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"A Masterpiece made from the creators of Goldeneye"

Timesplitters 2 is the result of the masterminds behind Goldeneye. The company, called Free Radical, is the new company they have formed. Timspitters for Playstation 2 had great multiplayer that is rarely matched nowadays. The only problem is the single player mode on TS1. It was some of the worst multiplayer in a FPS. This is all changed. However in TS2 because I can tell you the single player is fun and of quality, as is the rest of the game.

Gameplay: 9/10

The best thing about this game is the gameplay. There is hardly anything wrong with it. It offers a fun single player experience while giving us many extras and a fine multiplayer mode. Lets start on the single player.
In Timesplitters 2, there is little that is wrong with the single player. The missions are fun and varied and never get boring. You go to different location in time and solve mysteries and kill baddies according to that period in time. The A.I is sometimes smart and decisive, while other times it is stupid and useless. This variety can get annoying; as sometimes you can cruise through a level and other times it takes more tries. I think that enemies with a lot of life don't seem to flinch when shot. This is a problem because they can get the extra hit on you even though you got to them first. I find this to be an extra annoying problem when snipers have a lot of life. There bullets can take away half your life bar and when you shoot them in the head, it is expected they weren't able to survive it. It's just frustrating when they shoot back at you again.
The level design is, in general very nice that requires minimal backtracking. Some instances the design could be better like in the Aztec level and in the final level, but aside from that I would say that these developers have the level design down.
Multiplayer is a dream come true. The myriad of options is amazing that is rare to find in quality games. Anything you have done before, you can do it in TS2. There is also a multitude of other games that are new to TS2 and are very fun indeed.
One last thing I find great about this game is the pre amount of extras. They have included Arcade League (if you don't know what that is you will find out), Challenge mode, Co-op missions, and a Map Editor. The Arcade League and Challenges can provide a moderate to insanely hard challenges upon you that will keep you coming back for a while. Co-op missions are great with a friend and the map editor is user friendly and the first of it's kind.
A minor flaw of the mission mode is the semi-linear gameplay. The objectives are hard to miss and are dead obvious right when you get them. You don't seem to have enough life to finish most missions without a bit of luck. Don't think I'm just not good enough to finish them. I am a decent player, but feel that the amount of life you have ends up turning the final scene or two in the missions into a wild chase for your survival. I don't like that at all.
Despite a few minor flaws, TS2' gameplay is outstanding and is surely above most recent shooters.

Story: 7/10

Let's face it. TS2's story is not good. It is uninspired and is as generic as anything. Why do I give it a 7 then? It is only the main story that is bad. The traveling through time thing, as I said, is just too generic to hold this gamers' interest, but I assure you that the sub-stories and plot of each individual mission are exciting and different.
This means that I suggest you read the briefing. It is fun to know why you are doing all of those (sometimes seemingly random) objectives. Also, a great deal of imagination has gone into the arcade league and challenge stories that are, in most cases, quite humorous.

Graphics/ Sound 9/10

TS2's graphics are very solid. They have beautiful character models, fun environments and amazing special effects and visuals. I don't think that it will change your standard for god graphics or stun you beyond belief, but they get the job done. Characters are animated and do a lot of thing is your watch them. Everything flows smoothly.
The Soundtrack is very nice as well. It has very good music that adds to the feel of the game and can be suspenseful, cool, or funny. The sound effects are very nice too. The shout of a guy dying and the blast of a shotgun can all be heard very nicely. I am very content with these visuals and sounds.

Playtime/ Replayability: 10/10

If there is anything TS2 is, it is replayable. Again, the sheer amount of extras could merit you into buying this game. You won't get board for a good four or five months. Even then you will still come back very once in a while. The length of TS2 is not impressive, but it could take 10-20 hours on average to complete. That is without many extras. With all of the extras it could take you a very, very, long time to get everything.

Final Scores:

Gameplay: 9
Story: 7
Replayability: 10

Average Score: 8.75 rounded up to 9.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/02/03, Updated 04/02/03

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