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"The Reaper Splitters are at it Again!"

Welcome to my review of Time Splitters 2 which is a really great game. The story is about the reaper splitters gaining their revenge on the world and especially on Cortez for destroying half of their race. So now Cortez must destroy them before they destroy the planet and collect the time crystals as well. You have an assistant who is Corp Hart she helps you on the adventure through time. Trust me this game keeps you entertained for a long time.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics were cool! Nintendo made great graphics and has surprised everyone with them. They are not too cartooned and not old they are just perfect so don't doubt any of it so that is why I gave the graphics 10/10 I'd say this is the best shooter game graphics I've ever played.

Sound: 8/10
There isn't much sound of the levels only some levels that had loud and clear audio. The enemies sounds of the guns are magnificent and so as the characters speaking. I mean most games don't have people speaking at all but you can hear loudly and clearly what these characters are saying.

Game Play: 10/10
The game play is really up to Nintendo's standards even easy mode is hard and hard mode is very skilled you must be a pro to complete these modes. Now in this game you will be travelling back and forward through the time portal, to the wild west and robot factory and Siberia to Chicago.

Unlike some games this game has over 100 characters to choose from! Some of them are cool and most of them are weird such as Calamari! or Gingerbread man! they are a good joke but really their looks are deceiving they are stronger than you think.

Time Splitters 2 has a Co-op story mode so grab a friend and play with them through 10 very long levels with hard missions. Now here comes the good part it has Arcade were you do very cool missions to unlock cheats characters and secrets! but that's not all there is vs in the arcade were you can test you're skills against players if you think you are a pro. If you have no one to play with then choose bots so you can play against computers and you can choose what difficulty they can be.

The modes in vs are really great such as bag tag, team death match, Virus and heaps more. My favourite mode is Virus because it's more of running than shooting. In this mode you have to run from the enemy who is on fire and if you get tagged then you will be the virus and get all the other players. So basically you got to run and survive until everyone except you has been caught then you win. This mode is very addicting and might be you're favourite mode as well.

Next mode is challenge which is if you are too good for arcade missions, select this mode and test you're skills against much more harder missions which will take a lot of times to beat.

Next up is mapmaker which is really magnificent. You can create you're own maps, put any enemies, any guns or even make a story mode instead of vs. mode you can also save it as well. But the sad part is that you have memory if you run out of it you cannot place anymore objects so select carefully and choose what you want.

Last of the modes is options which obviously you know what it is. It lists how many trophies you have, how many times you have played the game, shows you're cheats and much more.

Each difficulty has more missions and explore much more of the levels than on easy mode.

The controls are easy to learn and the camera doesn't get in the way but most games have cameras which get in you're way so you can't see, but this game is mostly in 3D which is really good.

Rent or buy:
I recommend you buy this game because it's really cheap and is entertaining you will be non stop playing this game for weeks especially the challenges and hard missions. But if you just want to try it out then rent it from you're game shop and try it out. Return it is you don't like it but if you do then stop renting it and buy it. Now it will probably be around $50 now since the game is old so you should have enough money.

Overall 9/10
Overall this game deserves a 9 because it is one of the best FPS shooter games on the Game Cube and is really great game to start with. By estimating this game (with it's difficulty and how long it is) it will probably take you a month to get 100% because in hard mode the Military, Zombies, Aliens and Robots take a quarter of you're life so 4 bangs and you're gone, 2 by a head shot.

Good levels
My favourite level is return to Planet X because it is so futuristic and it is really adventuring around the planet. The whole point of this level is to explore the alien's base and exterminate them before they also take over Earth.
Time Splitters 2 is the best FPS shooter game that Nintendo made for the Game Cube. This compares to Goldeneye but Time Splitters 2 is just a bit better. So if you have played Goldeneye then you will get a good idea of this game so enjoy it and see how good you are.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/29/06

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