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"The next-gen Goldeneye!"

If you ask someone what the greatest console FPS is, there would be high chance that they would say one of the Rare classics - Goldeneye or Perfect Dark. The awesome missions, controls and multiplayer action made them delights to play - Playstation owners were jealous that the N64 had these quality titles on their system, until some of the people who made these games left, and formed their own company, ''Free Radical''. They made Timesplitters for the PS2, and then decided to let Gamecube and Xbox owners have a piece of the action when they made the sequel - Timesplitters 2.

Gameplay - 10/10
There are STACKS of things to do in Timesplitters 2, all of which will leave you gagging for more. The main mode is Story. You travel through different time zones, completing a range of very enjoyable objectives. Sadly, there are only 10 of these levels, but replaying them on harder difficulties gives you more objectives to complete, along with harder enemies and new locations.
Arcade is simply pure blasting action, where you can play either though either a set of leagues or play multiplayer. The leagues are very fun, where you can play the computer at modes like deathmatch (one man for himself battles) teamplay (work in teams to get more kills than the other team), capture the bag (steal the other team's bag and bring it back to your own base) and MANY more modes. And while you are doing this, you unlock new characters, modes and levels depending on how well you did it - the better you accomplished your task, the better the medal you get and you receive better rewards.
In Arcade mode you can go against your mates, too. You can go in any of the levels and modes you have unlocked, and can customise your match to how you want and even allow computer controlled bots to join in. With the amount of modes, levels, and options available, this will soon become a multiplayer favourite with your friends and family.
The 'Challenge' mode sets you some insane challenges to complete - such as smashing windows with bricks, beheading zombies, and collecting bananas in a time limit. Again, like arcade, you unlock stuff as you go. There is also a 'Mapmaker', allowing you to create single or multiplayer maps. You can build up to seven floors, set patrols for baddies, change lighting, set spawn points, choose the map weapons etc. You can get impressive results with the mapmaker, but there are a number of things that spoil it all. There is a lack of tile sets, you cannot save that much in one map, the game manual doesn't explain the mapmaker well and it tends to crash when you have too many windows and doors.
The controls in this game are very responsive. Using the fully customisable control settings from the start menu, you can aim, run, strife and shoot with ease. I found this game extremely easy to play using the GCN controller, even if it might not look like the ideal controller for a FPS.

Graphics - 8/10
A mix of cartoony looks and realistic visuals, the graphics overall are very impressive. The characters are very detailed, having some amazing animations - the games cut-scenes in the story mode are a joy to watch. The levels are a little bland in areas, with repeated tile sets on some levels and the occasional lack of detail – but it still looks good. At least it doesn't jerk to high heaven when the action heats up.

Story - 6/10
The plot is that you have to travel throughout human history, stopping the Timesplitters (aliens) from destroying the human race. In each time zone, you have a set of objectives and then you have to collect a time crystal... many of the objectives have no real reason to why they must be done, but they are still fun to accomplish. The plot is a poor, but it’s a FPS - the story shouldn't be of much importance.

Audio - 9/10
The audio in this game is fantastic. For each level there is a piece of music to fit it perfectly, making the levels even more atmospheric than it already is. The sound effects are perfect - you can hear awesome ricochets and bullets zooming past you as you play, the guns sound ultra realistic and the enemies moan and scream in pain when they are filled with lead. Wick.

Replay Value - 10/10
With the sheer amount of modes and unlockables on offer, a solid challenge, and an infinitely playable multiplayer, this game will become a regular in your Gamecube disc tray for years to come.

Rent or Buy - BUY
The only reason that you might not like this game is that you dislike the FPS genre. But if you do, even a little, go grab a copy of this game ASAP.

Conclusion - 10/10
With little bad points to this game, this game is essential if you own a Gamecube (or even a PS2 or Xbox) as this is the best FPS and multiplayer game on the system. Get it in! NOW!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/19/02, Updated 11/19/02

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