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"Great game"

Gameplay 9/10
A basic First Person Shooter with lots of fun extra things. You also get the chance to set your enemies on fire then watch them running around trying to find a fountain.If someone on your team is on fire you have the chance to find an extinguisher and put them out, or you can let them find the fountain themselves and be evil. There are challenges to play so you can get new characters, new levels, new scenarios, and new hats. Some of them are very difficult, but others are really easy. The multiplayer in this game is very quick paced. Kills come quickly so watch out. On the bot teams there is usually around 6 of them so the game is frantic. There are lots of different multiplayer scenarios too. Some of them are leech, where you receive health when you hit an enemy. Regeneration, where your health will slowly fill back up. Shrink, where the size of your player depends on the rank of your player, and many more. In the one player challenge section you earn trophies depending on your performance on the particular level, when you get a certain trophy you unlock something.

Graphics 10/10
The graphics in this game are using the Gamecube to it's full potential. There is great lighting effects. It is really funny to see a monkey on fire chasing you with two tommy guns or a robot following you with a rocket launcher.

Sound 9/10
The sounds of the various weapons are great.Not much more in this category can be described. The only drawback is that in multiplayer there is no music.

Control 7/10
This was really the only thing that let me down. At first the control is hard to play with, but then you get used to it. At first though it is difficult to control your character.I assume that the controls were better on other platforms, the Gamecube controller just let me down.

Replay value 11/10
This game has so much replay value that it not even funny! Tons of characters, levels, scenarios, weapons and more to unlock. It is a very fun game. This is a great game to bring over to a party,this game is even more fun with more than one player.

Rent or Buy? BUY
You will have lots of fun with this game wether you are by yourself or playing with a couple of friends. You will be no where near completed with this game in five or less days, you will just be wasting your money, so buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/19/02, Updated 10/20/02

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