"The undisputed king of FPS lives up to the hype!"

There aren't many First Person Shooters available in the Gamecube as of now so this game doesn't have much competition but in spite of that, Timesplitters 2 is the best FPS available for Gamecube. I usually thought that third party games especially those that are in multiple consoles are crap but this game changed all that. It's been hyped up by numerous magazines as the ''Heir Apparent to Goldeneye'' and ''Game of the Year'' and it truly deserves the recognition it received. It's made by ex-Rare employees, the same people who made Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, so you already know it's gonna be a great game. Now let's see how this game stacks up in the following categories.

Story 8/10 - There's not that much story in the one player story mode of this game. It's about two space rangers who came to stop a group of aliens called the Timesplitters who came to disrupt history by using things called the time crystals to travel on different time periods. One of the space rangers changes into different characters (he can even change into a girl) as he enters the different period of time. There are many different kinds of stories included before you do Arcade Custom and Challenge which will I will explain later.

Gameplay 10/10 - The default control of this game is confusing but it's a good thing that you can change the controls to whatever you desire. In Perfect Dark, you can only move sideways a little bit if you're aiming but in this game you can move around with all guns while aiming which means more freedom. I use Radical B controls and change the B, A, Y, and X buttons to the default one and it's the best control scheme because it's like Jet Force Gemini's. Sometimes you don't even need to aim because there's an auto-aim feature in this game which makes it easier but you'll need it because the speed of this game is fast.

There are many modes of play available in this game if you're playing alone. The one player mode has easy, normal, and hard mode consists of ten stages. If it's easy, you can go through the game fast, but if it's hard, it's really hard. There are many more objectives and new places open up in the harder levels. The stages range from Notre Dame (Like the church stage in Eternal Darkness) to an alien planet called Planet X and Wild West to the Robot Factory in the future. There are many different time periods so that means the characters, guns, and landscapes are very varied.

The Arcade Custom is the one I like the most. It's just like the Event Mode of Super Smash Brothers Melee where you can play as different characters and put in different scenarios where you have to do specific goals in a set amount of time or score. Free Radical and Eidos really have a good sense of humor because some of these challenges are funny and they succeded in making me laugh over and over again.

The Challenge Mode is just like Arcade Custom but the objectives are different. You can collect bananas as a monkey, be on a stealthy infiltration mission, behead hordes of zombies, do a target practice on cardboard characters, shoot a lot of kamikaze monkeys tumbling and rolling like crazy, etc.

The multiplayer mode is called the Arcade Custom. It’s not just the standard shoot bots (computer controlled characters) and you win but there’s a lot of modes like Leech, when you shoot someone you suck their health, Flame Tag, whoever gets caught on fire loses health until they pass it on to someone else or Monkey Assistant, the player or bot in the last place gets help from a few monkey buddies so the loser has a chance to win. There’s a bevy of multiplayer stages different from the story mode and up to 126 characters to choose from which have different personalities, stats and stories. The menus are straightforward and you can set the music, number of bots, kinds of guns, teams, one-shot kill or not, score limit, handicap, and many more.

Audio 10/10 – The guns make diverse noises and sounds the way they are supposed to be. The characters voices perfectly fit their looks. The snowman screams, “I’m melting” with a cute voice when he gets burned by a flamethrower, a sexy cowgirl moans hilariously when she dies and one of the crypt zombie’s groans is scary and funny at the same time. There are loads of music in this game and most of them are techno and orchestrated. I usually hum them or the music plays in my head even if I’m not playing the game so that means they’re good. The thumping on metal music of Scrapyard, the casino like music of the Nightclub, and the band playing the music using many instruments in the Circus are the ones I like the most.

Graphics 9/10 – Once in a while you’ll go ohhh and ahhh at the graphics because they are well made, but not as good as Metroid Prime. There are many open spaces and also enclosed rooms with assorted textures because of the different time periods they’re on. The framerate is silky smooth, which means less reaction time and more action. The items in the story mode and other modes are very realistic when hit. Fire extinguishers fly around expelling gas, watermelons burst when they fall from the table and the posters rip just like in real life.

Replayability 10/10 – Yes, once you've beaten the game, it is worth playing again, and again, and again… Even if you finished all the arcade customs and challenges you still need to do them but at that time you have to be really good to get silvers and golds to unlock all the characters. After that, you can even try to get Platinums, but that’s very hard to do. There's even funny cheats that you can unlock and secret retro minigames you can play in the temporal uplink which are still fun to play. If you’re bored with the multiplayer stages you can make even more unlimited multiplayer and single player maps in the mapmaker. It’s a practice to be a game designer. You can choose from 4 sets of tile themes, set items, start points, powerups, lighting, story enemies, etc. then show them to friends but when you make large maps with lots of items you'll realize that the storage space is limited. You’ll have a blast playing the multiplayer mode with your friends and each time you play it’s all different because of the assortment of guns, stages, and modes. All games get boring someday if you play them for a long time but this game will last you until the sequel comes.

Story 8/10
Gameplay 10/10
Audio 10/10
Graphics 9/10
Replayability 10/10

Buy or Rent? – Yes, of course, you should buy it! You cannot finish this game if you rent it because it’s just too long. You’ll definitely get all your money’s worth by buying it and it’s very enjoyable for casual and hardcore gamers.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/04/03, Updated 01/04/03

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