"Goldeneye has met it's match..."

What can I say. I have always thought that Goldeneye was the greatest console FPS out there (personally PD is just GE on steroids) but I have been proven wrong. This game takes almost everything from Goldeneye, including some sounds! Great multiplayer with or without friend's means a good time for all. Now on to the review...

My one gripe with this game is the controls. The way they set them up is not right at all. You use the Control stick to move forward, backpedal, or strafe and the C-Stick to look around. This is the same NO MATTER WHAT. Even while aiming with the L button this control scheme stays the same. If they could have tweaked this just a little bit the game would be a 10.

Excellent. The gameplay is 100% pure action. Think Goldeneye with better graphics, or Perfect Dark without the puzzles. Straight up shooting action, with a little fetch and go or rescue thrown into the mix. The tons of gameplay modes alone make this a hit. You've got Story, with a ok plot and some pretty fun levels, this isn't where the game shines. Next is Arcade, where you are pitted against preset enemies in preset levels with preset weapons strewn about. This equals preset fun. You can get different trophies and even unlock extra's by doing well in this mode. There is also a custom arcade mode, where YOU become the game designer. Custom weapon schemes, enemy sets, and even the levels you make! Then theres Challenge. This is where you learn that Free Radical (the people responsible for this) hate you. They throw near impossible scenario's at you, each with many ways to win (or lose in my case).

I love these graphics. They have a perfect mix of cartoon and realism, and they flow seamlessly. At some points it's like seeing the world as if it where real with a little paint thrown on. Some people I know have gripes with them, like how they aren't cartoony or realistic enough. I think they acheive a perfect balance to make the game work well.

I never know what to think of sound in a game. I personally like most of the music, with a few annoying tunes thrown in here and there. The voices are well done and actually match the personality's of the characters very well (not to mention the sound is synched perfectly). There are audio clues every once in a while to help you out in a tight spot too.

I recommend this game to anyone who says they enjoy FPS' no matter what console they have. If you can get along with the controls, get it for GC because the PS2's isn't quite as flashy. One of my happiest game purchases to date.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/20/02, Updated 10/20/02

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