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"Can't. Stop. Playing. Time Splitters 2..."

Can't. Stop. Playing. Time Splitters 2...
If you loves first person shooters, or even if you don't, this game will definitely get you hooked. It's the best FPS since Perfect Dark. I used to not like FPS, but now I love em'!

Gameplay - 10/10

To start, the controls. The controls in this game may take some getting used to but it doesn't matter because it's worth it. One of the great things about this game is the fully customizable controls. In fact, you don't even need to use all the controls to have fun. In some parts of the game, like the fast paced arcade challenges, or just a friendly game with some other people, you're not likely to do a lot of aiming. When you see something move you shoot. If you don't like that, that's okay, because there's also the single player mode, and challenge levels. The single player involves quite a bit of sneaking and stealth, and it's not necessarily as fast. The challenge mode gives you special situations that you wouldn't normally be able to play. Like shooting flying, stone monkeys, or breaking stained glass in a haunted church with a grenade launcher. Just fun little scenarios, kind of like training. One of the greatest thing about this game is the multiplayer. There many different types of games to play with your friends or against a bot (computer player). There's a regular game, team game, capture the bag, assault, flame tag, vampire, and many more, each fun and different in it's own way. My personal favourite is the assault. I've convinced many people to love this game, by playing an assault mission with just one or two friends and I on one team, and lots of bots on the other, each time we beat, we add more bots, or make them harder. Very fun.

Characters/Weapons/Levels - 9/10

There's a very good variety of characters and weapons in this game. You can unlock (I think) any character you see in the game. All of the characters have their own advantages and disadvantages. Like stamina, agility, accuracy etc. Each character has a description of its background in the character gallery. There are a good variety of weapons in this game too. Almost all weapons have a normal fire, and then a secondary fire in addition to that. You can use these weapons and their secondary fires strategically throughout the game. I would have liked to some other cool weapons like the farsight or the pheonix from perfect dark, but there's already great selection (you can even throw bricks!) There are also a good variety of levels to unlock and play with different environments. Each level has it's own recommended selection of bots and weapons to fit it's theme.

Graphics - 9/10

In general, the graphics in this game are pretty good. The environment of the levels adds a lot to the game. All the scenery looks great. The frame rate is very consistent and doesn't slow the game down in any situation. The only thing that might need some improvement is the people. They look good, but they could've been better.

Story - 7/10

I know, it's not an adventure or RPG but it does have a bit of a story. The story in single player is not perfect, and it is a little hard to understand, but if you use your imagination you can figure it out. From what I understand, the earth is doomed because these aliens have a time portal that they can jump in and warp to any place at any time, and do whatever they want. This is very bad because the aliens could screw up time and we'd all die. So this guy and his partner have to chase after the aliens that went into different time periods and the time crystals back. Interesting...

Replay - 10/10

There is definitely a great replay value in this game. There are tons to unlock, and tons of awards to receive. There are three levels of difficulty for the single player, and there are plenty of challenges and arcade league games. You can try for gold to unlock things, or go for the platinum and get bragging rights (definitely worth it). And you can try to do an assault mission with your friends, that gets increasingly harder with more bots on the other team etc.. Lots to do and redo.

Sound - 10/10

The sound effects and music for this game is great! There's good memorable music to play the game to, and the music definitely fits the themes for the levels. The sound effects add a lot to the game too. Each character has it's own voice to go with their character.

Overall - 9/10

This game is incredibly good. If you love FPS, than you shouldn't even have to think about buying this game. If you're not so sure, rent it first, I can guarantee you'll love it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/25/03, Updated 02/25/03

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