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"TimeSplitters 2 - Better than Goldeneye?"

As Rare have gone to Microsoft, why not go second best with Free Radicals sequel shooter. The team were formers members of the Goldeneye production team

Controls: A lot different to a normal game, as you control your character as if on most PC shooters, buy using the analogue stick to move forwards and back, and the C-stick to look in the direction you want to walk. The use of the R and Z buttons for firing is also a good idea, as the R button analogue can determine the speed of you fire. Some people say they don’t like this layout, I find it fine, but if you don’t, you can always customize them for your own suit.
Amusement: In a good shooting game, you expect good fun. And this provides exactly that. There are hundreds of characters to choose to play as, including monkeys and gingerbread men. The weapons too are fairly amusing, including a brick, and a flamethrower. When someone burst into flames, they can run into someone else, and then make them catch fire, all in all, making a burning melee of people fleeing from the scene.
Difficulty: The story mode has 3 difficulties, and on Easy, the AI is fairly poor, so first timers can walk through it with ease. It does pick up though, but does get as hard as to stop you completely. Then there’s arcade mode, in which there are also three difficulties, and much like the N64’s Perfect Dark, most things are unlocked here, and there are separate missions to complete. However, parts in this can be hard, and you must complete everything to progress. Challenge mode is fairly hard too, especially to get some of the gold medals, but once you get into the swing of things, it gets a lot easier.
Score: 10/10

The year is 2401. Earth is being attacked by aliens called the “Time Splitters”. A team of humans travel into space to their mothership orbiting the Earth, only to find that they have deserted it. It turns out that they have broken the Time Crystal into pieces, and taking a part each, jumped through a portal and travelled back in time (past, present and future for us). Its up to our heroes to go and stop them, travelling through time, and taking the bodies of characters in history.
Score: 10/10

Goldeneye had a catchy theme, I can remember that, but playing this, there is music, but not stuff that you’re going to remember. But the game relies on the effects anyway. Every time your character is hit, they make a noise, not just a male or female one, but a specific noise for that person. There is music in it, which is fair enough, but just not of a quality to make it stand out.
Score: 8/10

At the start of each level, you’ll have a cut scene. The cartoony graphics of characters fit in well with the surroundings, and you know what’s going on too. There’s no poor lip sync either, and it fits in nicely. The game doesn’t pride itself on amazing cut scene graphics, but good enough overall.
Score: 9/10

This part is where the game really comes in at the top. There’s a great multiplayer, which is going to keep you and friends going for years, there’s three single player modes, with loads to do and unlock, so you’ll be at that for a while, and then theirs even a co-op mode, so you and a friend can go though the story mode together, and finish that. There are even infinite levels, as the game has its own mapmaker, so you can recreate classic levels from previous games, or make up some totally different weird one. You’ll still come back to this in five years time.
Score: 10/10

Value for money
US Price: Around $50
UK Price: Around £40
Its simple. This game will take so long to complete, you’ll want to buy it. There is so much to do that cannot be done over a short period of time. That, and as soon as you’ll play it, you’ll fall in love with it.
Verdict: Buy
Score: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/29/02, Updated 12/29/02

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