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"The True Greatest First Person Shooter of All Time"

I guess my title for this game as the true greatest FPS of all time is a bit over the top considering I'm actually not a huge fan of the genre at this point. However, when I first played it, I was a huge fan of the genre. However, a the same time I wasn't big on gaming at that point either. For instance, I still considered Perfect Dark and Goldeneye to be at the top of the heap otherwise as far as FPS games went. However, another game that came out around the same time was getting huge review, huge fanfare, huge everything, and that was Halo. Halo is another of the better first person shooter games that I have ever played, and it brought a more continuous element to the genre, at least to me. However, I still felt like Timesplitters 2 was by far the superior game.

Some of my love for this game goes right to the general setting of the game. A game where you travel forward and back in time, take the form of a being during that time period, and work your way through goal after goal before finishing each level. I've always had a very strong interest in history, so the levels that went back in time, starting with the first mission in Siberia in 1990 struck a nerve with me. To elaborate on that level, I had just read the Max Brooks book the Zombie Survival Guide at the time, and in that there was mentions of supposed experiments that happened in Russia near the end of the Cold War where the Russians were supposedly trying to create zombies. Sure enough, there's zombies in that level (although I doubt anyone believes the Russians were actually making zombies at that point). Right after that level there's another level that hits home, as it takes place in the city I've lived in for all except for a year and a half of my life (almost 3 decades), but the year my late grandfather was born. Chicago in 1920 (my grandfather, for the 2 of you who wondered, actually grew up in Kentucky, so he wasn't actually around any of that stuff). Notre Dame in the 1800's was the next level, and seeing as how I've always been a fan of horror anything, this was a great level to have next, as the horror stories behind that creepy cathedral could probably go on for ages. Anyway, to put it in short, the general story of the game really was one that I could greatly enjoy. I could go over each level and give another reason why I love how the game went to that time period and those things going on during that time period.

The gameplay itself was just as amazing. This was the first game that I ever played that really used the 2 analog stick type of controls. This has since become standard in just about any game out there, even many RPGs, but at the time that was a brand new thing. I remember my first time playing the game, I had bought it after a friend (and at the time my current college roommate) told me how great it was after he'd played it for just a few hours. I went ahead and bought it while at home over a weekend. I'll never forget that first game at the mission, I had no warning, but I was moving all strangely. However, by the end of the first game I was getting the hang of it and quickly realized how great those controls were.

Probably the best thing about the gameplay to me was that the hard mode was actually....well, hard. I've played games on hard difficulty before, or even those difficulties beyond hard. However, the hard difficulty on this game was hard, but not unreasonable at any point either. You were expected to know the level from top to bottom, but at the same time there was rarely anything completely unfair with any of the levels. There was very little that had to do with luck and a lot that had to do with straight up skill. It was difficult, sometimes VERY difficult (until you figured out what to do with some levels, but even often still quite tough), but it was fair. If you wanted something where you had to get some luck or put forth the best performance of your gaming life, there was still trying to get platinum on every multi player and challenge level in the game. There were just as many things to accomplish, if not more, than even most games out there today.

As already mentioned, the controls for the game were great. As also already mentioned, this game had great gameplay. So what else is there? Well, that's a whole new starting point. We'll start that with the controls. I've already started with those a little bit. It was one of the earlier games to take advantage of having 2 analog sticks to play the game with, something that Nintendo STILL hasn't totally figured out (this review being written shortly after the announcement of the 3DS XL), but had ready with the rest for this game. The rest of the controls themselves were totally natural. From cycling through guns to anything else like secondary weapons, the Gamecube control actually felt like it was entirely made for this. The best thing you can ask for a game's controls is that they come naturally. This is one game that accomplishes this perfectly on the Gamecube.

Another wonderful thing about this game is the music to it. I haven't done all of the research about it, but from what I understand, the people who put together the music for Goldeneye had something to do with the music for this game. If this is indeed true that would make a lot of sense, as this game does have a very similar atmosphere to it as far as the music goes. It's done in a sense where you really get the whole atmosphere of the level while at the same time the music seems to do the same work in creating its own atmosphere. It's all very wonderfully done.

The graphics are one of the least important things to me about any game, and with this game they are also very unimportant, but at the same time, especially when you consider the time, they're very well done. They're nothing that will blow anyone away, or probably ever did, like a Metroid Prime type game, but at the same time they hold up very well, no matter what platform. It's a game whose graphics stand up very strong though to everything else in the sixth generation.

When I was in college, drunk or sober, when my friends and I hung out and wanted to play video games there were two games we would play. NBA Live 2003, and this. Even when one of the guys brought back his XBox with Halo, we played Halo for about a week before everyone went back to wanting to play Timesplitters 2. This was a game that everyone loved to play. Everyone was able to figure it out very easily as well as have a great time. Playing this game single player, coop, or just straight up multi player, this was a game that was always an unbelievable amount of fun to play. There has yet to be a first person shooter to even come close to this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/26/12

Game Release: TimeSplitters 2 (US, 10/16/02)

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