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"Cortez saves the world. Again?"

Welcome to my Time splitters 2 review. This is a game about these creatures named Time splitters who go back to the past or go to the future to cause havoc and steal the Time Crystals. You are Sergeant Cortez and you must go back through time and go into the future to defeat the Time splitters and return peace to the world. You are helped by a lady named Corp Hart who takes care of the Time Crystals while Cortez is out looking for them all. When you are in the levels there are enemies like the soldiers from Siberia, Zombies from the Notre Dame and Robots from the Robot Factory.

The graphics are awesome because they are realistic for the time zone and colorful. They also stand out and have the best graphics out of the FPS shooter games. The bad part of the graphics are that some characters for example the Crypt Zombie are smiling and don't take the look off which makes it non understandable. So at the end the graphics of the levels are clear, realistic and colorful. Also the graphics of the Weapons are good because they stand out and look futuristic if it is a level in the future but when it is an old level back in the past the gun's graphics suit the time line.

The game play was simply fun because there are challenging and fun. The unsuspecting enemies are entertaining to battle and the objectives are the most fun out of any FPS game other than Golden Eye. The objective on Easy are simply easy and for novice people but when you get good the normal mode extends some levels and brings in challenging objectives and more enemies. Once you are very confident in going to hard mode you will experience more objectives and harder and more enemies who will take more damage than any other difficulty. Also on hard mode there will be less ammo so you had better use them wisely.

The audio was good because the music for some levels like Chicago is loud clear and has an addicting tune in it. Siberia's music was good because it suited the snow when you were there but if you were inside the dam tower it had no music which put more excitement if UN expecting enemies would appear and start shooting at you. The music in the Robot Factory was cool because you can hear the robot's making noises and you can hear constructing sounds.

The story is about Time Splitters going back through and forward in time to hide the Time Crystals which take you back to the present time and they hide it to destroy the peaceful lands. You as Cortez must go back and forward in time to gather the Time crystals and destroy the Time Splitters so they cannot cause more damage on the land. There are many time zones from the Wild West back in the 1850's to the Space Station which is in the mid 2000's. You are aided by a lady named Corp Hart who looks after the Time crystals when you are gone but sadly at the end the Time splitters kill her.

Multi-player is a good and fun mode because you are helped by a friend and there are more challenging enemies and harder difficulty's than 1p mode because you have somebody on your side but the enemies must have someone and the creators have put more enemies to make it more fun and challenging. There are also added missions when you have 2p co-op and that is the secondary missions some of them become the primary missions.

The controls in this game are good because there are 1 button for 1 move not for some games 1 button is 2 moves and that makes the game much easier if you are a beginner.

2p battle mode is fun as well because there are heaps of modes you can play in for example the virus and that is when you get hit by the person who has green fire on them you are then the virus but the person who hits you is still the virus so that means that the last person standing wins. There are heaps of other modes you can play in other than virus which makes this game a good and fun game.

The 2p Levels have just a bit of 1p levels but most of them are different from 1p which makes the game more exciting for somebody who has beaten 1p and wants new levels and they can get it from the 2p battle mode. So they are the fun things you can do in 2p and it will be enjoyable when you play it with a friend, brother/sister or mate so they are the fun things you can do in 2p.

Rent or Buy:
I definitely recommend you to buy this game first because it is a game that keeps you entertained for a very long period of time with its challenges and secrets. If you want to test this game out before you buy it then rent it from your nearest video game shop then if you turn out not liking this game then don't buy it but if you turn out you do like it then go for the buy.

Overall Time splitters 2 for the Nintendo Game cube is a fun and challenging game to beat which will take you over a week to beat every difficulty of every level because of the enemies and the UN expecting turrets that are placed. If you go slowly and look around in the room if there are turrets and you shoot them then you are going to be a pro at this game because most people miss the turrets which then shoot them to death or take heaps of damage before they destroy the turret. So at the end Time splitters 2 is the 2nd best FPS shooting game but the first was Golden eye so Time splitters 2 is the 2nd most enjoyable game for me and it should be for every one else.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/28/06

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