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"Multiplayer genious"

Well before I start I'd just like to state that I'm a huge Goldeneye fanatic and I believe it is still the best FPS of all time, and yes that includes Halo and Perfect Dark in that category. Timesplitters 2 is an amazing game and given some more time it could have been better than Goldeneye, regardless it is amazing and definitely uncharted fun awaits you.

Graphics: 8.3

I've seen much better on the cube but the environments are pretty. The draw distance is great as well as texturing but sometimes it feels as though I've been sucked back into my N64 in areas, the old west level comes to mind, everything is so bland it's almost sickening. Fire effects and blown off body parts are well done, but some blood would have been nice, I'm not sure if they are using the teen excuse or the it's supposed to be a cartoon excuse. Either way it sucks once in a while but is easily overlooked in comparison to the rest of the game.

Sound: 9.2

Great songs all the way through the game it's amazing how much a good musical score puts you into the game and let me tell you this game does that very well. From the catchy techno beats in the robot factory levels to the almost Bond reminiscent music in Siberia. Gunshots are well done and though I don't have surround sound I can just imagine how it must sound. Hilarious death sounds from the duck and monkey are top notch and will have you hunting them for many months to come.

Gameplay: 9.5

For Goldeneye users go right to Radical B control setting, you won't be disappointed, its just like goldeneye and I couldn't be happier.
The game plays out very well most levels are a barrel of fun on Normal setting especially after beating the lackluster easy setting which everyone should blow right past regardless of if you know what you are doing or not. Normal is amazing, the levels expand to many new areas where you weren't allowed before, new objectives, much better computer A.I. which is actually welcome compared to easy when the enemy will simply miss you from 1 foot away.
The amount of levels is disappointing at best, only 9 and some aren't up to par with the rest. But when a good level comes around you will have more fun then a whole game of perfect dark. Siberia, Atom Smasher, Neo tokyo and Chicago are my personal favorites, with Siberia topping that list. It seems the developers focused a little too much on the challenges and league battles that they forgot to polish off the main game! When this game is over you'll feel like saying ''what? It's over...''
But where this game excels is the multiplayer, with ten bots amazing game variations and tons of fun levels the party will never stop with four friends. License to Kill....err I mean One hit kills is still my favorite setting, so much madness, so much fun. What is actually amazing is seeing the Computers being smart sometimes, hiding and setting up traps for you, this is especially evident in the Assault multiplayer. It's somehow satisfying when you've been killed by 5-6 bots who all set you up by taking postions on cliffs and behind walls.

Replay: 9.5

Do you really have to ask, go buy this game if you've got some buds because I have a feeling there won't be a better FPS than Timesplitters 2 for a long time to come, it's chock full of extras, cheats, multiplayer modes and has zero slowdown so you and your friends won't be annoyed beyond belief by snail paced battles. The main game offers length too with different difficulties and reasons to play the game on all three which is a great feature

Story: 5.5
The story isn't deep and it isn't long really. Not much explanation is given about your enemies or even about you for that matter. The story is driven by you racing to collect various things before your enemies. Well I guess we don't need a great story to appreciate this game, but it really would have made it the whole package.

Final score: 42/50
Out of ten : 8.4/10

Almost as good as goldeneye and if the main game had some more levels it would top the king of all FPS. Oh well It's much easier to say then to do I suppose. I'm waiting for Timesplitters 3 to prove me wrong now.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/01/02, Updated 02/09/03

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