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"A brilliant first-person shooter!"


“Timesplitters 2” boasts a slick, clean look that works pretty well. The detailed character models move fluidly and feature full, facial animations. The framerate never stutters, even with four players battling in the same area with lots of bots running around. The game is a little light on special effects, but still manages to pull off some cool lighting and distortion tricks.


Quick, responsive controls keep things fun and exciting in “Timesplitters 2”. The controller configuration is fully customizable, with your settings saved to a memory card for convenience. The only complaint is the absence of a “Lookspring” feature, which lets you toggle whether aim returns to a neutral position when the analog stick is released. Either way, experienced players will have no time jumping right into the game.


The tunes blasting out of “Timesplitters 2” fit the action well, with techno beats for futuristic levels and quiet, ambient sounds for tense, indoor areas. Sound effects are equally impressive, with appropriate, hard-hitting samples for each weapon and some impressive surround sound. Cinema scenes utilize voice actors for each of the characters that get the job done rather well.

Single player

The story of “Timesplitters 2” is little more than an excuse to throw you into a bunch of environments from different eras, and the game does little to hide that. The game doesn’t even bother to explain why the character in each level looks nothing like the main person you’re supposed to be playing as.

Instead, each level is a little story in of its own that you play out by completing objectives before advancing. It works very well, and the different themes and variety of mission tasks keep things from getting tedious. Playing through the game on higher difficulty levels reveals new objectives and areas, expanding on the challenge of the easy setting. Best of all, a cooperative mode lets a second player join you in each mission.

If you just want to jump into some run-and-gun action from the get-go, the game also features an “Arcade League” mode that present preset deathmatches to battle the computer in. Playing this mode unlocks new multiplayer modes and offers some instant gratification for action junkies looking for a quick thrill.


“Timesplitters 2” absolutely shines in multiplayer, which isn’t surprising considering the some of the developers also worked on “Perfect Dark” and “Goldeneye 007”. The plethora of options will overwhelm you with many different modes of play and loads of weapon settings. One particularly humorous mode, entitled “Monkey Assistance”, periodically sends out monkeys to support the weakest player.

Each deathmatch arena is well-designed and the action stays fluid and fast-paced. Adventurous players will find plenty of camping points to exploit and plenty of alcoves from which to ambush other players. And those of you with architectural tendencies can build your own stages using the Mapmaker feature. Four players can play together on all platforms, but the Playstation 2 and Xbox versions support LAN connections that allow up to 16 people to compete using several networked consoles. “Timesplitters 2’s” multiplayer mode has more depth and variety than any console first-person shooter to date.


Timesplitters 2 is a truly fantastic shooter. The multiplayer mode alone will have you and your friends playing for months, but the single player is no slouch either.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/11/02, Updated 11/11/02

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