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"More fun than a barrel of monkeys... Heavily armed space monkeys, that is"

I was a little bit skeptical of Timesplitters 2 when it was first announced, but my fears have been put to rest. I loved Goldeneye, and had a load of fun with Perfect Dark, but PD just didn't feel like 007. Although TS2 doesn't feature James Bond, it will leave you thinking ''Golden what? James Who?''.

Story: 9/10
The story revolves around some space commandos who are raiding a captured space station in the control of the Timesplitters, some funky ruthless alien freaks. These bad dudes escape into time with the Time Crystals, and your heroes, Sgt. Hart and Sgt. Cortez, must pursue them. However, every time you enter the past or future, you must adapt to the weapons of the time period. The story is kind of lame, but playing through the time periods is loads of fun.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics are great, and really capture the feel of each era well. The weapons and bullets looks wonderful, and the artistic style of the characters is great. The characters are incredibly fun and creative too. What other game lets you Skeet Shoot giant mutant Ducks, rabid monkeys, and huge Gingerbread men.
Even though there are so many heavy graphical areas, the game manages to keep load times to a bare minimum. It is amazing.

Control: 10/10
The Gamecube controller was made for this game. But, you will have to get used to the blazing fast speed of the game, and the ultra sensitive aiming for the sniper rifles, etc.

Gameplay: 10/10
This game is flat out fun. The story mode only has 10 levels, but there are endless multiplayer possibilities. There is a single player arcade system, where you can fight thorough 45 stylized scenarios and compete for trophies, and a challenge mode where you do many bizarre things (ie. Shoot out Notre Dame's stained glass windows with a grenade launcher).
The mapmaker is cool, but it is only average. Don't plan on accurately recreating any cool levels from Goldeneye. The tilesets are bland, and the Industrial set causes the GCN to freeze. Alien, Victorian, and Virtual don't however.
Don't fret the mapmaker. The default multiplayer arenas are all great. I mean, there are some you won't care for, but there are so many great ones, compared to the simply average and boring ones of PD and Goldeneye.
Another thing: The bots are great. The AI is incredible, and you will find the harder bots dodging, sliding, rolling and all kinds of interesting things.
This game has loads of replay value, and there are hundreds of things to unlock, be they MP characters, Arenas, New Modes, and even some interesting weapons.

Buy, definitely

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/21/02, Updated 10/21/02

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