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"A fairly good FPS effort by Eidos."

Over the years, Eidos has been known for two things: the Tomb Raider series, and how mediocre all of their games are gameplay-wise. Surprisingly, they have decided to develop some games for the Nintendo GameCube. In their first effort on the GameCube, Eidos has decided to make a sequel to their PS2 First-Person shooter game Timesplitters, simply entitled: Timesplitters 2.

Surprisingly, Eidos has made a really good First-Person Shooter here. It is loaded with tons of options, such as a story mode, arcade mode, and challenge mode just to name a few. Many options are available for each of these modes, such as which weapons to use and what rules apply during the matches. Also, there are tons of stuff to unlock, such as extra characters and new gameplay options. This is easily the best FPS to come out on a Nintendo console, since the masterpiece Perfect Dark hit Nintendo 64’s around the world 3 years ago.

Gameplay: 7/10: For the most part, the gameplay is set-up very well. It is very easy to get used to the controls after playing for about 15 minutes or so. Moving your character around and firing the weapons are executed with ease on the GameCube controller. My only complaint about the basic controls would have to be the aiming with the L Button. It is nearly impossible to do so correctly. One small movement with the Analog stick will move the aim crosshairs across the screen, making it impossible to keep it locked onto an enemy. This can get very frustrating at times, but thankfully the game also has an auto-aim option to help with this huge problem. The difficulty is fairly balanced, with missions in the story mode being exceptionally easy and hard depending on the difficulty. One exception would be the challenge missions, which are ludicrously hard. The game, overall, plays fairly well with only a few minor setbacks.

Graphics: 7/10: The graphics are very nice for this game. The characters are fully 3D and very cartoonish. The backgrounds set the mood right and lighting effects also add to the gaming experience. One thing though, the game could have used some blood to add to the experience. When you shoot the characters, they just bumble around until they fall down for good. I think if blood was added, it would have made the game a lot more realistic. I’m guessing the reason there isn’t blood because of the cartoonish feel of the characters. The graphics in general served its purpose well.

Sound: 9/10: The sounds effects were done brilliantly in this game. Each sound for the weapons and explosions are done with pure perfection, with laser blasts sound futuristic and explosions ending with a kaboom. Each gun sounds like it is supposed to in real life. The music also was done fairly well. Techno music was used for the menus and different types of music used to set up the feel of each level. The Russian base level has military music, while the Aztec stage has jungle rhythms to it. There is a circus level with circus music playing as well!! Overall, Eidos did a top notch job with the sound in this game, giving it a fairly realistic feel to it.

Story: 3/10: This is where the game suffers the most in my opinion. The story deals with a race aliens called Timesplitters, who have a time machine and try to end mankind. You have to go through many different levels and try to stop them. I think that this storyline wasn't that well thought out. It is kind of bland, and doesn’t really give you a feeling for continuously playing the story mode. This game’s main feature is clearly the arcade multiplayer matches, not its main story mode.

Replay Value: 9/10: Besides Super Smash Bros. Melee, this is easily the best multiplayer experience on the GameCube to date. There are many options in the Arcade mode to setup almost endless possibilities for you and your friends to play with. The challenge mode is full of missions that will keep you playing for hours. Plus, with around 100 characters to unlock, you will have plenty of things to keep you playing.

Overall: 7/10: While this isn’t the best FPS game to come out, it is easily the best available on the GameCube thus far. It is also easily the best game Eidos has ever made. The decent controls make gameplay fairly easy to pick up. The graphics and sound is top notch for the genre. While the story mode may be a little lacking, the endless multiplayer possibilities make it worthwhile. It is obvious that Eidos put some time into a game for once, as the overall feel of the game is very polished. Also, it is fairly cheap nowadays, $10 new at some places, so go pick it up today!!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/14/03

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