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"Heir Apparent to Goldeneye Indeed!"

This game is one of the if not the best first person shooter of all time. The moment you turn it on it your are drawn into the game. From the hundreds of characters to the dozens of levels, the Story mode and all the other challenges, this game has everything a first person shooter should and tons more!

Controls 8/10

The only thing saving grace about the control scheme is the ability to customize them. The original controls are awful. I had to change the to the James bond scheme to be able to play. The sensitivity is excellent but when sniping this can be a drawback. I found it a bit hard to snipe.

Single Player 9/10

The Story mode, while a bit short has tons of missions. Each level has missions on easy, normal or hard. I like the fact that there are a variety of levels ranging from the Wild West in 1853 to Neo Tokyo in 2019. Each Level has Villains, music and weapons that are unique to each time frame. Arcade and Challenge Modes provide another unique experience to the game. By completing the tasks you are unable to lock multiplayer options such as locations, scenarios or characters. That leads me to my next topic.

Multi Player 10/10

This is the best multiplayer in a FPS ever and I am not exaggerating. The endless supply of game modes, levels or character make this a great multiplayer experience. If you have friends over I can guaruntee you they won't go to sleep till three a.m. because they will be playing TS2. But the best multi player feature to me was definitely, the co-op story mode. I love that feature!

Graphics 9/10

The animations in this game are superb. Each character look like they are taken straight out of a cartoon. They are beautifully designed with clothes and facial features relating to the era they came from. Even the monkey is detailed. Though I am not sure of the specs, this game runs at a smooth FR/s with very few slow downs.

Sound 7/10
Nothing special about the sound. The music is tolerable but it becomes repetitive after a bit. The voice and is alright however the screaming of Lady Jane and Lean Molly hurt my ears!

Replayability Value 10/10

The multiplayer Player has endless value and the Story player will keep your attention for about a month or so. After you have beat the game are you getting a little bored? Well there is no need to be with the mapmaker! It lets you create your own maps! Oh and another thing I forgot to mention is the gun selection. With around 25 weapons ranging from bricks to flamethrowers this game has it all.

Overall 9/10

This is the best FPS of all time! If that is so you may be asking why didn't it get a perfect score? Well I think a game would have to be flawless to get a ten. While timesplitters is great, it has a few minor flaws which is why I have to subtract a point. Buy or Rent. I would say buy! Even if you are not a shooting fan you would still find enjoyment in the game!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/24/02, Updated 12/24/02

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