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"Got Gamecube? If so, you can't afford to miss this."

Right now (as of Dec. 29th, 2002), GC owners don't have much in the way of great FPS games. ''Oh,'' you'll say, ''but what about Metroid Prime?'' That's a first-person adventure. Yeah. So as I was saying, the Gamecube FPS scene is looking pretty grim.. wait! What's this? THIS is TimeSplitters 2, the best FPS currently out for this console, one of the top games for Gamecube overall, and certainly the best multiplayer experience I've had the enjoyment of... enjoying.


The most basic aspect of playing the game: the controls. This game has great default control sets and even lets you make your own custom controls. I never needed to, but it's nice to know you have that option. The GC C stick can be a little irritating for precise aiming, but that's not the game's fault.

The single-player missions are well-designed, varied in their objectives and very adequately challenging at higher difficulty levels. The enemy AI is pretty good: they'll roll (sometimes slide on their ass for no reason), hide, dodge, regroup... None of the levels threw cheap shots at me; if you can't beat a mission, it's not 'cause the game design is flawed, you just need to practice and eventually you'll get it right, and that's awesome.

Multiplayer. Wow. Practically hundreds of characters, tons of customisable factors, bots, lots of levels AND a level editor, about a dozen game modes.... *sniff* this... well... I can tell you you're not gonna get bored of this anytime soon, and neither am I.


The graphics are excellent for this sort of game. Using many factors such as textures, lighting, enemy clothing and landscape shape, they really make you feel like the level could really exist, in that time and place.. Every time you start up a new level (mostly in Story mode,) the environment you get dropped in feels totally different from the last, and that's quite pleasant and refreshing in an FPS.

I could say the same thing about the sounds and music... The music isn't anything that'll ever end up in a concert of any kind, but it conveys FEELING, ATMOSPHERE! And the sound effects, be they gunshots or enemy dialog/moans are well suited to the population and armory of each level.

So I guess I'll give the audio/video a ''thumbs up''. It aims to immerse you in the environments, and boy does it succeed. I don't think I'll ever get tired of that Wild West music. ^^


Single-player replayability is definitely there. The Story mode may be a bit on the short side, but the higher difficulty levels will really pose a healthy challenge to all gamers. Then, when you're done playing Story, you can go in Arcade League mode or do Challenge scenarios. These consist of many, MANY disjointed, humorous-plotted, varied ''missions'' which can get pretty tough but are always fun to play. And there's something common to all single-player modes: unlockables.There's a metric ton of characters, levels, bizarre cheats and multiplayer game modes to be unlocked, not to mention a few secret games to find in the story levels....

Multiplayer is the one thing you'll never get bored of. 1 to 4 human players, and you can add up to 12 bots. A slew of modes is at your disposal (though some not from the start, you gotta unlock them) and there are so many characters, each with different stats.. the mind boggles. There's also a level editor for making your own levels, and guess what? It's pretty simple to use, once you spend a few minutes with it! Oh, oh, and guess what also? The Story mode can be played co-op with another player. DUDE, that's like, dude. It rocks. There's so much opportunity for cooperation... dude, just, dude. That's what really got me to buy the game. Replayability for multi is so freaking off the scales.


Ahh, if you insist. There are some slight bugs with medal-awarding in the Challenge modes. Example: one time it said I had to finish the challenge in 1 minute 30 seconds to get a gold medal, I finished in 1:46 and got a platinum. Eh, but you won't see ME complaining ^-^

Also, final nag point: maybe I just don't know how to save space adequately in the map editor, but there's a limit to how much memory your map can take up, and I find it rather restrictive. The levels I wanna make are object-intensive and mazey, and I find myself unable to make them due to memory limitations. Oh well.

Despite those minor points, this game rocks.


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Originally Posted: 12/29/02, Updated 12/29/02

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