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"The best fps since Perfect Dark!"

If you loved Perfect dark or Goldeneye this game is for you. This game is made by some of the same people that made Perfect Dark and Goldeneye. They went off and started their own company called ''Free Radical'' and they made a masterpiece.

Gameplay 10/10

There are so many good aspects of the gameplay I don't know where to start. I guess I'll start with the controls. It's like your average fps, but you use the C stick to change your view. It's like the Turock series. It takes practice and some getting used to but once you do it takes the game to a whole new level of precision and aiming. The adventure mode is nothing short of perfect. You've got 10 missions each of which are completely different and are set in different times. There's a mission for everyone; If you like sci-fi there are a couple missions with aliens, laser rifles, the works. There's the wild west mission, 1932 Chicago. In one mission you're trying to stop a demon worshipping cult of undead priests. So I think that you get the point about adventure mode. The best aspect about this game is the multiplayer. Every fps made to date has a multiplayer mode that pales in comparison to this one. There are over 50 weapons to choose from and over 100 characters. Each character is good and bad in different ways. (Stamina, accuracy, agility ect.) There are over a dozen levels for you and up to 3 other people to play in. There are a ton of different scenarios to choose from. (Capture the flag, team mode, Slo mo, frantic mode, Tiny mode, health regeneration, one hit kills, and many more!) Adventure mode isn't the only one player mode there is, there is also challenge mode and arcade league. The challenges mode can be a bit strange but you have to to random assorted tasks well enough to get a bronze, silver, gold, and even platinum trophy. Some of the challenges include, find all the bananas as fast as you can, kill as many zombies as you can before they kill you, break all the windows as fast as you can. As you get more trophies you unlock more levels, characters, ect. in multiplayer mode. The arcade league has over 50 pre set multiplayer challenges against the computer that you try to beat as fast or as well as you can to get a bronze, silver, ect. trophy. Like the challenge mode, the more trophies you get, the more you unlock.

Challenge 10/10

It takes A LOT! of time and practice to beat the challenges and arcade league. The adventure mode takes the best of gamers to beat on hard mode. By the time you do everything there is to do, you will be good beyond belief at the game.

Graphics 8/10

Overall, they're pretty good. The surroundings are very good and even of you get right up next to anything, you won't see a single polygon. The people could use a little work though, They don't have too much detail and they're a bit blocky. I'm not trying to sound picky but I have to find something negative about the game. It all runs very smoothly and even in the most intense situations it doesn't falter or studder.

Sound 10/10

The sound is absolutely brilliant. The music fits the scenarios perfectly in adventure mode and can be very exciting in those intense situations. The sound effects are just as good as the music. Each character and gun has its own set of sound effects. All of the sound is crystal clear and you won't be disappointed.

Replay 11/10

Yes I know that isn't a real rating but this game earned it. You can play the missions and challenges over and over again. You'll get rush every time you play multiplayer with your friends. There is no end to the fun in this game.

Overall 10/10

GO BUY THIS GAME NOW!!!!! This is one of the best games I have ever played. You fans of Goldeneye and Perfect Dark shouldn't have even bothered reading the review, you could have bought it by now. It's worth the $50 and much more than that for all the fun you're going to get out of this.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/19/02, Updated 10/19/02

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