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"Definitely worth your time"

Today, First-Person Shooting (or FPS) games are one of the most popular genres of modern gaming. The formula for such a game is simple: You're given a weapon (commonly a gun) and through the perspective of the person, must accomplish your tasks. When many franchises were emerging into 3D, the genre hit a rise in popularity. Along with Perfect Dark and Goldeneye 007, Timesplitters was one of the first titles to experiment with this new style of play.

The original release, which was a PlayStation 2 exclusive, released in 2000. It was developed by a group of former Rare employees who went under the title Free Radical Design. The premise of the game went as following: a group of aliens known as Timesplitters were going to varying points in history and trying to steal Time Crystals. Your job was to stop them.

Two years later, a sequel was released unto the public, bearing the name Timesplitters 2. This time, the Timesplitters had come back. Your job, as Sergeant Gomez, is to travel to various points in time and collect the time crystals before the Timesplitters can. When traveling to these periods of time, Sgt. Gomez takes the form of whoever belongs in that time period, so each of his attributes vary from mission to mission.

Alongside the Story mode, there is an Arcade mode, a Challenge mode, and a MapMaker. In the Arcade mode, you are able to fight computer opponents on various settings with the custom league. You also have the option of choosing the preset leagues made by the developers, which vary in difficulty, enemies used, and stages played on. You can receive trophies of either gold, silver, it bronze, depending on how well you performed. Getting trophies unlocks other leagues.

Below the Arcade mode is the Challenge mode, which is sort of like a set of small games to play on the side. Each of these games have three levels to them, which are easy, medium, and hard. Along with the Arcade mode, it runs off of trophies, so you unlock new games by completing the ones you already have. Both of these modes add a lot of Replayability to the game.

Finally, you see the MapMaker. As you may have guessed, it lets you design and test your own customized maps. It lets you place spawn points, drop guns, make portals to other portions of the map, and many other things. One of the highlights of this mode is that you are able to play on your modified maps with another person.

The graphics of Timesplitters 2 add to its charm. Bearing in mind that this was on the Gamecube, Free Radical Design made a part-cartoonish, part-realistic graphical element to the game. While this Ess done quite well, there are a few spots that this disadvantages the player. For example, when you shoot an enemy with a pistol, they fly their arms back and bend their spine. This causes the player to wait until it has recovered before continuing with the shooting.

The music in the game does not have as large a place as the gameplay element does. Regardless, it still plays an important role in the experience. Each mission in the story has a small piece of music written for it. It may be energetic and rushing, or it may be slow and dull. It depends on the players mindset at the time, which is a great use.

In conclusion, Timesplitters 2 is a game with something for everyone. If you'd like, you can go with the story mode and capture time crystals before the Timesplitters do. If you don't, you can fight against computer opponents, partake in small sets of games, or design and test your own maps. I'd say you should definitely buy this game. It's not perfect, but it's definitely worth your time

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/11/12

Game Release: TimeSplitters 2 (US, 10/16/02)

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