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"One of the best games on Gamecube!"

TimeSplitters one where the first game I played on the PS2 (some years ago from now), it was just almost too perfect to be tru! I hadn’t seen anything like it before, I had to give the PS2 away because it wasn’t mine! A year later (or so) I got a PS2. The first game I bought was TimeSplitters (TS) and Final Fantasy X. One of the reasons for buying TS was that I could make my own maps there, that was my overall first person shooter (FPS) dream! I played every mission and every challenge I could before it was too hard too get any further, I gave up playing TS after some weeks to a month. After several months, I got a TimeSplitters 2 (TS2) demo, where I was able to play one of the missions, this was a PS2 demo. The demo was just so good that I tought it would be able to beat Perfect Dark to N64! And that's amazing! When I got the money I bought the Gamecube version of TS2. I could make maps here too (I found out when trying the game in the store). This is now one of my favorite FPS, and it will be hard to beat this.

Story: There is so many diffrent stories in this game, just listen to the name: Time Splitters 2. There's one story to every mission. I would prefer one big story, but this is okay. With one single story, you can only play as one single character on that mission, what I'm talking about is: there's one character to one mission (story). So you'll take the control over many characters! The overall story is about killing the aliens who stole your crystals, and without the crystals the universe will get a time problem, so what you must do is to travel trough time and get all the crystals back, the rest is simply up to you.

Sound and Music: I love the music in this game, it's not as good as Perfect Dark's, but it's not too far from that. It's the second best music in a FPS in my eyes. There's so many cool tunes here, like the snowy syberia with a really cool tune. I also love the mini-game melodies together with the menu and challenge tunes. And about the sound; they are all really good, not as good as Counter-Strike's (which is almost impossible), but not as good as Perfect Dark either, but they are all really good. Something that bothers me is the alien sounds (coming from the alines), and the sounds that comes from other creatures, they aren't THAT bad, but they can be anoying at times, other than that; very good!

Graphics: I thought that TimeSplitters one where amazing, and this is much better. I've played the PS2 version of this game but I have to say that the GC version is the best (graphics wise). When you look at the walls, you can see small details, and when you get closer the details will even get smaller (like in Rougue Leader), this is amazing! It's not as good as the best Gamecube games (grapics wise), but much better than the overall 128 bit console. Nice and smooth too. One of the very few annoying things in this game is the ''loading times'', I hate to wait before I can play, build etc. It's not as long as it takes to get into a CounterStrike server though, but a Gamecube game shouldn't have loading!

Gameplay: This is one of the best FPS I’ve played, and in this part I’m going to tell you why. First I’m going to talk about the ting in most FPS. Missions (the same as Story): There’s many missions or stories in this game, and most of them are very unique. Some of them can even be better than some Perfect Dark missions! And belive me; Perfect Dark is my favorite FPS ever. When you play at different missions you’ll steer different characters with a new history every time you get to a new mission. It’s very fun, because you don’t know what will come up next. There’s many different weapons on the missions. When you are playing in 1990 there’s weapons like Sniper Rifle, Flametrower etc. And when you are playing in late 2000, you’ll find more future alien weapons, such as Lasers. There’s many diffrent enemies and helpers on the way, and a really good thing is that you can play a mission 2 players! Yup, you can play this game with a brother, sister or just a normal friend, when you are playing the mission you’ll help eachother on the way, but if you are really nasty, you can even kill your friend! Let’s talk about Challenges and Arcade mode: you can play challanges here too, but It’s not like TS1, in this game there’s many groups of challenges, and you doesn’t get an impossible challenge, where you’ll get stucked, no, in this game there’s groups with challenges where you can choose if you want to take a special challenge. And there’s also bronze, silver and gold medals here (nice huh!?), so it’s easier to complete them. You can also beat your old records here, and even try to get a platinum medal or two! There’s much more challenges than in TS1, and you can also play the Arcade mode which is almost the same as challenges, but maybe a little easier. You can view everything you get in the Status screen later. A really cool thing here is that you can win new characters, weapons, stages and modes when you complete challenges and arcade games; the better score you get, the better prize! And about the characters: there’s so many of them! I can’t remember the exact number, but there’s way more than 100 of them! And all the characters have their weak and strong points such as much power, but very slow and big, also good accuracy. Before you play a game, you can choose if you want to have the weaknesses and strong points off or on. Map maker: this os one of the reasons I bought TS1 and TS2. You can make a map, and design it exactly how you want together with putting the weapons where you want and changing the colors of the rooms. You can also make a mission where you’ll have to make the objectives, place the enemies and decide exactly how you want it to be. There’s so much more in this game, and it never stops. You can play missions one layer and two player, arcade mode games, challenges, arcade games with bots and friends, and so much more such as getting records and view statistics.

Rent or buy? Buy it!
This is one of the best Gamecube games ever, and I would buy it again if I lost it.

Overall: 8.6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/06/03

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