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You will soon forget your other games after playing Time Splitters 2!


FPS's have been around for a while, but in 1997, when Goldeneye for Nintendo 64 came out, it changed the FPS genre forever. Many gamers flocked to the store to buy this masterpeice and have found it to be a very fun game, even legendary. Then, in 2000, Perfect Dark came out and fans of Goldeneye as well as other people were pleased with its awesomeness. From that point on, other FPS's were made, but they didn't seem as good as something like Perfect Dark or Goldeneye. This was specifically about Gamecube games. 007: Agent Under Fire and Turok: Evolution were decent games, but nowhere near the greatness of GE(Goldeneye) and PD(Perfect Dark) for several reasons. As late 2002 arrived, gamers experienced Time Splitters 2. The whole FPS would easily be back in business because people knew this game would be really good. Guess what? They were right, but it's more than good; It's way better than that!


How many FPS's had amazing graphics? There's a rare occasion a game like this would have excellent graphics, but the only FPS that came out before Time Splitters 2, for Gamecube, that had phenominal graphics was Agent Under Fire. Time Splitters 2 is still truly impressive though. You will gape at the excellent background graphics. If you don't believe me, check out Siberia, the first level! You will see you haven't been lyed to. Honestly, this game wouldn't be as good if it didn't have great background graphics. Also, everything is so detailed! For example,''hmmmmm.....there's something on that wall. I'll take a look at it.''. That's something you might say or think when you play this game, and the walls, doors, and other places are very detailed in the fact that stuff on the walls, such as pictures, maps, you name it, can give you a clue on something! Now, try shooting your weapons. When you shoot, you'll see it looks exactly like a real gun spurting out the bullets. The fire and explosions are also impressive. The fire looks incredibly real and if you look closely enough, trying to see through fire causes the screen to be slightly blurry, just like real life jets. The only think I didn't like is that explosions last too short. You shoot a rocket, it explodes, in a second or two, the fire is gone! It should've last longer, but that's way too technical to lose any points. Now for the characters, the reason why the graphics area lost 0.9 points. For the most part, characters were done fairly well, but on their heads, there's a few blocky spots making them look like they don't have fully round heads. It's something you easily notice, so it's not a completely technical problem, therefore, it loses a small amount of points. As for the positive part, humans look like humans, zombies look like zombies, and everything else looks like what they are said to be. Great graphics, but nothing godly.

I feel there's a lot about the sound in this game, I've divided into three categories.

Where can I start?? The music is awesome! Also, there are so many different types, that if you can't stand some of it, there's most likely a different type that you like. Most of the music is techno, though. Even if you are not a fan of techno music that is not in video games, it's just so good you'll probably like the music here. Also, the music fits the background almost perfectly. Take the Ice Station on multiplayer for example. That's one of those levels where it feels like a real war, and the default music they put on there sounds like a nice war theme. It's also by far the best track in the game, in my opinion. The Training Grounds, another multiplayer level, also has a well done military theme to it. As for the single player music, levels like the Wild West and Siberia might have the best tracks. Others are really good, too. There really isn't anything bad about the music in this game.

The sound isn't anything as spectacular as the music, but that doesn't mean it's only average or it just plain sucks. Simply picture a game like Perfect Dark or 007: Agent Under Fire and take this game. You'll see it's a small upgrade from those types of games. Explosions will sound like how they do in real life as well as gun fire. I also like how the ''retro'' guns make different sounds than the more ''futuristic'' ones. Another interesting thing is you can hear your character walk. In a nutshell, an upgrade of older FPS's.

Voice Acting-10
An FPS isn't an FPS without voice acting. This game does it very well for many reasons. You may also get a laugh at how some characters sound. Take Sgt. Cortez for example, that bald guy on the box. He sounds like Arnold Swaurtenagger. As for the regular gameplay, guards would react the way they would usually do, saying stuff like ''Huh?'' or ''Hey!'' when they see you aproaching, specifically for single player. There's a lot more funny lines as well. Try lighting an enemy on fire! He'll say stuff like ''AHHH! It burns!''. There's much more voice acting but I don't want to spoil anything.The comedy part of voicing really helped this part get a 10.

*Generally, the sound category as a whole is excellent. If there's anything you can't complain about, it's this category right here!


In order to prevent spoilers, I'll only say this: You must retrieve all the time crystals in order to stop an Alien race from destroying stuff. The story isn't anything deep, but since it's only an FPS, so the story is most likely least important. It gets a few more points because you can skip cutscenes. So if you are THAT impatient, and you want to start playing NOW, than you are allowed to skip things, unlike most games. A decent story. Maybe the weakest part of the game.

Here it is! The most of important part of any game is this game's best part!

Heh, where to start? Right when you start off, there's a story mode. This is pretty much the basic one player game. Here, you'll be completing objectives in order to beat the levels. There's only ten levels, but don't whine! There are three difficulty modes: Easy, Normal, and Hard. The gap between all the difficulties change the levels so much. For example, Siberia is pretty big on Easy mode, but play it on Normal! It's like they doubled the level! I thought the level took almost forever to beat. Hard is simply even bigger! That's true for the other 9 levels as well. If you are that much of a fan of multiplayer, you can do the Co-Operative mode. The levels will change a lot and more stuff will be added. It's definitely a lot more to play with another person. This game has a GREAT story mode.
Also, but for just one player, there is a challenge mode. Don't get this feature confused with Perfect Dark because it's much different. In Challenge Mode, you have to simply do what you have to do, earning as much points as possible, until you die or fail. Remember, if you are really good, you can survive forever, and your high scores will be recorded. You can try to beat it as well, adding more replay. There's lots of challenges and you will never be bored. The good thing is, completing them helps you learn a lot of things to help you out in other areas of the game. There are about 20 challenges, and they all get harder as you progress.
Possibly the best part of the game is the Arcade Mode. First of all, it's split into two sub categories: Arcade League, and Arcade Custom. Arcade League is similar to the Challenge Mode with Perfect Dark. There's about 45 of these challenges. Each scenario is completly different and there will be a message box telling you exactly what to do in it. Unlike many games today, the makers of this game were creative. They added a lot of humor into the message box and gave a small plot. For example,''Braces and Big Nose knocked down your drink and they refuse to by you another! Show them who's boss in a 20 round Deathmatch.'' You'll laugh at a lot of these scenarios. If you beat a level, you will be rewarded a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum, if you are THAT damn good. Getting atleast a silver unlocks you stuff but platinums earn you bragging rights. The Arcade League is a must-do because it helps you unlock things in other areas of the game. Now, on to the Arcade Custom. This is your standard FPS multiplayer mode where you set up everything, except the fact that so much has added. If you beat a lot of the Arcade League missions first, you'll be able to set up more things. There are so many levels and modes to play on. About fifteen levels and sixteen modes. There are also so many sims/bots to choose from. There's more than 100! To top that off, each sim has there own stats and personality. The fat ones are really slow while the thinner ones are much faster. Each level of the levels are pretty good to use every FPS strategy possible. The only level that isn't that good is the Aztec. Some levels even have turrets that shoot missles! Each mode should be tried a few times because they are all worth it. Some are even original. As for the weapon selection, it may seem inferior to PD, but it's really not. No guns are too similar so it's still as varied as PD. The second functions are certainly a lot more useful, though. Some are extremely retro and some are really futuristic. Now you will believe it's a lot more varied than most shooter games today. Now to get to the actual playing. It is a hell of a lot more fun than most games today. You will get addicted to it easily! Some levels like the Ice Station or Mexican Mission or Streets make it seem like it's an actual war. Oh wait! There's also a map maker! You can create your own map to change the gameplay of whatever you made to what you think! There are millions of possibilites, but it can be very complex at first. There could be more tiles, but I doubt they could fit it in the game. The gameplay is friggin awesome, it truly defines fun.

The control is extremely similar to Agent Under Fire, so if you have played that before, you could get used to it quickly. If you haven't it won't take long for you to get used to the default controls because with where all the buttons are, it makes lots of sense. If you still don't like the default controls, you can change it to any way you like. Once you get the control down, the game will be much easier. All games should have you customize the control how you want, not just a few.

The game's difficulty ranges from very easy to very challenging. For story mode, easy mode is so easy you can beat the levels getting so many hits on you. For hard mode, you can afford to get hit at all! In the Arcade Mode, the Elite League in Arcade League is extremely challenging while the Amateur League is much easier. In Arcade Custom, you can change the sims to 1 star(easiest) to 5 stars(hardest). 5 star sims can be very challenging to beat, but not cheap at all. Wether or not you are god of this game, there will always be a challenge waiting for you.

Could it be the 2nd best feature? Maybe! There's always something to do in this game. You can unlock characters, beat high scores in basically ANYTHING you do, create more maps, unlock modes, unlock levels, you name it! This is one of the few games where you will WANT to play even if you don't feel like doing anything else. There's always a reason to play this.

Minor Flaws
Well, this game has no big problems with it, therefore it shouldn't lose too many points. I wish the Team Category could be used for every Arcade Mode possible. I would've loved a Team Elimination. There should also be more tiles to choose from in Map Maker and the game should explain what to do for beginners. That ends the minor flaws.

Graphics: 9.1
Sound: 10
Gameplay: 10
Story: 8.3
Control: 10
Difficulty: 10
Replay: 10

I felt this game deserved a 10, because they put lots of effort into the game.

Rent or Buy?
This game is simply too good to pass up. You will never get bored with it and will have so much fun with it. It's one of those carefree games that don't require too much thinking and is all about the fun. If you are truly tentative of buying this, than just rent. Either way, I recommend you play this masterpiece!
Why are you still reading this? Go to the store now and buy Time Splitters 2! It's something you won't regret!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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