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"Goldeneye + Quake 3 = Timesplitters 2"

When I play a multiplayer game with my friends, it's either Perfect Dark or Halo, usually none else. I've played at least three times as much Perfect Dark to Halo (hey, it's a good game), and I've been waiting for Perfect Dark Zero since I finished Perfect Dark, but I've also been waiting for Timesplitters 2 since it was announced. Let's see how it weights out.


The graphics look a lot like a beefed up Goldeneye. That isn't a bad thing at all though. The lighting effects are quite nice I thought, the colors are usually bright and very true to the environment, and they aren't Halo-calibur, but they are still pretty good.


I really liked the music in this game, and the sound effects are all on par, and sometimes even funny with some things that the characters yell (while they die, that is). There really isn't much voice acting, so I can't complain about that.


This is usually the #1 gripe about this game, and I really don't see why. The controls are extremely like Goldeneye, but with a tad bit of Halo thrown in. You can't really aim and walk very well, but I never do anyways. After you play the game long enough, you can line up a head shot without a crossheir. At least I can..Anyways, just play the controls for a while and they will come to you naturally.


I really don't care about a story in FPS's, but Halo, Perfect Dark, and Goldeneye all had good stories, but whatever. The story is that you have to go to different time periods to retrieve time crystals. Bleh, just an excuse to let us see some cool environments, and I have nothing against that at all. You go around and kill Timesplitters, complete objectives, blah blah blah...


Now I [i]love[/i] the gameplay in this game. One of the things that really appealed to me was the difficulty. Now, Halo's legendary was pretty hard, but it'd like a little harder, and the hard difficulty fulfills that..and the arcade challenges and such are incredibly, incredibly hard, which makes it even better. Plenty of replay. Speaking of challenges, remember Perfect Dark's 30 or so challenges? They're back, but with a comic twist. There are 60 some challenges at least I believe, and they get from easy to nearly impossible. You can avoid being caught on fire, go in a maze to collect bannanas, throw bricks through every glass window within a certain time, and, of course, get X number of kills in X time. Probably my favorite part of my game is, of course, multiplayer. It's probably the best multiplayer in any console FPS I believe. There is a max of 10 bots, you pick their difficulty and appearence (like in PD), and each character (there are 100+ of them) has their own stats. The monkey is small, fast, but can die easily and catch fire. The robot is large, slow, but doesn't die easily and can't catch fire. It's all mostly balanced besides a few. There are probably over 40 weapons, I haven't counted them, there's 3 minues (proxy, remote, timed), 2 sniper rifles, a couple of shotguns, etc. Most of the weapons are kinda generic, but oh well. My only 2 complaints for the multiplay is that the default levels (there's a mapmaker, I'll explain later) are kinda bland and sniping really sucks and is hard to line up a shot properly..

The level maker is a lot like the one on THPS 2/3..but I'm sure that if you mastered it, you could pump out some incredible levels, but I really wish you were able to place more things per level.


I don't even have to put much into this category, I'll just say that I'll be playing this game a year from now still.


Buy. Just like renting Perfect Dark or Morrowind (the Xbox version) is nearly useless, it goes hand in hand with this game.

+Easy difficulty for unskilled people, hard difficulty for skilled people, and they really reinforce that, easy is very easy and hard is very hard.
+Level Maker
+TONS of unlockables
-Limited level maker
-Sniping sucks
-Not many story levels

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/20/02, Updated 10/20/02

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