many different challenges in arcade league and the challenge mode, along with the mapmaker and it's countless unlockable characters.

Conclusion-TimeSplitters 2 is an amazing game and a great game to buy due to it's many unlockables ranging from characters to levels, and even a weapon or two and some cheats. It has much replay when playing through multiplayer or the story and with using the mapmaker to make your own levels. The only reason I could see that you wouldn't like this game is if you really hated shooters but even then you should still give it a try as it is different from many of the other ones. While some of the unlockables are very tricky to get this will keep you playing it for sometime and make you feel satisfied in the end when you finally get them.

I am giving this game a 10/10 due to the fact I feel it is a must get game and almost perfect. It is defiantly worth the money to buy it and you won't regret it after playing it for countless hours on end. If you can get another person with you to play it that makes it even more of a must buy. It is just plain amazing for each different console whether you are playing it on the GameCube, the PlayStation 2, or the Xbox. I would defiantly suggest to buy this game, the only reason to not buy and only rent would be if it is impossible for you to find someone to play it with. If you have decided that you do not want to buy it you must still rent it at least once and play this must buy game.

Final Score-10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/06/06

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