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Reviewed: 11/26/02 | Updated: 11/26/02

An awesome game, that everyone should buy.

Timesplitters 2 is an action-packed first person shooter thats a lot more than it seems at first, the game is called Timesplitters 2 because you jump around in time, from time to time, everything changes, like the guns, the characters, etc.
Oh my. First, goldeneye ruled because of the singleplayer, then Perfect Dark was up to par with Goldeneye, then Halo came and blew every first person shooting game out of the water. After Halo, what was there? Nothing, not one damn thing, Halo had great single, and multiplayer modes that were both fun, and very entertaining.
Then I rented Timesplitters 2 and found that Halo can not be ruler forever. Timesplitters 2 is a GREAT game that every first person shooter fan should own, and fight out why here.

Timesplitters 2 doesn't have just a good singleplayer, with tons of stuff to do, and then theres the Arcade League, where you unlock so many items in the game. After I put a lot of time into Timesplitters 2's singleplayer mode, I invited 2 friends over to get some multiplayer action going...and boy was I amazed! Lots of weapons to choose from, stuff like tommyguns, to shotguns and flamethrowers! Not only that, but Timesplitters 2 has so many characters to choose from and to take into awesome levels and play games like Capture the bag(pretty much capture the flag).
Also, theres is the Arcade League, with so many extra missions for you to do and tons of stuff for you to unlock.
The game can be quite hard too, the arcade league becomes extremely hard, and then the regular singleplayer missions have stuff to unlock if you beat them on a certain difficulty, so the game is quite hard at times.
The only thing that the gameplay lacks in this outstanding game is the fact that you can not play it online.
Tons of characters to play as and kill too, from Monkeys to humans, and back to robots.
Also, theres a mapmaker, where you can make your own maps and play them, this is also very fun, as you can make then exactly how you want.
The gameplay reminds me of Goldeneye, mixed with a bit of Unreal, Quake, and Serious Sam(pc), a perfect combination in my mind.

Awesome, simple, how every game should be in my opinion.

Fun Factor
Oh god, this game is probably the funnest I've had since Halo, and im serious. So much stuff to do and unlock thats its not even funny.

Well, lets face it, just about every first person shooter doesnt compare to Halo, but this comes close. The graphics get a 9/10. Although I've seen a lot better on the gamecube, it still looks great.

Very nice, the sound gets a 9/10 too, very nice and it isn't choppy, also theres different sounds for each level and time period.

Play Time
Ahh, I've spent about three hours on singleplayer alone, and I'm not near being done.

Replay Value
Geeze, 15/10! TONS of replay value in this game in both single and multiplayer modes.

Final Thoughts
Sweet game, probably my second favorite game on the gamecube, by far.

Gameplay - 10
Controls - 10
Fun Factor - 10
Graphics - 9
Sound - 9
Play Time - 9
Replay Value - 10
Overall - 10

Rent or Buy?
Do you even have to ask!? Definately a buy, this game is great, with so much stuff to do and unlock. Great on both single and multiplayer, so it pretty much fits everyones style.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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