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"The Best FPS Available for Gamecube"

Graphics: 32/35
Graphically, the game is exceptional. Instead of maintaining blur effects from the PS2 version, the textures are clean and crisp. Outdoor effects are nicely touched upon as well. Through rain and snow, the view is very pretty. You can see individual rain drops fall on your screen in a creative effort on Free Radical's part. The models aren't realistic, but have a sentimental and cartoon-esque touch to them. The lighting effects and environments are very pretty and the game is the best looking FPS on the Gamecube.

Gameplay: 33/35
The game plays well with the Gamecube controller. If you are not satisfied with the control scheme, you can set a function to each button individually. Still, using the C-Stick to aim is sufficient and using the Control stick to move feels about right.

Sound: 20/20
The music is one of the game's very strong points. The music fits the theme of the levels very well and is brought about nicely. The sound effects are solid as well, with appropriate sounds captured for each bullet or weapon fired. There is also dialogue which has been cleverly installed in the story mode.

Replay Value: 25/25
The game's multiplayer aspect has to be one of the best aspects ever established. Each individual who plays can enter his name and create a profile for a mere 2 blocks (which also saves story & challenge modes). Each time he/she plays, the game keep tracks of everything from distance travel and average speed to bullets fired and total kills and deaths.

In addition is the 'create-a-map' mode, which can be used to recreate maps from Goldeneye and Perfect Dark as well as other FPS games. You can also use the map creator to develop your own maps.

There are also a plethora of multiplayer options, characters and levels. The 100+ characters each have differentiating abilities such as the very tiny but small monkey to other characters that are big and slow. The speed of multiplayer games is characterized into 3 levels: Chilled, Normal or Frantic. Furthermore, there are tons of stages available and tons to be made. The multiplayer modes are very well thought out and executed. One mode of deathmatch has a team of small monkeys that assist the lowest scoring player while there is team 'grab the bag' and other modes.

Value/Tilt/Extras: 21/25
There are 3 levels of difficulty in the story mode: Easy, Normal and Hard. Unfortunately, the game on all three systems is not online, unless you have Xbox Connect. Still, the Gamecube version is the only version without a LAN link up. The PS2 version and Xbox version both support 16 players while the Gamecube version is stuck with 4 players assisted with bots. Still, its not convenient acquiring the hardware for 16 player LAN anyway.

Final Score: 131/140
Gamefaqs score of 9 or 9.4
Final Comments: A Great game from some of the developers of Goldeneye, Timesplitters 2 shines on almost every level.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/22/02, Updated 10/22/02

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