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Reviewed: 10/21/02 | Updated: 10/21/02

Great-only flaw is controls

OK, remember the games Golden Eye and Perfect Dark? Well, some of the guys who made those games made Timesplitters 2. Liked those games? You'll like this. Like FPSs in general? You'll like this...probably.
Here's my unbiased(I like to think) review.

This seems pretty low, I know. But graphics don't make a game, so you can almost even disregard my score for this section. The graphics of characters are significantly improved from the old N64 FPSs(thank god) but they're most definitely not using the GC to its maximum potential.
That said, the graphics, while nothing special to look at, are in general very good. Just don't expect dazzling ingame visuals. If that's what you want, you better wait for Metroid Prime or Starcraft:Ghost.

Controls-9/10 OR ?/10
I don't think I can speak effectively on the controls for this game on GCN. The reason is that I do have a bias here, because I use my own personal, extremely unconventional control style for this game.
In general, this game is clearly designed around the PS2 controller, and unless you've already gotten used to games like AUF on GCN, it'll be a tough transition for you. My personal controls are the freakiest you may ever encounter, but they work great for me.(Control stick is look, d-pad is move, C-stick is zoom and switch guns-I use my right thumb to press the D-pad, and right index finger for face buttons.) This control style works great for me, but most people are reluctant to try, it although I personally believe that it puts the GCN controller on equal footing with the PS2 controller. Still, most GCN people I know don't seem to happy with the conventional setups.

This is where the game really shines. Assuming that you've now been able to find a control set that works for you, the game will be a load of fun.
Story-Can be done single or coop. Works great either way, although may be hard to see on splitscreen. The story is nonexistent, but were GE or PD story-driven? Not really, although both, IMO, had interesting stories. The difficulty levels are also ''you get what you pick.'' Easy is easy, normal will introduce more enemies, more objectives, tougher enemies, more challenging situations, and uncover more of the map. Hard, well, you might want to start on at the highest, normal. Overall, it's good, but nothing to write home about.
Challenge/Arcade-These two are pretty much the same in the way they play out. They also allow incredible depth to the game, as you are introduced to practice levels, and silly levels. Want senseless violence? Try Behead the Undead. Want to storm the beaches of Normandy? Well, you could try Men in Gray, which is extremely challenging and plays out like a game of Day of Defeat. EXCELLENT addition to ANY FPS.
Multiplayer-EXCELLENT! Whether its coop, you against bots, humans only deathmatch, the combinations are ENDLESS. People loved GE, PD, and the first TS for their excellent multiplayer, and this game does not fail.
-To sum up gameplay, it is easily the best part of this game, which MUCH more than makes up for not-so-hot graphics.

For me 9/10 means EXCELLENT music. I've never given a 10 for music and never really expect to. The music is pretty catchy for most of the levels though, and definitely adds to the mood for story.

The gun sounds are all pretty generic. The explosions are also pretty unsatisfactory, visually and aurally. But there are GREAT moments, like ripping loose with your minigun(is that a misleading name or WHAT?), or blasting 4 rounds off rapidly with double shotgun, or even sniping. This game's got it all, just don't expect the best audio experience you ever had. It definitely meets the game's purposes though.

Some(although of course not all) TS2 fans may be going nuts after seeing this, saying WHY ISNT IT 9 or 10!? To put it simply, I've never given a game a 10, because I'm still waiting for that perfect, exceptional game. Haven't met it yet. So i start with a 9, then deduct points for flaws. I deducted for mediocre controls, graphics and sounds. Other than that, I saw no real reason to deduct a significant number of points(even half a point).

Buy or Rent?
This is one of the few games I recommend as a buy. It will never get old, whether or not you have friends to play against.
On the other hand, take my warning on graphics seriously. I expected pretty good controls, but I disliked the presets. Unless you've given yourself a check ride on another GCN FPS, I would recommend a rent, or even a quick tryout before you buy.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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