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Reviewed: 10/19/02 | Updated: 10/19/02

Simply Put...Amazing!

Intro –
When I first started looking around on the Internet about this game in early August, I didn’t think much of it. But, when September rolled around and new movies and screenshots were shown, my jaw dropped and I had to keep myself from exploding I was so excited. Then, October 15th came and I was finally able to rent it. Boy was I happy with this game. As soon as my rental runs out, I’ll be at my local gaming store and buying TimeSplitters 2.

The Story –
This is a First Person Shooter where you, Sergeant Cortez and his friend Corporal Hart are aboard a space station far in the future when the evil alien race of the TimeSplitters invade and kill off everyone in the station except Cortez and his friend. Inside this ship are Time Crystals that lead into the future and into the past. The TimeSplitters steal all but one and jump through the time portal into different time periods. You, Sergeant Cortez, grab the last one and jump through the portal to hunt down the TimeSplitters and return the Crystals back to the space station. You now travel back and into time and infiltrate bases loaded with guards and filled with action to hunt down those TimeSplitters.

Graphics 8/10 –
Now don’t get me wrong, these graphics are awesome! However, they don’t fully show the GameCubes power. Resident Evil is the only game out there that deserves that 10/10. So comparing this to Resident Evil and still getting an 8/10 is fantastic. There is NO blood and NO gore. The only truly violent thing in this game is when confronting a zombie at close range; you may be able to shoot his head off, although no blood will form. The detail is superb on the bodies, faces, and guns of this game. On the level “Return To Planet X”, you are put on an Alien world filled with cliffs and ledges, each crafted to excellent scale. Unlike Agent Under Fire, the bullets in this game DO NOT look like cheese wedges, but more of true blue bullets with a zing and a zang.

Sound 10/10 –
Wow! This game is filled with sounds. To grunts and groans when being hit, to the ferocious RACK-TACK-TACK-TACK-TACK of the chain guns. Each gun has its own noise as well as every character has their own shouts and screams. During multiplayer, there are tons of different songs that you can hear including all the themes from TimeSplitters 1. The voice acting here is a little sketchy but you wont notice it much due to the explosive action packed mayhem around you.

Controls 11/10 –
These controls are amazing seeming you customize what button does which action. Pretty nifty, huh? Something every First Person Shooter should have. The controls are what YOU want them to be and that’s what made me put the score above the maximum.

Game Play 10/10 –
This is where the game truly shines. It’s packed with Game Play that will have you coming back hungry for more every hour. You start off with a Story mode, Challenge mode, Arcade mode, and Map Maker mode. The story mode takes you through the plot of the game that I wont get into due to spoilers. In Challenge mode you are faced with a few different types of challenges such as Glass Smash, Behead The Undead, Infiltration and Banana Chomp etc. Each challenge has three levels, each one slightly harder than the last. You must beat the first level to move on to the second and so on. By completing different Challenges you can earn cheats, characters, weapons, levels, and game modes. In Arcade mode, you can choose League or Custom. In Custom, you choose which game mode you want to play on including: Death Match, Vampire, Virus, Flame Tag etc. You also set up the kill limit, bot limit, weapons and all the other special goodies, click GO!, choose your character and your out in the midst of a frantic free for all. In League, you choose a difficulty level, and then a preset match. Beating matches will earn you cheats, characters, weapons, levels, and game modes. Map Maker mode is remarkable. I have never played TS1 so I wasn’t sure how good that Map Maker was, but I’m sure it has nothing on this one. You start by laying down tiles and making hallways, then set up items, cameras, guns, boxes, and all sorts of things. Then you switch to lights and fix each light to Set, Flicker, Switch, or Pulsate and then choose a color for the light. Add some bad guys and have them use a few mean guns, add a few objectives (pick up jewels, eliminate Guard 5, get to the EXIT in 20 seconds) and then your off to playing your homemade level.

Replay 10/10 –
You wont get bored of this game very soon. Once you have beaten Story Mode on all three-difficulty levels, finished all of Challenge mode and Arcade mode, earned all the cheats, characters, levels and guns, and filled your memory card with maps (which these alone will take months to accomplish) you’ll still find yourself coming back and shooting up the Arcade Custom with the 10 bots using your Minigun. Trust me folks, have a friend over and you’ll be playing all day (my friend was over today and my GameCube was on for 8 hours straight while we shot each other up in Arcade Mode). This game is not an overnighter!

Buy or Rent? –
Depends. If you’re an FPS lover who has played TS1 you shouldn’t even think about renting this, run to your store and get it now! But, for those of you like me (even those who have Perfect Dark and Golden Eye) who just want to be on the safe side, I suggest renting first. I rent all my games (hey, $5 is a lot less than $50 when you realize that new game isn’t really all that hot), but I’m defiantly buying this game as soon as my rental is up.

Outro –
This game is just too fun to pass up. Rent or buy it now and play it to see how cool this game really is. You can play this game for hours on end everyday and not get tired of it. It’s simply Prefect Dark for the Cube, maybe even better. Whatever you do, you’ll find yourself coming back to this intense action packed explosive thrill ride every moment you can.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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